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The Fianarantsoa city

The Fianarantsoa city is located in the southern part Of Madagascar filled with various tourist attraction sites that will make your trip to the Island memorable. The location of Madagascar itself is the best because it is an island that separated from the African continent which was a result of continental drifting.  Fianarantsoa is an old city that was built over 100 years ago in the 18th century and it has a lot of things that you will see when you visit it with just a booking through us to ensure that your travel arrangements are made and there is no worry about anything.


The different tourist attractions sites that you should most definitely visit when you get to Fianarantsoa in Madagascar include the following:

Explore the Andringita Mountain

The Andringita is located in Fianarantsoa and it is one place that you will want to visit once you arrive in Madagascar. The Mountain is a good destination place for most people who love trekking as it gives you the best terrains that will challenge you once you start the trekking. There are several trek trails that are clearly marked and these are the ones you will use with the help of an experienced tour guide.

Before you go for trekking a small fee will be needed before you can access the trails on the mountain. The trails are a bit hard to finish with one of them taking two days before completion. This means that you will have to prepare properly before you set out for the trekking expedition in order to enjoy it and there are also several accommodation facilities and camping sites in the area where you can rest and have a fun stay after the trek.

Visit the Ambalavao

Known to be one of the best places to visit for all those that visit the country due to its unique culture and other tourist attraction sites in the area, you will not be disappointed with your visit.

The Ambalavao has a factory that deals with making Malagasy fashion and other papers which are exported to numerous other countries. The paper was originally mad from the bark tree and it has just evolved over time. It is a decorative type of paper and this is used in the whole of Madagascar and the rest of the world.

The other factories found on the area deal in production of clothes most especially silk which can be found on the Malagasy market or exported outside the country. All these have made Madagascar famous on the export market and your visit to the area will give you a chance to visit the factories and get to see how they manufacture their goods.

Visiting the cities in Fianarantsoa

Fianarantsoa has one of the oldest stone towns in Madagascar and it has a lot to offer. There are many things to see especially the old town buildings that were constructed in the early 19th century. The buildings have creeping plants all over them and the best part of it is the quiet nature of the Place. A visit to the place will give you a chance to go back in time and experience the 19th century world as you pass through the different alleys.  A tour guide will be there to tell you all about the history of the place. The different cities that you can visit while you are in Fianarantsoa include the following:

  • The Ambozontany city and you will be able to see the Lake Anosy and visit the cathedral while in this city.
  • The Anatirova city, this is where the local palace is located and you will get to see the town where the queen used to have her morning and evening walks from.

After taking a walk through the old town in Fianarantsoa, you can also take a walk through Tanana city which is known to the locals refer to as the lower city due to its location down the hill. In the lower city you will get a chance to find out how to make some of the best local teas in the country and also purchase some of the best souvenirs from the local shops hence helping the local community improve on their living standards.

Visit the vineyards

Fianarantsoa has a lot of vineyards and that is why it is referred to as the capital of wine. The wine that is produced can be bought at any shop in the country and it is produced by the local people. A visit to the place will leave you with enough knowledge about how grapes are grown, harvested and how the wine is also produced and packed and when you visit during the harvesting season, you can still help with picking and sorting the grapes.

Experience the cultural events

When you visit Fianarantsoa, you will get to experience and enjoy the cultural events that are always prepared between May and September and these are mostly organized by the locals who live in the area. There is a specific one arranged every year known as the Betsileo and this is where you are supposed to run into the Centre of the pen and pull the bull down to the ground by using their horns. It’s a great experience and you would not want to miss it and you will experience all kinds of culture found in the country.

Take a walk through the Ranomafana

Ranomafana National Park is one of the best parks on the Island of Madagascar and it was formed in 19991. The Park is filled with a lot of animals like the lemur, many bird species that are endemic to Madagascar and greenery that will give you a run for the money that you would have paid for your visit to the Park. Trekking can also be carried out in the Park as there are several marked trails that you can use while trekking in the park and although some of them are hard, there are other trails that are a bit easy to take and all this is done with the help of a trained tour guide who will ensure that you understand all that you are seeing by explaining everything and making sure that you are comfortable.

You will also get to visit the Ranomafana baths that the locals believe can cleanse you of all the bad omen. Given the fact these hot springs boil to a degree of almost 38 degrees Celsius and their wide nature has attracted a lot of tourists from all over the world. You can even try to boil an egg from the springs while resting after a long trek in the day.

Visit the Vangaindaro town               

This is located in Fianarantsoa in the southern part of Madagascar and it has several tourist attraction sites especially parks where you get to see the different animals that can be found in the parks and you get you see all these when you visit the area. Some of the tourist attraction sites that are located in the area include:

  • The Midongy National park, this has a lot to offer when it comes to animals and plants. You get to carry out different activities like hiking, nature walks to the villages around the park, vie the various wild life that is found in the Park like the lemurs, chameleons, the fossa and different bird species and many more activities.
  • The Manombo reserve is also located in the area and you get to see the different animals that live in the area especially the endangered species of lemur that live in the trees found in the park.

Visit the Ampamaherana forest

The forest is located a few kilometers away from the rail way station and it is quite a sight to see. The forest is a good place to rest for tourists as it gives you a good glimpse of the wild in Madagascar and you also get to nature walk through the park and do some bird watching.

Explore the Kianjosoa hill

The Kianjosoa hill is located in the western part of the country and is what one would consider a good sight for the eyes. Up on the hill is where you will find a large statue of the Virgin Mary and her son Jesus and it can be seen from a distance due to its large size.

The hill also has an interesting history that is attached to it and it dates back to the tribes of Tahala and the Merina. These had their military bases at the Kianjosa hill and this is where they used to train from. But then one day as a child was playing, they hit the child of the prince and in his anger he asked why they had hit his child Isoa if the court was his and this is how the name Kianjosoa came up and it can loosely be translated to as the court of Isoa from the Malagasy language.

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