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Tanji/Karinti Bird Reserve

Tnaji Bird reserve also known as Karinti is located near the coast of Gambia in the western district of Kombo North. The Bird reserve extends to include Bijol Island and was named after Tanji river. The eco-system is a complex of mangrove swamps, dry woodland, scrub woodland and coastal dunes covering an area close to 6.5sq km.

The coastal area is defined by Bald Cape which is a shallow reef of laterite rock and a lagoon that covers much of the cape area up to the borders of Tanji Village. This area is a favorite site for bird watching and birding sights here include terns, gulls and warders.


The bird reserve is located on the rise of Tanji river-14km east of Tanji Village near Yundum airport,south west of the main tourist centres of Bakau and Fajara and 1km from Brufut town


There are several species of birds recorded in the area with number equal to 200,000. Some of the most popular birds include pelican, vultures, eagles, gull, ruddy turnstone, tern and many other water birds.

On the shores are sights of green sea turtles, dolphins, monk seals, minke whales and many other species of mammals

Tours and Attractions

Find time to visit the Tanji Village Museum .The museum is actually more like an African village, with mud and thatched huts containing displays of traditional artifacts and furniture. You can also talk to and interact with the craftsmen at work. There’s also a nature trail and a crafts area, plus a small restaurant serving traditional food and drink which sometimes puts on live music and dancing shows, too. There is also a Mandinka traditional family compound on display in the museum complex. The museum is well worth visiting if you want to get away for a quiet bit of cultural tourism.