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Minkébé National Park

This Gabon National Park is found in the north eastern part of Gabon and is part of the larger Trin-national Dja-Odzala Minkebe protected area. The park covers nearly 7,750 sq km and was designated s a national park in August 2002.

The Minkebe landscape is covered by forest stretching 30,000sq km while other parts if the forest are swamps,


The lesser forest in the park is inhabited by elephants, western lowland gorillas, lion, hippo and various small carnivores, porcupines, squirrels, Golden cats, leopards, giant pangolins, duikers and bush pigs. The primary forest is inhabited by creatures such as mandrill, black colobus, python and chimpanzee.

The coast is a rich habitat for African soft shell turtles, slender snouted crocodile, Congo clawless otter, crested mangabey, sitatunga, water chevrotain and spotted necked otter.

There are more than 220 species of bird, including the spot-breasted ibis, parrots, crowned eagle and Rachel’s Malimbe are fairly common in the park.