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Gambia Attractions

Wild Life Attractions Like Monkeys, Crocodiles, Cobras, Hyenas, Dolphins

Abuko National Reserve is well known to be the enormous tourist attraction in Gambia. Its acknowledged to be one of the ancient cosseted area and its located just close to the holiday resorts along the Atlantic Coast.Furthermore,it’s a habitant for different species of birds, Lions, hyenas, Monkeys in large groups as well as Crocodiles.

Albert Market: is located in the mysterious compassion of the capital city of Banjul. This market has everything you may need for instance food stuffs such as fruits and vegetables, clothes of different kinds, handcrafts along with household equipments. It’s a little hectic once shopping in this market because they are always many people looking different things.

Arch 22,was established to memorialize the armed conquest 22 July 1994 and the commander in chief was lieutenant Yahya Jammeh,now Gambia’s current president. Its also believed that Arch 22 is the longest structure in Gambia. The most exciting thing about this building is that offers exceptional views about the city and its always free to the public.

Bird watching

From all over the world, Gambia is an ecstasy for bird viewers and it’s a habitant of about 540 diverse species of birds and among these includes insects, dragonflies, butterflies and many others. This only attracts tourists’ year in year out.

Bird Safari Camp

This camp is taken to be a temperate heaven cottage established on the oblique river banks of a famous Mac Carthy island in Gambia. Its suited in the unfathomable African shrub with a relaxing environment that gives a wonderful pedestal for all travelers or tourists to love the place and experience great life thus avoiding the jam packed beach resorts.

The Gambia Birding Group
Because of the many different birds in the country, different people come up with an idea of how they would protect the birds in their natural setting. They come up with a name called Gambia Birding Group and it’s a non profit institute. The aim of this body was to provide data about realistic aspects of visiting Gambia’s wildlife along with birding. More still to promote conservation for wildlife and other species.

Brikama Craft Market

Many tourists love crafts and this is something that will bring income to the country.Brikama craft market is taken to be a home of the most gifted wood carves, Their designs give a beautiful choice of woodcarvings as well as souvenirs that can be purchased at an affordable rate. At times these craftmen are found at work and you can make an order of what you want without over charging.

Karaoke @ Sunset Beach Hotel

Music is the soul of the heart and so people spend their time at such places for entertainment. Its a place where people ascertain their unseen talents and it can make you a superstar by simply joining the sunset Bar&Grill.This takes place every Friday night till late.

Katchikali Crocodile Pool

Bakau has a consecrated pool that has become an attraction for tourists in Gambia. The pool was founded by the local people years ago and it’s located in about 14 kms away from the capital Banjul. It has become a dwelling place for more than 100 crocodiles.

Fort Bullen

The Fort was established in 1826 by the British; there aim was to shield the trading direction of the Gambia River. More still to keep away any attacks on Bathurst which is now known as Banjul and located on the converse side of the river. The historic site has a few battlements, collapsing turrets along with the toppled rusting field gun. Its acknowledged to be Gambia’s original fortress and it was worked on in 1996 for the festive that was coming up and tourists who enjoyed to tour the place. The most exciting thing about this square fort is that it has lower corners which can enable anyone to walk along over looking the river Month. For more information about this fort, visit the National Museum located in Banjul.

Kiang West National Park

The Kiang West National Park is located in just about 11,00 hectares. It was set by the government of Gambia in 1987.Its one of Gambia’s biggest park that surrounds its geographical features such as salt bats, canopy forests,bolong a tributary, Mangroves as well as Laterite extrusions. It’s well known to be a home of over 300 different species. The park was initially set up for tourists, foreign visitors and political Agencies.


Gambia has many Forest reserves and among these include the Makasutu which is a palm forest located just close on the banks of a gorgeous oblique stream of the Gambia River.Mandina Bolong also surrounds several unique eco-systems and these are Savanna, mangrove and the dense forest that surrounds it. This place is just a few kilometers from Brikama and it has been transformed into cultural expeditions, this place is always liked by tourists who love culture of different people in different countries.

National Museum

The Gambia National Museum has all historic equipments such as archaeology, photos and maps. In case there is any information you want connected to the ancient times, the museum is the best place for both African people as well as the colonial period.

Niumi National Park

The park is suited in the Northwest of the Gambia, adjacent to the Parc National du Delta,du Saloum surrounds Senegal furthermore joins the coastal islands of Ginak.The park is characterized of sand dunes, salt marsh, lagoons as well as dry woodland.

Roots Homecoming Festival

The Gambia’s worldwide arrival Roots Festival has made Gambia Mother Africa. During this time, people are reunited and pay a visit to the motherland. Its culture is such an amazing expedition and some of these include Alex Haley’s Roots and its where Kunta Kinte originated from.

Stone Circles

Gambia has eminent stones and these comprise of rings up to approximately eight meters and has a diameter of about 10 to 24 rounded, laterite pillars, with a reddish- brown color. It has a height of one to two and a half meters. For more than 1,200 years ago, these precious stone circles have been recognized as funeral justicifications.The landscape of Gambia has laterite dots.

Tanje Village Museum

The Tanje Village Museum is the only place that has all the ancient history as well as traditional culture. It’s normally visited by tourists, school groups and the local people.Tanje is the only place with correct information about different ethnic groups, unique bird species, insects, plants, trees along with culture.

Tendaba Camp

Tendaba camp is suited approximately 150 km from the capital city Banjul. It’s acknowledged to be an Eco-Tourism camp with so many exciting things and it’s open all year round. The restaurant is designed in an African way, thatched with elephant grass along with prehistorical guns hanging on top of the roof. The all Art makes this place look great and it’s a sign to the visitors that they free to move around the camp and the village at large with out any problems.

Tumani Tenda

Take time and visit the most exciting customary African Village. Its a new project that help the people around, The products they get is for boasting the Venture instead of leaving it with the Tour operators. Research has it that money got from the tourists doesn’t reach the local people. A new strategy for this village has been to beautify their surroundings, by building African style houses this done by a family and the most influential people are the Jola people with  a strong sense of commitment.Kafuta Bolong is the next village where their huts are built.

Wrestling ‘Borreh’

Wrestling is the main social game that occupies people’s time. The Gambia’s National Sport arranges this activity for its funs and it’s called Borreh in Gambia. It’s more like The Greco-Roman wreatling.The most exciting thing is that this game attracts all tourists and local people to come and watch Borreh

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