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, the capital city of Kenya is one of the largest cities in Africa besides Johannesburg and Cairo. Located in the central province of Kenya, Nairobi city is served by mainly Jomo Kenyatta international airport for both local and international flights. As one of the popular cities in

East Africa safari tours

, Nairobi is known as

the green city in the sun

lying south of the Nairobi river and at 1795m above sea level.

The warm and friendly people living in Nairobi are perhaps the most fascinating item on any Nairobi city tour

. Nicknamed ‘the Nairobians,’ there are more than 3 million

Nairobi City Buildings

Nairobi City

inhabitants of different

tribes; Masaai, Luo, Kikuyu, Indians, Arabs and many other foreigners. Swahili and English are the Languages to use while in

Nairobi City

. The city is bustling with business and activity; in the town markets, streets, stalls and every where, as long as you can put up a stall somewhere, you are good to go!

The city is a gateway to many other wildlife parks and attractions on a Kenya safari tour. If you have a day or so to spend in Nairobi there are a few fun sightseeing options and some excellent shopping and eating out opportunities to enjoy.

Places to visit

Nairobi national park tour

Away from the bustle and hustle of Nairobi city centre is a unique wildlife sanctuary called Nairobi National park, home to several mammals like rhinos, cheetah, zebra, lion, giraffe, antelopes, gazelles and many other animals and birds. These animals live in untouched beauty, a paradise outside the hectic life of any capital city like New York or London bringing life and serenity to Nairobi City

Nairobi Park Wildlife

The Female Ostrich

Daphne Sheldrick Nairobi animal orphanage

gives you time to relax and be part of the conservation efforts for infant elephants. The orphanage is not far away from Nairobi National Park. Each morning, the elephants are given careful treatment, fed, birthed and put under surrogate families. Share in this fun once you visit between 11h00 and 12h00.


Nairobi National Museum

features the Leakey family’s pale anthropological discoveries, botanical drawings, Joy Adamson art and paintings and many other displays. A good place to discover Kenya’s history in each of the galleries of the museum named after historians like Mahatma Ghandi, the Aga Khan and Churchill. Do not forget to visit the snake park located within the museum, one of the biggest attractions with a goal to educate the public about snakes and other common reptiles.

Karen Blixen museum

located on the outskirts on Nairobi City centre is another place to enjoy. Built in 1914, the old house belonging to Karen Blixen, author of ‘Out of Africa’ is found in the beautiful and serene Ngong hills and maintained in its original stature up to date. The expert staff on the house museum will take you through the life of Karen Blixen, her work and many other items and pieces that have been introduced in museum. You can also visit the nearby Langatta giraffe sanctuary.


Railroad Museum

will be of interest to railway enthusiast and if you are there on a Sunday, the Nairobi Race Course is a great place for people-watching and meeting the locals.

Uhuru park

is another place to enjoy Nairobi’s green lawn, storks that nest in the trees, the breeze form the small man made lake and feel the Freedom ‘Uhuru’, history man on this park by protestor like Wangari Mathaai. Walks in your hotel backyard will be insightful of some of the birds that often visit the city such as sunbirds and the famous Marabou storks.

Nairobi city Excursions

Before you end your Nairobi city tours, visit the


homestead of the local people found in Langata, shpooing malls, village Markets like Gigiri and buy yourselves some souvenir items like Nairobi art and paintings, the red shukhas of the Masaai and samburu people, handmade crafts, jewellery from the locally mined soapstone and so much more.

Nairobi city is a city that never sleeps. Dress up for thrilling Nairobi night life, music blurring pubs and night clubs and eating places.

Nairobi Carnivore restaurant

is a place you can never overlook. It is particularly famous for its succulent cuisines, delicious BBQs and game meat served sizzling hot, something you’ll find no where else!

Nairobi Carnivore Restaurant
BBQs at Nairobi Carnivore Restaurant

If you have not tasted game meats like ostrich, wildebeest(gnu), zebra, crocodiles, giraffe and the like, hit the carnivore restaurant for lunch or farewell meal and savor the day’s specials.

Don’t worry about overnight, hotel and accommodation while in Nairobi city. There are several hotels, guesthouses, boutique hotels, holiday inns, bed and breakfast facilities, motels and other budget options for your budget specifications. Find luxury accommodation from Nairobi sarova hotel, Nairobi tenated camp, Wasini Luxury homes/ apartments, and budget facilities like Nairobi youth hostel, Rossmina BB, Daisy home and Hanan guesthouse. Each of these hotels and facilities have shuttles, vehicle hire and other transfer services to escort you on your Nairobi city tour.

Arrange your

Nairobi city excursions

through a trusted

Kenya safari and tour operator

who will include Nairobi hotels and accommodation, meals, travel and transfer, and flight tickets in your Nairobi city tours. Look out for the best and most affordable Nairobi city tours itineraries that are often coupled with

Kenya safaris

to Masai Mara national park and other safari park through out Kenya.

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