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Food tours in Madagascar

When it comes to food in Madagascar, everything about it reflects the uniqueness of the country. The food that is prepared in Madagascar shows the different cultures that are in the country and it has its origins form the French colonialists, the Arabs mostly from Middle East, Indonesia and East Africa. Madagascar has a unique flavor when it comes to food and when you head out to the Island for a food tour be sure to ready your taste buds because you will not regret your food safari with us to the Madagascan Island.

madagascar foods

The food tours are organized according to the different dishes and type of food that is found in the country in the different area around the Island and some of these food tours include the following:

The vegetarian food tour in Madagascar

The Malagasy people grow a lot of vegetables and you will never lack when it comes to them as you pass through the different towns you will be able to see the different vegetable stands filled with whatever you need and the good thing about the vegetables on the stands is that they are always fresh out of the garden. And to all the vegetarians who visit the country, you should be able to get whatever you need in the country. Some of the vegetarian dishes that are found in Madagascar include:

  • Minsao

This is an extremely good dish that for all vegetarians that is prepared in the different parts of the country. It is a mixture of ramen noodles and vegetables. It is a good meal that should not be missed when you visit Madagascar.

  • The Lasary

This is a mixture of various vegetables into one dish and it is mostly served with rice. It is mostly tomato salsa and mixed with chopped parsley. This is served in the different restaurants around the Island and you should not miss it when you get the chance.




  • The Madagascan beans

The Madagascan beans are always served as a side dish with other vegetables although sometimes they are sometimes served as the main course. Cooked to a soft savory and simmered taste, they are usually white in color and they are the best for vegetarians. Make sure you have a helping when you get to the country.

The hot sauces in Madagascar

Madagascar is a country that is known for having a lot of hot sauces due to the fact that they have an Asian history. Are you a fan of hot sauces or you just want to try out the different sauces for the first time? Then the best place and time to do is by visiting Madagascar. Some of the hot sauces served in the country include:

  • The Archard

Mostly found in the western part of the country, the Archard is a blend of vegetables or green mangos and it is always blended in a lot of spices. It is a unique taste and you should have a go at it while in the country.

  • The Sakay

Not all the sauces that are found in Madagascar are hot but the few that are hot are worth the try. The Sakay is one of the few hot sauce dishes prepared in the country and it is prepared differently depending on who is preparing it. You must wondering why there isn’t a lot of hot pepper food and yet there are very many spices that are found on the market. But the answer is most of them end up being served as side dishes.

The Sakay is always orange in color and when you eat it, it feels like you are hot on fire and a taste of it will not hurt your taste buds.

The traditional Madagascar dishes

Madagascar as a country has a lot of local dishes that are extremely tasty and you would not want to miss out on these dishes while on your food tour. Some of the local dishes include:


  • The Tilapia a’ la Malagasy

This is a tilapia dish that is specifically prepared in the Malagasy way. The tilapia is cooked with ginger, greens, tomatoes, different herbs, onions and garlic which all leave the fish with an exquisite tender taste with a lot of favors.

  • The Romazava

This is a type of meat dish that is prepared by different chefs in the Madagascan country and it is prepared in a way that the meat is mixed in source of garlic, tomatoes, stewed greens all in one pan and it is cooked for a long time until when it practically falls apart.

  • The Ravitoto

You will be shocked to find out that the Ravitoto dish refers to mashed cassava leaves. The cassava leaves are cooked and some spices including coconut milk are added to the mashed leaves to give off a great taste. Sometimes it is mixed with meat especially pork and the taste between the sweetness of the meat and the bitterness of the leaves is a good balance you need to taste.

  • The Laoka

This is a blend of various Madagascan food and species like tomatoes, ginger, vanilla, turmeric and all these are mixed too get the best Laoka. It is mostly vegetarian but sometimes salted fish and meat are added to the mixture so before you order for it, you should first ask whether it is actually plain or mixed with the meat.

  • The Zebu

The Zebu is a type of meat that is got from a humped cow and it can be found all over the island. If you are a meat fun, then this is the right place to be. The zebu can be cooked in many ways but it is always served when it is tender and irrelevant of how it is prepared, it always tastes good and you can also get a chance to prepare it yourself with the help of the locals.

The popular snacks in Madagascar

Besides food, there are various snacks that are served in Madagascar and these include the following:

  • The Mofo Anana and Mofo

These are just bread fritters that are mixed with spices and greens. They can be served with different dishes like pumpkin fritters and they are the best when it comes to fritters in the country.

The French cuisines in Madagascar

Madagascar being a former French colony, it has different French cuisines that they have maintained and these are still served widely across the Island. If you cannot get these dishes in France, then you have a chance to get them in Madagascar. Some of these dishes include:

  • The Magret de canard

This French dish comprises of slow cooked duck and roasted duck breast and they are known as the traditional French dishes. This dish is the best when it comes to French dishes and it can be served at the different restaurants on the Island.

  • The Zebu au poivre vert

The dish is made up of local greens that are grown in the gardens around the island.  You will also find many of them being sold in the different stands in the market. Green pepper is used to make the sauce tasty and tis tangy mustard sauce should be tasted by everyone due to its great taste.

  • The Foie Gras

The foie Gras is loosely translated as duck liver and it is a special when it comes to food in Madagascar. The recipe for the Foie Gras has been used for over twenty eight years and it is a specialty that you do not want to miss to taste and you will find that it is exceedingly good.

The rice in Madagascar

When you talk about food in Madagascar, then be sure to eat all kinds of rice that is locally grown on the Island. Rice can be eaten for more than three times a day and if you enter into any restaurant and ask for food, the rice will cover the largest part of the plate. The rice can be cooked in different ways and this can be eaten with various other dishes.

The Madagascan desert

Madagascar is also known for her many deserts that are served with every meal and in order to enjoy your stay in Madagascar, then you need to ask for at least one serving of desert so that your food tour will be worth it.

  • The Koba Akondro

This is a steamed peanut and banana cake. It is dense and steamed with peanut, bananas, rice flour and sweeteners.  The cake is steamed in cake logs and sliced up for serving.

  • The Mofo Akondro

These are banana fritters that are sold in many restaurants or you can find them along the street food vendor machines and they are normally tasty when they are still hot.

When it comes to food tours in the Madagascar, it is all about knowing the different types of food that are grown in the country, where its sold and getting to taste the different cuisines especially if you ae a foodie.


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