Africa Tour Operators

Kenya Tour Operators and Safari Companies

1. Game Tracker Safaris

game tracker safaris

Established as a premier East African safari tour operator since 1981, Game Tracker Safaris leverages over 30 years of expertise crafting personalized adventures spanning the wildlife-rich landscapes of Kenya and Tanzania. As members of the Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO), Game Tracker adheres to strict ecotourism principles around sustainability and ethical practices.

The company offers intimate boutique excursions customized based on clients’ specific interests, group sizes, timeframes and mid-range budgets from $100-1,000 per person daily.  Their flexible packages allow custom start dates for private family expeditions or small group departures tracking wildebeest migrations across the Serengeti plains in 4X4 vehicles led by professional naturalist guides.

In addition to classic photographic day and nighttime wildlife drives observing big game, Game Tracker also facilitates Safari Guide Training courses for individuals seeking instruction around safe conduct in areas with dangerous animals per local hunting regulations. Training sessions are led by certified experts selected for deep bush experience.

While Game Tracker’s tours focus on reveling in nature and conservation, their field guide courses offer skills development for those interested in regulated trophy hunting or anti poaching patrols protecting endangered species. Company leadership notes that recreational sport hunting remains controversial and may not reflect all clients’ values around human-wildlife relationships.

With over 30 years arranging life-enriching East African escapes for solo travellers, couples, adventurous families and private groups, Game Tracker Safaris earns its reputation for outstanding hospitality, seamless execution and behind-the-scenes logistical expertise. Their commitment to guest satisfaction produces delighted repeat clients who feel transformed by the majestic beauty of the African wilderness and local cultures.

2. Natural World Kenya Safaris

natural world safaris

Founded in 2002, Natural World Kenya Safaris leverages two decades of expertise crafting East African safari packages balancing affordability with outstanding wildlife encounters. Their tours spotlight Kenya’s renowned Maasai Mara ecosystem hosting the Great Migration, along with Amboseli’s elephant herds against a backdrop of towering Mount Kilimanjaro.

Unlike mass-market companies packing eco-tourists onto big buses, Natural World specializes in boutique excursions customized based on clients’ specific interests, timeframes and budgets. Experiential options range from photographic day trips observing hippos wallowing in the Mara River to multi-day hiking adventures through the Ol Pejeta Conservancy rhino sanctuary.

Natural World adheres to stringent responsible travel principles as members of Adventure Travel Trade Association and other conservation alliances. Their naturalist guides educate guests on reducing environmental impact while supporting communities living alongside wildlife areas. Modern safari vehicles are outfitted with elevated viewing hatches for prime sight lines ensuring delightful viewing.

With 72% 5-star reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor – having won their Certificate of Excellence award yearly from 2012-2018 – Natural World Kenya Safaris is celebrated for exceeding expectations. Their successful track record stems from guest-centric hospitality, seamless execution, and passion for revealing the soul of African landscapes untainted by mainstream tourism. Every bespoke journey illuminates why protecting fragile ecosystems matters.

3. AJ Kenya Safaris

aj kenya safaris

Operating for years across Kenya, AJ Kenya Safaris ( Ltd) leverages deep expertise crafting personalized East African holidays showcasing intimate wildlife encounters. Their bespoke scheduled tours and custom packages cater to mid-range and luxury budgets with pricing transparently outlined during their inquiry process.

AJ Kenya Safaris shines at arranging hassle-free adventures to popular, wildlife-rich destinations like the Maasai Mara and Amboseli for witnessing the Great Migration or elephant herds roaming beneath Mount Kilimanjaro. Knowledgeable local owner-guides fluent in regional history, culture and animal habits lead 4X4 vehicle excursions, earning rave reviews for their storytelling illuminating each sighting.

Itineraries handle all details from airport pick-up, border crossings, multi-day game drives to resort-style eco-lodge stays with exceptional regional cuisine. Careful trip pacing balances thrilling close-proximity encounters with ample time to rest and recharge amid striking scenery. The company adheres to sustainability principles, working with community partners sharing revenue to fund conservation protection efforts long-term.

