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Gedi Ruins, Malindi

Gedi is truly one of Kenya’s best kept treasures, a great city tucked away within the depths within the great Arabuko Sokoke forest. It’s also a spot of absolute mystery, an archaeological marvel which continues to engender debate among historians.
To this day, despite comprehensive study together with exploration, nobody is really sure what actually transpired in the township of Gedi as well as peoples. The once outstanding civilization was a powerful and important Swahili settlement along with a population of more than 2500, built over the 13th century. The ruins of Gedi include numerous properties, mansions, mosques and also elaborate tombs as well as cemeteries. Inspite of the size and the nature of this once large settlement, it is never noted in historic writings or even local documented history.
The nearby Portuguese settlement at Malindi surely had hardly any connection with or even just recognized the survival of Gedi. This town has got all the appearances of any market station, however its location, profound in a forest and even off the sea makes it an unlikely market center.
However the most significant of most of Gedi’s secrets had been its unexpected and inexplicable vanishing in the 17th century. The whole town had been suddenly deserted by most of its inhabitants, abandoning it for collapse in the forest. There aren’t any indications of fighting, disease outbreak, disturbance or simply any trigger for this sudden downfall.
One existing principle could be that the town had been endangered by coming of the Galla, an interior tribe known to be profoundly aggressive during those times, to that, the townspeople moved before their arrival. Yet once more, area recorded history does not mention any of such large scale migration then. No written explanation of either growth and also unexpected fall of Gedi were available.
The ghostly spoils of Gedi rest within the forest that has become lush and consumed this town. They end up a part of local folklore, thought to be a scary haven of malevolent spirits, right up until archaeologists began to discover the region within the 20th century. It had been gazetted around 1948.These days there is an outstanding museum and even perfectly skilled tour guides on hand taking visitors over the ruins.
Gedi continues to be a strange and even atmospheric spot to visit. Its pillars as well as stone walls, wrecked mosques and even tombs now lay among forested acres. The stone floors happen to be thick with foliage and giant shrews scamper through the deserted homes while birds and butterflies fly in the air. Wandering through Gedi is an ultimate way to spend a morning or even afternoon, lost among the mysteries of the past.