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Ifaty in Madagascar

Ifaty is comprised of dusty villages that are located near Tulear. It is best known for the fishing activities that are carried out by the local people and other tourist attractions that are found in the country. There are various villages that make up the Ifaty region and these are Ambotsibotsike, Mangily, salary and the Andavadoaka and most of these can easily be accessed by use of a canoe.

The Ifaty is extremely dusty and you have to be prepared for the long journey as the ride to the fishing village will not be as comfortable as you expect it to be due to the bad roads that are found in Madagascar.

Ifaty tours

A visit to Ifaty will have experience a lot of things through the different activities that you will be able to carry out when you visit the place and some of these activities include the following:

A visit to the different villages found in Ifaty

The salary and Andavadoaka are some of the towns located in the Ifaty region and they are both located in the North. The villages are surrounded by hiking bays making them the best destination for anyone who loves scuba diving and snorkeling. You will also enjoy other activities that are carried out by the locals and the easiest way to get to the two villages is by use of a canoe.

The Mangily village is one of the few that you will see when you visit the Ifaty region and it has a lot to offer to tourists like a nature walk through the baobabs, a trek through the forest of Mikea and quad biking in the reserve of Domergue. You will also get to meet the local people who are extremely welcoming and get to know their different ways of life.

The Ambotsibotsike village is located in a mangrove and the private nature of the village make it a top destination for all those who visit Ifaty. The village can be reached by walking with the locals, bike riding, quad biking or horse riding but either way the feel the mangrove give off will make you want to stay here for a few days. You will be able to get to know the different culture that is practiced by the locals, get to mix with the fishermen and learn some fishing skills and participate in other activities carried out in the area.

When you visit the above villages, you will be able to learn more about the cultures of the locals living in Ifaty, the history behind the famous dusty village, participate in the fishing activity and also get a chance to taste the special Madagascan food prepared by the locals.

Visiting the Reniala Nature Reserve

The Nature reserve is worth the visit as you get to see various lemur species that are kept in the rescue Centre that is found in the area, watch the different bird species most of which are endemic to the area and get to trek through the baobab trees using two clearly marked circuits. The trek will take you about one hour and half on one circuit and forty five minutes on another. The unique reptiles that are also found in the reserve are a sight that you do not want to miss out on and these can normally be seen during the rainy season because this is when most of them become extremely active.

Spend some time at the beach

Ifaty has some of the best beaches in Madagascar and there is no way you are going to visit the Ifaty without relaxing on the several beaches. Grab that towel and head down to the beach to soak up the sun and engage in the various activities that are carried out at the beach with your family.

Scuba diving and snorkeling

Scuba diving is one of the most participated in Ifaty due to the presence of the many coral reefs in the area. The different villages have very lovely spots where these activities can be carried out and sometimes the accommodation facilities that offer to take their guest for scuba diving as one of the services that are offered at their facilities. And therefore if you an adrenaline addict you do not want to miss out on scuba diving in Ifaty as it is refreshing for the body.

The equipment that is used for scuba diving and snorkeling is provided from the

Sport fishing

The Ifaty is known best for its fishing activities that are carried out by the locals. When you visit the area, you will be able to enjoy the fishing with the locals but this will be done with the help of a tour guide. The fishing in Ifaty is mostly done using local means and on handmade canoes and this is what makes the fishing encounter exciting. You get to catch some fish which you either throw back in the water or take back to the shore to be prepared over a large fire that is prepared by the locals. And on this exciting fishing adventure you also get to learn the different local and traditional ways of how the fish that is caught is preserved.

Accommodation facilities in Ifaty

The accommodation facilities that are found in Ifaty and these are classified into three that is the budget accommodations, the middle class accommodations and the luxury accommodation facilities.

The budget accommodation facilities

The ‘Mora’ Mora

The Mora hotel provides guests with comfortable rooms that are surrounded by a beautiful garden and a swimming pool where you can relax from but you will have to share some facilities like the bathrooms with other guests but they provide good meals throughout your stay.

The chez Daniel

The chez Daniel is quite simple in its facilities as they have basic rooms and shared facilities like toilets and bathrooms but have hot running water and they also have good simple meals.

The Reniala reserve hotel

The Reniala is located in a secluded place where you can easily do birding from. It has simple rooms where you get to share the toilet and it has only cold water.

The chez Micheline

The Chez Micheline has simple basic rooms with shared facilities and it is the cheapest in Ifaty. It has good meals but has no running water and neither does it have any electricity.

The Mid-range accommodation facilities

The hotel Le Tonga Soa

The hotel has self-contained rooms with hot running water and they are located in an extremely comfortable and safe place with a swimming pool surrounding it and inside a gate with a library and a private balcony where you can enjoy your delicious meals from.

The Chez Cecile

The chez Cecile have modest rooms which are self-contained rooms which are extremely comfortable, offer good meals that is breakfast, lunch and dinner, a private balcony adjacent to your room, a bar where you can relax from and they also engage you in the various activities that are carried out around the hotel and Ifaty as a village.

The La Voile Rouge        

If you want to experience the wild in Madagascar, this is the accommodation facility that you should use due to its strategic location in the wild. They have extremely comfortable rooms that offer the privacy that you will need and not forgetting the good food that is served at the hotel.

The Hotel Vovo Telo                                     

The Hotel Vovo Telo has comfortable self-contained rooms which are located at the beach giving you a nice view from your room. They also provide nice meals which include both international and local Madagascar cuisine and they also have a disco in case when they are bored.

The luxury accommodation facilities

The Ifaty Beach club

These have standard bungalow rooms which are self-contained and found in a quiet and private place. They have extremely tasty Madagascar food and is surrounded by palm trees that add beauty to the place. The double rooms go for 41 euros whereas the triples go for 46 euros and the singles go for 64 euros. They provide hammocks to the visitors and have an active dive Centre.

The hotel Bellevue

This is located in Ambolimailaka and has a very luscious garden where you can relax from. The single rooms go for 90,000 Ar, the double rooms for 117,000 Ar and the triples and quadruplets go for 126,000Ar. The rooms are self-contained and well as air conditioned.

The Mangily Hotel

These are located at the Ifaty beach and they have 25 spacious bungalows that are self-contained and have everything that you need. They also have 24/7 room service and organize scuba diving and snorkeling for the guests that are interested.

The Bamboo club

At the bamboo club, single rooms go for 60 euros and the doubles go for 41 euros. They have well-spaced bungalows that are extremely comfortable especially after a long day touring the Ifaty and you get a clear view of the beach and the garden from your rooms.



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