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SA Maseru Travel Centre

South African Maseru travel Centre was founded to help people around the world reach their dream destinations easily
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Maseru, Lesotho 100
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Leloli Travel Agency

Professional air travel arrangement globally, tour packages, hotel accommodation, group booking & car hire.
Pioneer Mall, Pioneer Rd, Central, Maseru, Lesotho
PO Box 7662, Maseru, Lesotho
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is a small landlocked country, entirely bordered by the vast South Africa set in the famous Kingdom of the sky, as it is famously referred to. The Maluti mountains are the prime attractions in Lesotho Holidays, its highest peak called

Thabana Ntlenyana

at some 11,000 m above sea level. the terrain is gifted with volcanic soils and with foot hills extending further into the eastern border, forming the

Drakensburg Mountain

ranges of South Africa. Horseback trekking is the best way to experience these mountain ranges, visit the splendid grasslands at the foot, visiting the Basotho communities and the Maletsunyane Falls plunging from the central highlands.Lesotho is surely a land loaded with surprises all-around every place.

Maluti Mountains LesothoLesotho Holiday attractions

Hlotse also called Leribe is a small colorful town in Lesotho buzzing with several activities and shopping for a variety of locally made goods and handicrafts. Many of these items are unique expressions of the people’s lifestyle, customs and traditions.


is a former colonial town/fort that is completely different any other you have ever been to in the world. The horizon is beautiful with rocky outcrops and caves many with several art works and paintings curved by the previous inhabitants many years back. To this date, tourists are allowed to visit these sights, take pictures and enjoy the different embrace the beauty of Lesotho, most noticeable for the dinosaur’s foot prints and

Masitise cave house museum


Unlike other capital cities, Maseru is a casual town, one of the largest cities in Lesotho with an international airport. On arrival, take a guided tour to the neighborhood either on foot or by car and visit the local museum and the people that work and live in this city. People clad in the famous

Basotho Blankets

fill the streets on their way to the markets and offices every day.

Sehlabathebe National Park

is located in the central eastern region of Lesotho not far away from Maseru but you’ll need a 4WD because the terrain is rough and fairly inaccessible. It however remains a perfect place for hiking and Lesotho safari with its scenic mountain ranges. Sani Pass is another remarkable destination, north of Sehlabathebe in the eastern border of Lesotho and is particularly good for mountain biking and driving.

The breathtaking road winds deep into South Africa through Drakensburg National Park, linking the two magnificent country side game parks. Another interesting sight in central



Maletsunyane Falls,

plunging into a single drop at 192m forming a spectacular smoke filled water pool below.

The weather in Lesotho depends on its high altitude; the dry months are from October to April with average temperature of up to 30 °C in the low lying lands and is cool for the high altitudes at 18°C. January and February the peak dry months. May to September is the rainy season with excellent skiing conditions, average temperatures of 20°C for the low lands and -18°C in the highland ranges. Now you know the best time to schedule your safari and tours to Lesotho!

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