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Ankasa National Park

Ankasa National Park is a section of the Ankasa Conservation Area which is found in south western Ghana near the border of Ivory Coast.  The park occupies an estimated 509 sq km of tropical rain forests, savannah grasslands and woodlands. There are an estimated 800 species of plants in the protected area and some of them such as Psychotria being endemic to the rain forests.

The extensive network of smaller streams, together with the 3 main rivers of the Protected Area similarly supports a variety of plants, trees and several species of wildlife living in the riparian forests.


The park is home to several species of mammals such as the Forest Elephant, Bongo, West African chimpanzee, Roloway Diana monkey, Geoffrety pied colobus, white sooty mangabey, crocodiles Leopard, and Yellow-backed Duiker among many other species. The primates in the forests of Ankasa National park are classified as endangered species and endemic to the forest of Ghana and Ivory Coast.

The area has an impressive bird list of over 200 species, the majority of these being truly forest dependant. Several rare birds endemic to the Upper Guinea Forest, e.g. White-breasted Guinea Fowl, Yellow-throated Olive Greenbul and Rufous-winged Illadopsis  among many others

Travel guide

The park is accessed by road 120km from Takoradi and 22km form Elubo along the Tokoradi –Elubo highway that leads into Cote d’ivoire. The park gate is located at Sowodadzem and the tourist centre at the main gate 6km from Sowodadzem.

The park has well maintained vehicle trucks covering an estimated 10km but also tourist trails for nature walks are spread through the forest.

Other Tourist Attractions

The Bamboo Cathedral is a spectacular sight for tourists visiting this part of Ghana. The church is 8km from the park gate –a walk-able distance

Some of the rivers draining the forests in Ankasa include Nini, Suhien and Ankasa from which the park gets its name. The rivers are dotted with rapids and spectacular waterfalls at some sections which are great for adventures like boating, canoeing and sight seeing.

The forest is home to Tieghemella is one of the tallest trees in West Africa. The tree is more than 20m tall and is often a sight for elephants scratching on their backs.


There are several options for accommodation in the park includes the tourist centre. The lodging in the park has 4 chalets with in-built toilets and solar power. Other options for accommodation in the park include the dorm at the Ankasa exploration base.

Options outside the park include King James Hotel and Osamidi Hotel in Elubo,  Beyin Beach Resort in Beyin (Amansuri Wetland); Ankobra Beach Resort, Axim Beach Resort and Frenchman Homestay located 1km form the park gate.