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Mombasa is a location rich with background, still a thrilling business as well as popular dock town at the same time. Mombasa is an island attached to the mainland by just bridges and also ferries. The town is near a broad harbor, exactly where trade shipment blends standard lateen sail dhows.
Typically, the exact center of Mombasa is from the spectacular ancient town, amid the busy winding streets as well as Arab buildings. All the time, the air at this point is normally heavy with the scent of spices. Women wearing the typical bui bui occupy the small streets and lively markets. With the dhow ports fresh fish as well as merchandise coming from all across the coast are off loaded on regular basis.
Its streets are alive with the shiny colours  typical coastal khanga as well as kikoy, the common wrap around fabric put on by equally men and women. At the coast line you’ll find Fort Jesus, and magnificent fort that keeps watch over the harbor.
The raised shooting turrets, walls along with secretive routes of this 16th Century Fort had been the hub of a famous struggle for control for the Kenya coastal region in between the Portuguese military together with the Shirazi Arabs countless years ago. The Fort remains a proof to this tumultuous background.
Modern Mombasa serves as a metropolis of great uniqueness and everyday living. This can be a town detailed with hospitality and instantly engrossed directly into this excellent coastal lifestyle.
Mosques, Hindu Temples in addition to Christian churches are located almost everywhere on the streets that flourish on many peoples and cultures. Mombasa is often a location just where both heritage and progress are considerably appreciated, making use of occupied harbor.
Mombasa can be entered from Nairobi by flight, road, or rail. Mombasa is considered the key access port used by the entire coastal region. You’ll find reserved air flights into Mombasa. Mombasa matatus and Taxis to travel around the area. Mombasa’s Old Town and the area around Fort Jesus will be comfortably toured on foot. Everyday living at this town is at its own special, exotic rate.

Mombasa North Coast

The coast to the North of Mombasa is known as a realm of facinating heritage as well as natural charm. This coast is usually adorned with beautiful palm surrounded beaches, along with the tranquil attractive waters on the Indian Ocean.The beaches are actually splitted by by the wide open Kilifi Creek, and its blue waters undoubtedly are a well-liked fascination to the intercontinental yachting route.All the beaches of Vipingo, Nyali, Kikambala and Shanzu are home to a lot of elegant resorts having wonderful dishes as well as services.
The serene beach asylums of Mtwapa and Takaungu offer a great retreat away from the busy routines, accompanied by countless deserted beach resorts.
,Generally, offshore reefs are brimming with coral, sea turtles,myriad fish together with dolphins. The outer and also inner reef walls give top notch snorkeling together with exceptional coral grounds as well as drop offs.
The portal to the north coast is certainly Mombasa, however some tourists travel straight to Malindi. A Coastal road carries on north of Mombasa entirely to Kenya’s upper frontier. Travelling by your own personal car or even hired car or truck straight to Malindi is quite simple. You will discover routine buses and matatus on the North coast. Many resorts and hotels in this region have Mombasa shuttles and even can organize car transfers.
Private taxis from Mombasa will carry one to the North Coast beaches for any contracted fare. Malindi airport seems to have daily reserved air flights to Mombasa, Nairobi and then Lamu. That airport likewise takes care of Unique charters. There is a very wide variety of lodging to choose from for the North Coast. You’ll find luxury world renowned resort accommodations owning casinos, nightclubs and reputable eateries, rudimentary camping grounds, personal guesthouses and also vacation rental residences and then holiday villas.
The obvious cooking enchantment on the North Coast is without a doubt seafood, and there is loads to choose from, along with good fish, crabs, lobster, oysters even more. There’s also an abundance of fresh exotic vegetables and fruits, peanuts, cashews and also wild honey. You will find there’s countless number of eating places over the North Coast covering a selection of international cuisines. Many hotels have their very own eating places. The Kenyan coast is known for the Swahili Food, an authentic mixture of Arabic as well as African cooking styles. Swahili specialties are actually mild curries made from a thicker coconut sauce, plus seafood cooked properly by using cloves plus cinnamon. The coast’s mixture of African along with Asian cuisines also produce a wide selection of all-vegetable recipes.For those who want to make meals by themselves, the ample markets, stores and contemporary supermarkets will supply everything to every single need. Secluded hired homes normally have a chef given, that will shop for ingredients and then prepare meals in your taste.

