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Kiang West National Park

Kiang West National Park (KWNP) is approximately 110 sq km and by fact, one of the most important faunal reserves in The Gambia. this Gambia National park is situated in Lower River Division in the Kiang West District, 145 kms drive from Banjul. It was established as a national park in 1987. Although the major part of the National Park is dry deciduous woodland and guinea savannah, there are extensive stretches of mangrove creeks and tidal flats.

Kiang West National Park is bounded to the north by the River Gambia and is dissected into three areas by the Jarin, Jali and Nganingkoi Bolons.


In the mangrove creeks, the West African manatee and the Nile crocodile occur. In the mangrove fringes and tidal flats the tracks of various animals such as the clawless otter, marsh mongoose and Sitatunga are to be found. Other reptiles in the park include sand snake, spitting cobra, Nile monitor, puff adder and African python among others

Tubabkollon point north east of the park is near the river and is the best place to find savannah endemic animals in the park. Animals such as sitatunga, warthog, bushbuck, baboons, spotted hyena, elusive leopard, colobus monkey and others congregate at the nearby water hole during the dry season creating a spectacular scene for tourist game viewing adventures.

Other species of animals are found east of the park at Nganingkoi Bolon where the marsh and mangrove swamps dominate the vegetation. Some of the sights include roan antelope, crabs and other species of invertebrates and waders. At Jarin Bolon, a tourist is graced with sight of the humpbacked dophins, manatee and sitatunga crossing over to Jali island.

The park records nearly 250 birds of which 48 are resident in the park and 12 are endemic to the area. Some of the birds in the park include harriers, falcon, martial eagle, Bateleur, vultures, fishing eagles, hawk, and endangered brown necked parrot, and many others.