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Kenya is situated across the equator to the eastern coastline of Africa. It is a medium sized-sized country as compared to other countries on the continent.; spanning the area of approximately 586,600km sq. Inland lakes and rivers coverage is a total area of 10,700km sq, the greater part of this taken by Lakes Victoria in addition to Turkana.
Kenya is shares its boundaries with Somalia and the Indian Ocean on the east, Ethiopia for the north, Sudan towards the northwest, Uganda for the west as well as Tanzania towards the south. The beaches, more or less 550km long, looks towards the Indian Ocean.
Kenya has got remarkable landscape variety, which includes glacier mountains with snow-capped peaks, the Rift Valley along with its scarps and active volcanoes, historical rocky hills, flat desert countryside as well as coral reefs and small islands.
Nonetheless, the standard setup is rather simple. Coastal plains make way for an inner plateau this soars steadily for the central highlands, which are the outcome of the remarkably existing volcanic exercise linked to the development of the rift valley.
On the west this land falls once more to form the Nyanza plateau that is all around the Kenyan area on Lake Victoria; and also to the upper Kenya, creates the rocky lower land all-around Lake Turkana.
Typically the coastline is busted and also consists of coastal beaches, coral cliffs and reefs, streams and several just offshore coral islands. Away from the coast, a primarily level though narrow coastal plain is on sedimentary rocks, with a few igneous intrusions for example Dzombo and Mrima. Further than small gradualy slopping hills lays the reknowned Nyika Plateau, purely on sedimentary rocks.
This specific geography blankets approximately the full north east area in the nation, on quite steady hills.
Most of the Great Rift Valley, that boasts of connected scarps together with mountains, is definitely a popular highlight. It again extends the area of the nation all the way from Lake Turkana within the north towards Lake Natron around the lower boundary of Tanzania.
Its central segment in the rift is higher, of this Aberdare Mountains as well as Mt Kenya for the eastern side as well as the Mau Escarpment plus Cherangani Hills for the west. Actually, the northern and also southern most areas in the rift are at a low altitude, dry and even rugged, having breathtaking volcanic features.
Its area west in the central highlands happens to be categorized by Precambrian metamorphic rocks and also linear basement hillsides. Mt Elgon, an extinct volcano, breaks via the historical shield like feature to the ugandan edge. The entire lake Victoria basin typically is known for a gradually sloping surface and even an rocky layer that reveals granite outgrowths.
Remote hills and also mountains, including Mt Kulal, Mt Nyiro and also Mt Marsabit, happen to be dispersed for the north as well as east in the central highlands. Typically the Taita Hills, ascending from your south eastern plateau, are longstanding block part, the northern sequence of separated summit that runs south into Malawi over eastern and also southern Tanzania.
They sit virtually beside the area’s current volcanic hills, the Chyulu Hills.

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