Water Sports; The coastal major resorts of the North Coast have a full range of water sports including sailing, waterskiing, jet skiing, parasailing and even more. There is an assortment of elegant major resorts giving great food plus services located at Nyali, Kikambala, Vipingo and even Shanzu.
Boating; numerous boats are frequently rented to head to the coast, including Hobie cats and sailing skiffs. Sea Kayaks are widely accessible, and so are ideal for going to distant bays and even protected bays. Kilifi Creek is a great spot for people expecting to hire yachts. Normally private yachts in addition to on board staff are available for private charter. All the coast of Kenya is a fantastic spot to explore by yacht, or ideal spot out of which to arrange a cruise trip for Zanzibar to the South or Red Sea in the North. Many yachting anchorages along the coast feature Mtwapa, Shimoni and Mombasa.
SCUBA Diving and Snorkelling; Scuba divers aren’t going to be disappointed for the North coast. There are numerous top notch diving places. Diving is mostly excellent month in month out, even though clear view lessens around July as well as August caused by silting and high ocean tides. Best sites are in Mtwapa and additionally Barracuda Reef. They are exceptionally fantastic surface reef dives, with extended drop offs and a good amount of life over the walls. Over the surface edge of Barracuda reef you can find big groups of angel as well as butterfly fish, the occasional green turtle or perhaps massive whale shark are found right here. Africa’s greatest wreck dive is located close by Nyali Beach, just a smaller distance from Mombasa.
Offshore fishing is extensively done all over the north coast. There are several qualified owners throughout Bamburi, Mtwapa also in Kilifi. Great fishing boats with advanced accessories are on hand intended for full and even half day charter. The main game fish are Sailfish, Horse Mackerel, Marlin, Kingfish, and Wahoo along with many others.
Cycling; The hushed village communities as well as beachside streets from the North Coast are easily toured on bicycle. Bicycles could be rented from the area locals down the coast sometimes from resorts as well as private owners. Confirm the state of the bike tyres, chain and then the body prior to getting a bicycle. This provides a person with flexibility, refreshing air and additionally exercises. Natives are invariably happy to help especially with paths together with suggestions. This can be a unusual tip on how to meet Kenyans, and read more about way of life in this area.

The particular North coast houses numerous Mijikenda people, predominantly the Giriama. Most of the hotels in this area can easily prepare educational trips into the Giriama communities. The northern coast was an place of great importance to the continuing development of the Swahili lifestyle. This particular area was home to a number of Swahili communities, most of which at the moment are protected heritage arenas.
Jumba la Mtwana also referred to as the house of Slaves, next to Mtwapa is a popular instance of a basic Swahili settlement. The town became deserted approximately five centuries earlier. The vast majority of villages no more stand, although the ruins of stone houses belonging to the honored together with their particular mosques plus grave tombs nonetheless stick. Archaeological information suggests that the natives of Jumba had been sincerely spiritual and devoted to the Islamic virtue of hygiene. Many mansions offer the remains of water tanks, washing platforms as well as stone covered latrines. Jumba la Mtwana is definitely an interesting spot to see, and it’s wonderfully found in a baobab forest. The actual wrecks are opposite the deserted beach, while the most significant Mosque faces the ocean. Now this region houses the Rabai society, a smaller nonetheless culturally serious individuals, using personal language and even traditions. To help commemorate as well as retain their own cultural practices, an yearly Rabai festival is usually performed in this particular area.
Previously it was using this area that one particular among Kenya’s very first European visitors; Germany missionary and then explorer Ludwig Krapf, at first put in place some sort of mission in August 1846. To this fact, this grew to become his base for adventure to the mainland. The museum located in the village of Rabai, commemorates both Krapf’s lifetime while in Kenya and nearby Rabai way of life.

