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Kogyae Strict Nature Reserve

The Kogyae Strict Nature Reserve is found in the Eastern Region of Ghana. This region of Ghana covered by the Afram plains which is a wide expanse of fertile land.  The nature reserve was established in 1971 and covers an area of 386 sq km.

Much of the reserve area is covered in semi-deciduosu forest woodlands and open grassland often interrupted by woodlands. The reserve is a protected area that preserves the open savannah in the area besides the different species of animals

Some of the animals found here include baboons, buffalos, civets, elephants, red duiker, waterbuck, black duiker, kob, roan antelope, yellow-backed duiker, western hartebeest, grey duiker and the royal antelope. There are more than 82 different species of birds in the park with regular sights of hornbill and Francolins.

Besides the intense agriculture activities in the area, this reserve is at the site of two traditional areas Kumawu and Kwamang which were, joined forces to fought invading enemies in one of their last victorious tribal wars. This area is this considered sacred to the local community.

The reserve is also used in research and other ecological studies that are aimed at protecting the bio-diversity of the region.