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Bay of Baly National Park is located in the north western region of the island of Madagascar and is an acclaimed region of richness in bio-diversity. The Bay of Baly lies 150 km from Mahajanga, in the heart of the Soalala and Ambohipaky.

The park is an area of 5714sq km and is crossed by a series of small water streams and rivers such as Kapiloza which borders the park to the north and Andanomavo in the north pouring its waters into the Mozambique Channel.



Nearly 129 species of plants and trees are found in the park of which more than half are in the forests,24 species of Fabaceae, 9 Apocynaceaes, 9 Euphorbiaceaes, 8 Rubiaceace, 7 Anacardiaceae. The tree species most common are Gyrocarpuses americanus and Erythrephleums coumanga.


There are 13 species of mammals in the park of which h8 are primates, 37 species of reptiles, 8 species of amphibian and others. Some of the animals in the park include the Plowshare turtle-Angonoka which is endemic to the waters of the bay sighted in the Beaboaly circuit during the months of December to May, lemurs and other animals.

An estimated 250 are recorded in the aprk of which one third are water birds and more than half endemic to the Madagascar island and the Bay of Baly. Regular sights include the Malagasy pond heron which is a threatened species that breeds at the bay and the Madagascar fish eagle-Ankoay sighted around Lake Sariaka in the months of May to Ocotber.

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