AJ Kenya Safaris also owns and sites tailored respectively for Indian and British clientele. Across brands, they consistently receive praise around overall value, seamless execution, and facilitating extraordinary wildlife experiences leaving guests changed. Their passion for sharing Kenya’s natural grandeur and vibrant culture creates global ambassadors urging friends to embark on their own soul-enriching African journeys.

4. Explorer Kenya Tours & Travel

explorer safaris africa

Explorer Kenya Tours & Travel is a Nairobi-based destination management company specializing in customized East African safari packages since 2006. They offer a range of both mid-range and luxury safari tours in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda that can commence on any date based on travelers’ preferences.

The company owns a fleet of 4X4 Land Cruisers and safari vans, ensuring reliable transportation to destinations like Masai Mara, Amboseli and Lake Nakuru. Travelers have specifically highlighted professional guides Moses and Vincent for their deep expertise crafting enjoyable tours catering to both groups and private parties seeking exclusive access for photography.

As members of the Kenya Association of Tour Operators and other African travel associations, Explorer Kenya Tours & Travel adheres to quality service standards and best practices around ethical, sustainable tourism. Their commitment to meeting ever-evolving client safari tour needs with fast response times and seamless execution has earned over 80% 5-star reviews on verified sites.

5. Bountiful Safaris

bountiful safaris

Bountiful Safaris is a Nairobi-based travel company offering customized Kenyan safari packages in addition to international holiday escapes to destinations like Maldives, Morocco and Canada. Their tailor-made safaris leverage knowledge of popular reserves to craft client-specific adventures balancing relaxation with thrilling wildlife encounters.

One signature journey showcases the great wildebeest migration crossing Kenya’s renowned Maasai Mara game reserve, home to over 95 mammal species and 570 identified bird species. Bountiful’s packages integrate four-star hospitality standards at lodges throughout the park with daily game drives guided by professional trackers skillful at positioning vehicles for prime, safe viewing.

Reviews on Bountiful Safaris’ East African tours are polarized, with some praising seamless logistics execution and comfortable transport vehicles. However others reference cleanliness issues at encampments negatively impacting overall experience. The company strives for continuous improvement around service quality and tourist satisfaction through guest feedback analysis.

6. Mufasa Tours & Travel


Operating since 2010, Kenya’s Mufasa Tours and Travels leverages over a decade of expertise crafting personalized East African tour packages showcasing safaris alongside cultural site visits across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. Their collection of scheduled small group departures and tailor-made private journeys cater to a range of traveler budgets and interests.

The company receives consistent praise around seamless execution exceeding expectations – from airport hotel transfers all the way through farewells at the end of multi-day adventures traversing savannah conservancies teaming with wildlife. Their field guides average 15 years tracking experience resulting in a knack for thrilling yet responsible animal sightings that delight nature photographers.

While group sizes average between 2-6 passengers per vehicle, Mufasa’s signature private safaris ensure exclusive access inside national parks and reserves for families or friends opting to book an entire custom outfitted 4×4 Land Cruiser priced between $30-300 USD per person per day. Itineraries integrate modern eco-lodges with permits to enter wildlife areas normally restricted, providing exceptional value.

Past client testimonials reference professional service even amid minor logistical changes, underscoring their commitment to transparency and clear communication. Mufasa Tours & Travels’ successful track record stems from guest-centric flexibility creating utterly personalized adventures keeping clients referring friends and family.

7. Wasili Kenya Safaris

wasili kenya safaris

Established in 2016, Wasili Kenya Safaris leverages over 5 years of expertise crafting personalized East African tour packages centered around intimate wildlife encounters and cultural heritage experiences across Kenya. Their collection of scheduled small group departures and tailor-made private journeys cater to a range of traveler budgets ranging $125-$600 USD per person daily.

The Nairobi-based company owns a fleet of customized Land Cruiser safari jeeps specced for comfort and eco-consciousness. Their expert driver-guides receive consistent praise for balancing insightful regional storytelling with utmost attention to guest needs and preferences during transport between eco-lodge properties bordering reserves renowned for abundant game.

