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Kenya Beach Holidays

Crossing by car ferry from Mombasa to the South Coast is a very African experience and a great chance to people-watch. The coast of Kenya is gifted with endless fine sand, palm fringed beaches, busy business ports like at Mombasa and several luxury beach resorts and spas. It is recommended that you combine your inland wildlife

Kenya Safari

with a relaxing trip to the serenity of remote

Kenya Beach holidays



On a

Kenya safari and beach holiday

, you’ll notice that the Kenya coast, particularly


and Malindi were thriving centers of trade. For thousands of years these ports traded in ivory, tortoise shell, rhinoceros horn, peacock, apes and at times slaves. The longtime existence of foreign Arabs brought in place Swahili language that is a hybrid of local Kenya languages and Arabic.

Dhow sailing
Traditional Dhow on Kenya Coast

The coming of the Portuguese explorers in 1498 further opened the doors of the Kenya to foreign explorers and adventurers beginning the true Kenyan and African safari that continue to this date! Long the coast is

Fort Jesus

built by the Portuguese a tall monument now a museum with old gun turrets and battlements. An evening with Fort Jesus Kenya Light and sound show will take you back into History of the coast and the Portuguese intruders. Today, Mombasa and the Kenya coast is an interesting mix of Africa & Arabia with a little Portuguese thrown in.

MOMBASA Beach holidays


is Kenya’s second-largest city found to the north of the coast and the biggest shipping port serving the entire East Africa. Light and heavy industry is abundant around the town but along the coast tourist facilities are abundant and varied. Mombasa’s international airport is known as

Moi International Airport

and is served by several European and other Regional Airlines.

The beaches are actually splitted by the wide open Kilifi Creek, and its blue waters undoubtedly are a well-liked fascination to the intercontinental yachting route and a good drop off spot for international divers. All the beaches of Vipingo, Nyali, Kikambala and Shanzu are home to a lot of elegant resorts having wonderful dishes as well as services.

The serene beach asylums of Mtwapa and Takaungu offer a great retreat away from the busy routines, accompanied by countless deserted beach resorts. Offshore reefs are brimming with coral, sea turtles, myriad fish and dolphins.

Mombasa Kenya beach

coast is known for authentic sea food cuisines, Swahili foods and spiced dishes, honeymoon beach packages, five star beach resorts and hotels among many other sights. Some of the luxury beach resorts used for overnight includes Mombasa serena beach resort, Voyager Mombasa beach resort, Sarova White sands Beach resort, Plaza Mombasa Beach and Club Sun Beach resort, among several others.

MALINDI – to the North


to the north of Mombasa is another Kenya safari and beach holiday destination with a few remote resorts and beaches to enjoy.

Mombasa Beach Resort
Mombasa Baobab Beach

Offshore the coral reefs of the


Marine National Reserve

are a haven for brightly colored fish of various sizes and shapes that swim in dazzling formations. Different species of rays and octopus pulse through the Reserve in abundance and all can be viewed by scuba diving, snorkelling or aboard glass bottom boats creating remarkable

Kenya safari holidays

at Malindi coast.

DIANI BEACH – to the South

Crossing by ferry from Mombasa to the South Coast is a very unique

Kenya beach and safari

experience and a great chance to meet the Swahili people and other tourists on the cast. Make your

Kenya beach Safari

near the Tanzanian border to the small village of Shimoni (“place of the caves”) where slaves were held before shipment. Take a boat and head out to Wasini Island, wander the ancient Arab settlement and enjoy fabulous snorkelling in the Kisite Mpunguti Marine Reserve.



is Kenya’s oldest living town and boasts a rich and colorful history as seen from the winding streets with architecture dating back to the 18th century. The sites that you will want to include, the village of Shela, the Old town, Lamu Fort, the Swahili House Museum, and the Donkey Sanctuary are all easily reached on foot. Kenya beach and safari holidays in Lamu town include dhow safari trips on the ocean, safari trips to historic ruins and some lavish and exceptional resorts are lying concealed one of several islands of Manda, Siyu, Pate together with Kiwayu. For the dry mainland facing Lamu, you will find there’s stunning variety of wildlife in the

Dodori Reserve

, like Buffalo, Lion and Leopard.

Other interesting destinations on Kenya beach holidays are


Island and

Mauritius holidays

, good for romantic honeymoon holidays in Kenya.

Kenya beach safari activities

The coast of Kenya has a full range of water sports and adventures to engage your self, finding a relaxing way to retreat from a hectic game drives to Kenya’s mainland game parks like Masai Mara. Such include dhow and yacht sailing, jet skiing, wind and kite surfing, boating rides, scuba diving and snorkelling, cycling on the remote beaches and offshore fishing.

There are private boat used and hired for fishing and diving expeditions. The big game fish caught at the coast include sailfish, Horse mackerel, kingfish, wahoo, angel fish, barracuda, marlin and others.

Kenya Coral reefsDiving is mostly excellent throughout the year, even though clear views are low from July up to August caused by silting and high ocean tides. Best dive sites are in Mtwapa and Barracuda Reef with exceptionally fantastic surface reef dives, with extended drop offs and a good amount of marine life. Barracuda reef in particular has several shoals of angel and butterfly fish, green turtles and rare sights of big migrant whale sharks. The wreck from Nyali Beach near Mombasa offers Africa’s finest drop off dives.

Kenya Beach Hotels and accommodation

Kenya beach hotels

range from the small and casual through to luxury resort style and exclusive boutique hotels line the coast offering unbeatable tourist facilities like internet cafes, bars, restaurants, laundry services and much more. There are several 3, 4 and 5 star hotels just to the north and south of Mombasa, known as the north and south coast respectively. These hotels provide for excellent accommodation, rich cuisine and a host of activities for holiday makers. Curio and gift shops are located near the hotels from where you can buy Kenya safari souvenirs, art and wood carvings.

There are several flights to

Kenya safari and beach holidays

from London and other European cities often inclusive of your Kenya holidays and beach safari packages. Regular airlines with flight schedules to Kenya include Kenya Airways, British Airways, Ethiopia Airlines and many others.