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Madagascar biking tours

The uniqueness that is found in Madagascar is just enough to make you want to visit the country and experience it on your own and what better way to see the wilderness other than by cycling across the country. This can apply to all those that have love for nature and are willing both inland and outside the various tourist attractions and this can be achieved through booking with us so that we ensure you have a good cycling tour in Madagascar.  During the cycling tours, you will get a close look at the different animals in the National Parks, birds and you will also get to meet the different locals and learn more about their culture and customs.

The landscape in Madagascar is quite favorable when it comes to cycling and that is why we have various itineraries that we can draft for you and you get to choose which one works for you best and come and experience the wonders of Madagascar on two wheels.

cycling bike Madagascar

When we talk about cycling or bike riding tours in Madagascar, these are done from one state to another in the country and the cycling rides are connected. You will be riding from one city to the next and resting in the destination city before continuing with your cycling. Cycling in Madagascar can be done in various towns and cities across the Island and some of the places where you can go for your cycling experience have been stated below so that you get to choose where you would like to go although all the places have a lot to offer during the cycling tour.

The different equipment needed for bike tours

Before you go for biking, there are different equipment that you will need when it comes to bike riding and these include:

  • Riding gloves, these will help you get a good grip on the bicycle throughout the ride and will also help you avoid getting blisters on your palms.
  • Knee and elbow caps covers these help avoid bruises on both the knee and elbows in case of a fall during cycling.
  • A helmet is a must as you will not be around to go for the tour without one.
  • A bike is also a must as you cannot go for cycling without one but before venturing out make sure you check to see whether the brakes work and carry a tool box with you when you start your cycling trip.
  • A map showing you all the routes that you will use while cycling around the Island.

And these can all be hired at a small price from the different shops that are found in the country or some tour travel companies provide them for you and all the cycling can be done only when you have a guide with you.

Biking through Antananarivo

Antananarivo is the capital city of Madagascar also known as Tana and this is where the cycling tour will begin from. The city has a lot of people and it is always chaotic and this means that it will be too crowded and therefore you should be ready for the chaos in the city. Straight from the airport, you get to rest before you venture out for the biking experience.

Antananarivo is filled with a lot of tourist attractions that you will see while biking and these include visiting the different markets, the cathedral, the crocodile farm, see the lemurs jumping form one tree to the next, the different birds that are found in the different Parks in Antananarivo and many more others and you will get to experience all this on a bicycle with all your friends.

Biking through Antsirabe from Antananarivo

The best way to tour Antsirabe is through biking. The landscape in the area does not actually allow you to use cars all the way and that is why if you want to go anywhere in Antsirabe, the best way to do that is by cycling. The Biking trip to through Antsirabe is about 50 kilometers and through this you get to mix with the locals easily and take as many outdoor photos as you want.

On your biking trip through Antsirabe, you will be able to visit the Lac Andriakiba Lake where you will get to after using a sandy and rock route during biking. The bike ride through the city can be done in one day and you can actually rest at the Lake as you enjoy your picnic and listen to the various stories told by the locals. The lake has a lot of Fadys that are not allowed to be done by the locals and foreigners for example, one cannot wash clothes from the Lake especially when they are silk and you are not to eat pork near the Lake.

There is also a story that is told by many locals about a girl who drowned during a swimming competition and she was pregnant. The competition was set up so that the winner could marry a rich man and when she drowned her ghost kept on wandering around the banks of the Lake till date and she can be seen very early in the morning. All these stories are told by locals and your tour guide who will take you through the bike riding session.

In case you do not have any equipment that you can use when it comes to biking, there are several equipment that is always for hire and this ranges from the bikes, helmets, water bottles, rubber gloves and any other that can be used while riding. The bike ride will take you through the various villages where you get to see children playing around, women preparing food, the schools found in the villages and the beautiful landscape in the area.

Biking through the Ranomafana

The ride through Ranomafana will give an insight of what the wild actually looks like in Madagascar.  The track in Ranomafana is filled with climbs up on hills, descents and straight roads and you can also get a few hours off cycling and get to track the lemurs in Ranomafana national Park, carry out birding although this is done in the morning due to the lighting, view other wild animals that are found in the Ranomafana National Park and many more others. Throughout your cycling, you will get to meet the different village people and get to know more about their culture and the National Park will be your resting place after a long day cycling. As you carry out your cycling skills, you will need maps and a tour guide to take you through the marked routes that are meant for cycling.

Biking through the Ambalavao from Fianarantsoa

Ambalavao is Madagascar’s wine city due to the wide production that is carried out in the city and it is located in the southern Part of Madagascar. The city is filled with a good landscape that will give you a chance to admire close up as you zoom past it on your bicycle and take some photos, mix and talk to the Bara and Bestileo ethnic groups of people who are the dominant locals living in the area, visit other tourist attraction sites in the area, visit the market and get to taste the wine in the evening as you rest after cycling the whole day.  The ride through the Ambalavao is one experience that you will not forget not with all the photos you will get to take while on your tour.

Ambalavao is also known as the city where the famous Antaimoro paper is produced from and you can visit the industrial part of the city as you cycle through. The cycling to Ambalavao from the nearest city is 77 kilometers and therefore you should go when you are well prepared.

Bike riding through Andringita National Park from Ambalavao

It is a much shorter distance when you bike ride from Ambalavao to Andringita and the cycling will take you over 47 kilometers to reach the Park. When you get to Andringita you will be able to view the highest summit in Madagascar and also get a chance to hike though the clearly marked trail treks. You get to make a stopover at the National Park and get to see the various wild animals that habitate in the park and some of these include lemurs, the different endemic bird species, reptiles and many more others. During the trek through the Andringita, you will find the grotto of the famous thief of the zebu cattle who was known as Ijajofo and also get to rest at the waterfall that is found in the Park and also used by the locals for cleansing them off their curses.

These are some of the places where you can go for bike riding in Madagascar but note that there are some others that have not been mentioned. Get in touch with us so that we can organize your bike tour through the Madagascar paradise.

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