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Buffalo Springs National Park

Buffalo springs National park is quite a charm on

Kenya wildlife safaris

located within the northern part of Kenya, a few kilometers (112) from Nairobi. The national reserve occupies and area of 339sq km of rolling lowland plains of that spring from

Mt Kenya

eastern slopes with dry thorny bushes, savannah, acacia trees, shrubs and riparian forests.

This Kenya wildlife reserve got its name from the clear water springs that flow through the park to the east that never run dry even when the park doesn’t receive rainfall in a long time.

Game viewing

Within this small Kenya Park and reserve are notable wildlife species such as buffalo, fringe eared oryx, cheetah, eland, Grevy’s zebra , African elephant, gazelle, gerenuk, , Guenther’s dik-dik, hippo, leopard, impala, lion, giraffe, Spotted hyena, warthog, waterbuck and African wild dog. Ostrich-the world largest bird can be found here in addition to the Williamson’s lark and other endangered Kenya birds.

Time to visit

Tourist on the northern circuit on Kenya safaris love this reserve for its cool atmosphere-an oasis in the Kenya desert that spans across the northern part of Kenya. The hottest moths are July to September with temperature of up to 30ºC, however, the best time to visit Buffalo springs Reserve is July to December. Game drives are recommended in the early morning, much before the sun starting scorching the earth and also later in the evening before dark.

Visitors can have cultural visit to the local Samburu communities that reside near this park and reserve, get entertained with their cultural dances and enjoy their nomadic lifestyle.

Getting there

Buffalo springs reserve is reached by road in 22km murram Nairobi-Nanyuki road to Isiolo. By air, the national reserve is served by a small airstrip that handles charter flights from Nairobi. Te