Mombasa South Coast

The seacoast southerly of Mombasa is really a tropical haven of palm fringed pristine beaches, where blue Indian Ocean waters connect with lovely coral reefs. Typically the protecting reefs are creating recommended beaches having calm, inviting waters. Days will be marked with shinny moments moreover nights are mild and even cozy with gentle sea breezes. The offshore reefs are usually dazzling with coral, plethora of fish species, ocean turtles and dolphins.
At the same time outer and inner reef barriers provide you with outstanding scuba diving having magnificent coral gardens in addition to reef drop off areas. At Kisite-Mpunguti, a Marine Reserve has been founded close to the breathtaking Wasini Island, an excellent excursion for divers and also snorkelers. Beaches are usually gated off by verdant green coastal tropical rain forests that have prolific birdlife and also variety of wildlife including baboons, the scarce Columbus monkeys and perhaps leopard.
A wide range of world class vacation rentals, situated down Diani Beach let visitors to unwind and revel in this pure paradise together with the top standards of accommodation, facilities as well as delicacies. That south coast even offers numerous small sized peaceful destinations such as Tiwi Beach, ideal for tourists looking for a modest break. Inland, the lush hinterland of Kwale District is made of small to medium sized towns home of the Wakamba, Digo as well as Duruma tribes.
Even further south, the small to medium sized fishing town of Shimoni houses some far mysterious coastal caves that stretch out away from the ocean to far for the jungles. Over time, such caves had been long made use of like a asylum for Dhow Sailors, Arab slavers as well as explorers. Shimoni is additionally a fantastic ground for the purpose of sport fishing within the Pemba Channel. Regardless if you are searching for a base to definitely discover this particular interesting region, or just a place to relax and get some serenity, Kenya’s southern coast includes all you could possibly want.
The entry towards the south Coast is actually Mombasa. There are no bridges from Mombasa Island together with the southerly Coast, along with a vehicle ferry is used to cross the Likoni channel. Traveling by your motor vehicle or rented automotive towards the south coast is quite simple. You will find routine buses and Matatus over the south coast area. Many hotels plus resorts in this region own Mombasa shuttles and also may organize car transfers. Private taxi cabs of Mombasa will even get you to into the South Coast for an agreed fare. Alternatively, make use of the airstrip found at Ukunda for private hired flights. For anyone getting into Kenya by means of land via the coast, the South Coast road crosses the border just after the township of LungaLunga. You will find there’s border post and an immigration department. Daily buses and also matatus go across the South Coast Route. Cabs are in every town, as well as at most hotels or resorts.
There is a incredibly wide range of lodging offered at the South Coast. There are chic renowned resort hotels equipped with casinos, nightclubs and international restaurants, basic camping locations, privately owned guesthouses in addition to nightly rental residences and even villas.
Remember, there are many dinning establishments over the South Coast preparing a range of intercontinental foods. The most apparent culinary obsession around the South Coast is actually seafood, and there are lots available, with exceptional fish, crabs, lobster, oysters and more. Additionally there is loads of unique tropical vegetables and fruits, peanuts, cashews and also wild honey. Several resorts already have their very own restaurants. The Kenyan coast is famous for the Swahili Cuisine, a unique mixture of Arabic plus African cookery. Swahili specialties are delicate seasoning created from a heavy coconut sauce, and even seafood prepared with cloves and even cinnamon. The coast’s mix of African and Asian foods also results in a wide selection of all-vegetable dishes.

