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Gbelle Resource Reserve

Gbele Reserve is found on the upper western border with Burkina Faso. On the side of Burkina Faso is Naziga Game ranch.  Gbelle covers 565 sq km and is part of the renowned migratory route for elephants and other mammals.

The reserve is covered in savannah grassland, riparian thickets and woodlands growing on rocky outcrops. The rocky outcrops are good water drainage areas storing water for mammals during the hot dry season.


There are several species of animals in the park including bushbuck, duikers, warthogs, roan antelope, waterbuck, hartebeest, green monkey, patas, baboon and other many others.

This part of Ghana is a good birding site with more than 194 species recorded in the park. Notable species in the area include Willcocks’s Honeyguide, Gambaga Flycatcher, bee eater, oxpecker and Black-headed Weaver among many others.

Other tourist attractions in the park include the slave defence wall at Gwollu which is 30km from the park, the Naziga Game ranch on the sode fo Burkina Faso, a tomb for ex-Ghanian president Hilla Limann, the Gwollu palace , the fishing villages and its people.


The reserve can be accessed partly via Wa (regional capital), Nadolwli and Tumu and is 61km from Tumu and 89km from Wa. Main tourist activities are game viewing, bird watching and nature walk/hiking. Gbele has a tented camp for tourist accommodation