In addition to coordinating airport arrivals and providing reliable point-to-point shuttle services, Wasili offers curated full-day excursions ranging from birdwatching walks to village homestay meals introducing travelers to community development initiatives uplifting lives outside wildlife areas. They also facilitate quick day trips to Nairobi attractions should guests have extra time around their custom East African itineraries.

While Wasili specializes in Kenyan escapes spotlighting natural grandeur from Maasai Mara to Mount Kenya National Parks, they arrange seamless transport and top accommodations when journeys continue onward to northern Tanzania’s Serengeti ecosystem. Wherever required, their operations team handles border formalities through strong hospitality industry relationships nurtured regionally over 20+ years collective experience.

8. African Sermon Safaris

African sermon safaris

In operation for over 15 years, African Sermon Safaris is a Nairobi-based tour operator specializing in tailored East African escapes centered around wildlife and cultural heritage. Their signature journeys facilitate tracking endangered mountain gorillas amid volcanic forests or witnessing vast wildebeest migrations across the Serengeti plains.

Unlike mass-market companies catering to big tour groups, African Sermon Safaris specializes in boutique excursions customized based on client interests ranging from families with kids to elder retirees seeking exclusive access for prime game viewing and photography. Their 12-day Best of Kenya itinerary balances a mix of environments from wetlands populated by hippos to the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro just across the Tanzanian border.

The company adheres to principles of low-impact ecotourism focused on visitor education tied to conservation efforts protecting fragile regional ecosystems. Their expert local guides facilitate meaningful exchanges through nuanced storytelling instead of generic facts. Reviews praise seamless execution and flexibility accommodating last-minute changes due to client needs.

Whether unwinding at a luxury tented camp with front row savanna views or venturing on a forest hike hoping to glimpse endemic birds, African Sermon Safaris promises to reveal Africa’s humbling grandeur far from crowded tourist circuits through responsible travel fostering enduring guest connections.

9. Kenya Bush Expeditions

Kenya bush expeditions

Operating since 2013, Kenya Bush Expeditions (KBE) leverages nearly a decade of expertise facilitating bespoke East African safari packages centered around intimate wildlife encounters and cultural exchanges across Kenya and northern Tanzania. Their collection of scheduled small group departures and tailor-made private journeys cater to travelers seeking more adventurous journeys off-the-beaten tourist routes.

KBE offers curated excursions ranging from half-day bird watching trips to multi-day itineraries trekking through mist-veiled Hells Gate National Park or the sprawling Maasai Mara Reserve teeming with big game. Their driver-guides average over 10 years experience navigating rough terrain in customized 4X4 Land Cruisers to access little-explored wilderness regions prized for abundant wildlife populations.

Reviews frequently reference professional service and flexibility accommodating last-minute custom tour additions or changes to meet client safari preferences around activities, pacing and regions explored. KBE’s successful track record stems from intimately understanding source markets, operating tours in English, German and French to attract a global audience seeking outstanding hospitality, execution and good value between $100-300 USD daily.

10. Beacon Safaris

beacon safaris

Established in 2010, Beacon Safaris is a Nairobi-based tour operator curating East African safari packages showcasing intimate wildlife encounters across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. Their small group departures and tailored private journeys leverage insider access to acclaimed game reserves prized for abundant yet rarely seen wildlife populations.

Custom excursions transport travelers within specialized 4X4 vehicles to reach remote wilderness conservancies typically unseen along main tourist circuits. Beacon’s expert driver-guides average over a decade’s regional experience tracking wildlife movement resulting in a knack for positioning vehicles to deliver prime, safe sightings for photography.

In addition to classic day and nighttime safari drives observing the “Big Five”, longer itineraries integrate hiking volcanoes or snorkeling coral reefs depending on guest adventure activity preferences balanced with relaxation at boutique nestled amid striking landscapes. Family friendly scheduled group tours ensure comfortable pacing and child-oriented storytelling revealing conservation efforts protecting endangered species like mountain gorillas.

Beacon Safaris adheres to sustainable principles, partnering with communities bordering wildlife areas to share revenue benefiting healthcare clinics, schools and environmental education programs lifting residents out of poverty. Their commitment to ethical practices while delivering outstanding service makes Beacon a reputable safari operator recommended for quality hosted escapes.