At the South Coast there are beaches to suit any holidaymaker’s style as well as interest. You can find busy holiday resorts having loads of scheduled routines and additionally frenzy night life. Together with quiet beach spots providing the possibility to loosen up and feel nature. Beaches south of Mombasa are usually an earthly paradise of tropical jungles, pristine beaches and even coral reefs.
Water Sports; The neighborhood is served by world class resorts, found around Diani Beach, enabling the vacationer rest the way he or she likes and even comfort. The beaches located here are wide-ranging stretch of complete white sand, as the ocean is warm and inviting, with protective reefs creating exceptional calm retreat for swimming. Water sports fanatics will likely be spoilt for choice within the South Coast. Many of the resorts and hotels ranged on the beaches present you with a wide variety of water activities. Water-skiing, Sailing, Jet skiing, windsurfing plus more will all get organized readily at many hotels.
Boating; A selection of boats is usually employed to research the coast, such as Hobie cats and sailing skiffs. Sea Kayaks are also available, and are generally suitable for exploring remote coves and sheltered bays. Shimoni is a superb location for these trying to charter yachts. Both yachts and crews are for sale to private constitution. The coast of Kenya is a fantastic destination for a explore by yacht, and the ideal base out of which to sail for Zanzibar south or even the Red Sea for the North.
SCUBA Diving and Snorkeling; Underneath the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean is a whole lot of undersea delights. There are plenty of excellent diving areas all on the South Coast. Diving is usually great month in month out, although visibility lessens throughout July and August caused by silting. You can find dive sites lined down the coast all the way from Tiwi south towards Shimoni. The best spots are located along Kisiite Mpunguti Marine Reserve.
Going swimming with Whale Sharks and dolphins; During February to March each and every year, you will find practically guaranteed sightings of Whale Sharks within outer reef dive spots along the Kenyan Coast. If you’d like to check out or swim with Dolphins, you will find significant populations discovered about the South Coast. Diving and even snorkeling boats while at day trips to Wasini Islands or Dive areas normally meet dolphins during the trip.
Dhow Trips; A day dhow vacation to Wasini Island, to the reserve, is readily prepared from Diani or Shimoni. The trips normally include snorkelling and/or diving, including a seafood lunch over the island. Regardless, it is an ideal method of the afternoon. Dolphins typically accompany the dhows over the reserve, even the island once more is really worth visiting.
Fishing; Shimoni is known for a traditional reputation for big game fishing. The Pemba Channel is the best fishing destination, and there a variety of highly trained regional providers. Completely furnished and stocked boats are available for whole and half day bookings. The leading game fish have Sailfish, Marlin, Kingfish, Wahoo as well as Horse Mackerel and a few more. The most beneficial point of community information and facts for fishermen is the Pemba Channel Fishing Club found in Shimoni.
Sky Diving; The skies around Diani sparkle with the yearly Skydive Boogie – a serious occasion which attracts sky diving teams from all over the world. This can be the ideal area for a sky-diving competition with 14,000 feet above sea level. What’s even better, all scuba divers land upon the beach right outside their holiday resort, and soon after a simple rest, could climb back again using their aircraft at Ukunda airstrip, just a few minutes drive away.
Bird Watching; The South Coast is a perfect place to go for coastal bird watching. The forest at Diani is a refuge for Fischer’s Turaco, Southern Banded Snake Eagle, Little Yellow Flycatcher plus the Uluguru Violet Backed Sunbird. Close by Dzombo Hill is home to a Digo Kaya and it is home for the uncommon Sokoke Pipit, the African Crowned eagle and around 33 other bird types. Offshore, the Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Park comes with a key sanctuary for unique Roseate Terns, including some other pelagic birds, located on Kisite Island.

When you adore gift buying whenever travelling, then the south coast is the best sort of destination. Besides coastal region hand made crafts and art work, you will discover good varieties of artwork as well as handiwork from all over Kenya. Coastal handiwork comprises of Swahili boxes, lavishly designed that are decorated by using brass, copper and sometimes with marble works. These differ according to shape and sizes from small jewellery boxes to giant boxes. Similarly fabricated candle holders along with other wooden items are regularly sold.
Several more wood carvings for sale on the coast will be Makonde, timeless design wood art works that originated from Tanzania. All these attractive carvings are practically impossibly elaborate, creating comprehensive simple art pieces, fuzzy masterpieces and also masses of incredibly small, sophisticated shapes as their limbs as well as bodies intertwine into large columns referred to as “Tree of Life”. Another thing every vacationer on the coast will need to shop for is really a kikoy and also khanga. These kinds of traditional clothing are used as a cover clothing by men and women on East African coast and inland region, just like the sarong of South East Asia.
The actual kikoy is actually a bright, often with stripes, material with twisted tassles along each hem. However, the khanga is larger, way more richly patterned and so traditionally imprinted having a Swahili saying delivering a pearl of the usual understanding.
These kinds of linen are identified with the Kenyan coast, and thus their particular fabrics tend to be adapted into clothes, table linens, bed sheets, and nearly anything else achievable. A khanga and also kikoy is perfect for the beach and may often be put on or chosen like a beach towel, as well as both.
Further, the coast is also the host to various boutique shops making innovative artwork objects, prints, clothing and jewellery.

