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Unlike today when Kololi is one of the best sources of tourist attraction, it has ever been a very silent resort back in the days. It is situated just some kilometers before the coast. In the 1970’s, this place was really hidden out and so un heard of but as we talk it is a very  charming and lively spot one would wish check out. During the months of October and April it usually so busy because they are the


months in



Street lights where put in place after a very long process. Routes along the coastal high way had suffered long time darkness up to 2006. They so this as a very great achievement.

Craft Market:

We all know that most the tourists who come to Africa take pleasure in the craft; this may include the mask, Djembe, drums and many others like tie and dye. Craft is sold almost every where especially outside hotels.


Village Art Gallery


This is owned by an individual who arranges various performances where people come up and display there works and exposes their talents, they sell pictures both the local and international artists, and they usually sell craft which is like by most of the tourists and not forgetting statues of different types.

Away From the Scene:

There are always rentals ranging from high to middle class income earners. There is a variety of tourist companies on the sandy tracks or on the main road.




The managers of the Senegambia’ hotels ensured the maintance of the big gardens and this was aimed to impress the domestic birds. This that place a very good place for bad watching and due to the fact that it is close to the Bijilo park, many bird species can be attracted in here.


travel information;

When heading to this resort as you come from the airport, you have to drive eastwards direct to the round about and after that  you will have to drive to northern direction past Bijilo as you head for  a 4km drive.

Kololi Beach Area

The In 2004 the resort’s beach was nourished with 1 million cubic meters of sand over 1.5km of its length with a width of 120 meters. This was done to reverse previous coastal erosion that had seriously compromised the Senegambia resort area’s ability to continue to attract large numbers of tourists.

The day-time temperatures are simply too much for tourists to lie out in the open sand for extended periods of time. This is where the huts provide essential respite with their thatched, woven palm roofs and canopies.

Fresh fruit stalls also dot the coastline and are inspected and regulated by the Tourism Authority to ensure they conform to certain hygiene standards.

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