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Beaches in Gambia

Ideas of sunbathing, the beach outings are all seen to be of the western culture. Usually the Gambians detain the beach outings to work out sessions of craft. All visitor should stand warned that the West African coastline is amazingly strong and the sand bars, and sinkhole are common there.

In case you come to the sea shore alone, you are not advised to risk swimming because there a few life guards and remember the rocks are quite sharp and dangerous hence one should not try swimming towards the outcroppings.

You will be provided an opportunity by the worn out sand stone for tide pooling but here your are advised to see but not to risk touching the many snails, crabs, rays and fish that can only be found in Africa. Never, ever touch a jellyfish—even if it is dead and washed up, it can still sting you to a bad state.

Cape Point

: When you get an opportunity to walk away from the specified area of tourist, you will get an opportunity to get to some private, peaceful zones even if the bumsters can be clearly more seen than the Leybato.

Sanyang beach:

This beach is located around 30km down the coast. It is the best place for a day trip. For one to get there, you should go t Serekunda garage and look around for a taxi that is heading to Sanyang, then board it and ask that driver to drop you at the Sanyang junction where you will go through the market and you will walk on foot down the beach. However if you find it hectic, you always get a yellow taxi but you should in position to bargain.


Due to the fact its water is usually full of Jetsam and flotsam of decaying fish, plastic bags, ancient fishing nets and all the rubbish, this beach is not seen to be convenient for sunbathing but Ruther fishing.

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