Mombasa is found on the coastal border of Kenya to the Indian Ocean in the east. Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya, a prime destination for all travels and tourism visiting Kenya.


has become popular for its exotic beaches, diverse marine life, world-class hotels and friendly people.


‘s history dates back to the 16th century even before the times of the early Portuguese explorers around 1331. The port town was recognized as a famous trading town for spices, gold, ivory, coconuts, and slaves. As a trade market, it linked Africa to India, Middle East and Europe around the early 1500 with the arrival of Vasco Da Gama. The town was then called Mvita in Swahili which translated for Manbasa in Arabic.

Mombasa’s city is on the island separated from mainland Kenya by Tudor Creek and Kilidini Harbor and joined by Nyali Bridge in the north, Likoni Ferry joins Mombasa South coast to Kenya mainland and in the west by Makupa Cause way.

Sights and Attractions in Mombasa

Mombasa boasts of a long stretch of Beautiful white sand beaches from the south to north coast, turquoise waters, diverse cultures and people, vibrant night life and many interesting things. Mombasa beaches offer a host of activities such as deep-sea fishing, wind surfing, kite surfing, boarding, Dhow sailing and so much more on Mombasa Excursions

Spectacular coral reefs run for 480 km along the palm-fringed coastline. The waters below are filled with marine life, while up above a huge diversity of birdlife occupies the mangrove forests or overhanging cliffs especially at

Nyali Beach

in the north and

Diani Beach

from the south coast

The Old Town

of Mombasa stretches in suburbs like Kuze, Makadara and Kiboni, all marked with a blend ancient Portuguese and Arab architecture.

Fort Jesus

in Baghani was built by the early Portuguese explorers as a defensive fort to strengthen their grip on the area. It is one of the prime attractions of Mombasa besides the palm beaches.

Other interesting attractions in Mombasa include

Haller Park

, Bamburi Portland limestone Quarry, the huge Elephant Tusks on Moi Avenue, old coconuts, sugar and palm plantations and many of its old towns.

Mombasa Travel

Mombasa is an important port town for East Africa handling 80% of its international traffic of goods, ships and travellers. The port is the largest in Kenya and international cargo ships dock here every year.

Mombasa is linked and served by an international airport called

Moi International Airport

located in Port Reitz. The airport handles international flights from all over the world, domestic flights between Nairobi-Mombasa and to other airstrips in Kenya, charter flights into Kenya and clears luggage.

By road, Mombasa is reached from a number of roads from mainland Kenya such as Jomo Kenyatta Avenue, Digo Road, Nyerere Road, Nkurumah Road, Moi Avenue, Mama Ngina Drive, Barack Obama Road, Nairobi Highway and Nyali Road.  There are taxis, matatus (mini buses), Tuk-tuk (three-wheeled motor vehicle) and Boda-boda (motorcycles) that transport people and tourists within Mombasa’s towns and suburbs.

By Train, Mombasa is linked by railway from Nairobi, carrying passengers, goods and cargo overnight.

Hotels in Mombasa

Mombasa has a wide range of beach hotels, five star resorts, guest houses and other options for overnight and dinner. Some of its five star listed hotels include Diani Reef Beach Resort and Spa, Kenya Bay Mombasa Beach Hotel. Mombasa Serena Beach hotel, Voyager Beach Resort, Castle Royal Hotel, Nyali Beach Hotel and Sarova Mombasa Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa among others.

All Mombasa hotels have spectacular views of the ocean from the windows, swimming pool, warm suites, restaurants and bars, and offer a wide range of Kenya Tourist help and information. The restaurants around Mombasa prepare delightful cuisine with spiced dishes, Sea foods and local dishes with a touch of Indian, French, Spanish, German and other continental recipes.

Mombasa Cultures and people

Mombasa is a terrific city with many inhabitants of different origins such as Indians, Arabs, Swahili, local Masai people and many other people that come from all over the world. You’ll find a home in Mombasa whether in its night clubs, restaurants, bars, beaches etc, there will be somehow you can relate with.

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