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Gambia is the best destination for birdwatchers, besides their beautiful climate, Gambia flight takes about 6 hours. From European. Gambia has so many prominent wildlife and about 540 different species of birds such as Gordon Langsbury birding and Little Bee-eaters. Birding is an activity that takes place all year round. Although it something depends on the kind climate. During summer, it’s a time of too much sunshine unlike the months of June to October, where the grass is green and there are many birds such as Village weavers, red bishops. The months of June and July are the best with no mosquitoes although the flights may be expensive at this moment in time.

During the dry season, the vegetation becomes sparse and at this time, birds can be easily spotted out, among these include the Egyptian Plover aka along with the crocodile birds that usually vacate the place at the end of February and only proceeds in June. For the tourists interested in these birds, they have to visit in specific months such as January, February, Novermber and December.

Birding tours in Gambia

for instance Birdfinders, Naturetrek, Limosa often have one trip a year in the months of November and January, These months are known to be the busiest for all tour operators. Because they are many companies operating Gambia, a choice usually depends on the tourists who may decide to compare itinerary, boat travel as well as their prices so as to get the best out the tour.

Birdwatching in Gambia

Shikra © Gordon Langsbury,Its one of the companies that gives you a chance to see and enjoy the birds in their natural setting, The local guides are there to provide you with all the information you may want. Among the places where you can easily spot these species include sandy beaches, Mud flats, the salt water mangroves of the Atlantic coast along with the cool water of the Bird Safari Camp in Mac Carthy Island. River itineraries are prepared in such way that they use both road and river transport. This gives you an opportunity to see all the birding sites in Gambia with the help of the tour guide. There are places that you must visit once in Gambia and these are Abuko Nature Reserve, Marakissa and Brufut.The prices include $35 per day along with a guide, fuel, vehicle and drive.

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