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Kalakpa Game Reserve

This Ghana game reserve is located in southern Ghana in one of the few surviving Guinean Savannah grasslands in West Africa. The game reserve covers an estimated 325sq km and features a complex of rolling Abutia hills and plains covered dry forest and savanna grasslands.

This area was first designated as a hunting reserve in the late 1960 to the early 1970s and later named a reserve in975. Adaklu mountain (595m) defines the landscape of this game reserve in the north eastern boundary.

More than 8 seasonal river flow in to the Game reserve southwards forming patches of riverine forest canopy which is a habitat for several species of birds and wild animals


Some of the savannah and forest endemic species found in the reserve include oribi, kob, buffalo, waterbuck, red river hog, bongo, duiker, eland, sitatunga, waterbuck and other.

More than 200 birds have been recorded in the park with popular sights like Congo serpent eagle, rosy bee eater, Nkulengu rail and many others. There are also 227 species of butterflies in the region.


The Kalakpa Game reserve is located 100km north east of Accra, the capital of Ghana and 20km south Ho-the capital of Volta region