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Shai Hills Resource Reserve

Shai Hills Resource Reserve boasts of several species of wildlife, caves, archaeological sites and granite hills. The hills are covered in lush greenery, savannah grasslands and dry forested area covering nearly half the area of the reserve. Shai Hills was home to the Shai people until 1873 when the British colonial army expelled them for alleged ritual murder.


This Ghana wildlife reserve is an acclaimed habitat for olive baboons and other primates. Many of these animals are sighted on the highway to Lake Volta during the morning and the evening. There are also other species of animals in the reserve although other plans are set to restock the resource centre with more wildlife.

Major wildlife to be seen include olive baboons in large numbers, green monkeys, kobs and bushbucks, as well as monitor lizards, pythons and snakes. Bird lovers will also find Senegal parrot, grey plantain eater, hornbill, red northern bishop and violet turaco. Other birds to be found in Shai Hills include Senegal cuckoo, stone partridge and francolin.

Visitors to Shai Hills can visit the caves in Adwuku, Sayu and Hieweyu-each of these caves telling an interesting story about Ghana. Top of the Adwuku cave is the unequaled view over the Accra plains. The caves are most visited in the months of Soetember to October during the celebration of Mayam Festival.


: Shai Hills Resource Reserve is located near the capital Accra and can be easily accessed located in the Dangme West District of the Greater Accra Region. It is only 51 square kilometers drive from the city centre, a few minutes drive on the road to Lake Volta.


Best time for visiting is October to May. Shai Hill has a resort hotel close to its northern gate. The park has an interpretation centre from where visitors start off their tours.