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The Best beach destinations in Madagascar

Madagascar is known to have more beaches than anyone can due to its state as an island. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the water and white sand that is found on the ocean’s banks is more than what is found in any other country in the in Africa. Although some of the beaches that are found in the country are on off beaten track and offer little when it comes to beach activities, they can still be visited due to their unique surroundings.

Madagascar beach holidays

When you decide to visit Madagascar beaches, you will be faced with a lot choices to choose from and you might be misled and that is why we are going to look at the top best beach destinations on the Island and these include the following:

The Mahavelona beach

The Mahavelona beach is located in Mahavelona town on the coast of Madagascar in the north Eastern Part of the country on River Onibe. The beach is a good destination for all those who want to tan their skins, enjoy some beach games and the good thing about Mahavelona is that it is protected from the sea tides due to the presence of a coral reef that rises to over 150 meters high and the water is extremely calm as a result and therefore you can swim at the banks without worry. A provision of sea food is availed to you by the beach proprietors or you can carry your own picnic basket and enjoy it while at the beach.

The Nosey Komba

The nosey Komba is one of the beach destinations for all those that want to relax in Madagascar. It is located between the Mainland and Nosey be and has a good view of the Ocean. There are several activities that you can carry out at the Nosey Komba and these include canoeing, fishing, snorkeling, and you will also be able to do birding at the beach due to the availability of the different bird species that are found on Nosey Komba, view a few lemurs and get to enjoy some freshly prepared meals at the beach while enjoying your privacy.

The Ille Sainte Marie

Ille Sainte Marie is located in the North Eastern Part of Madagascar at the coast and it is sometimes called the Nosy Boraha. It is a perfect place for all beach goers who come to Madagascar to relax as you get to carry out many activities other than resting and tanning at the beach. The Sainte Marie beach is also a home to the famous pirates’ cemetery where most pirates that used to rest on the island were buried and here you will get to know the different stories that are told about the pirates especially in the evening over a bone fire.

It is also a perfect place to watch the different bird species that always fly low to the water while hunting for fish or worms, diving and snorkeling which is due to the presence of a coral reef in the area, see some rare animals that habitate in the area, playing in the sand, watching the humpback whales that migrate to the Island due to its warm water everywhere and many more others.

The Plage de Ramena

The Plage de Ramena is located in the Northern part of Madagascar in the town of Diego Suarez. It is a peninsular which makes it the perfect place for one to go and rest on the beach due to the privacy it offers. They have enough restaurants that provide local Malagasy dishes, sea food and other cuisines from different countries. A visit to this small village beach that is located at the coast will have you carrying out the different activities like snorkeling, fishing, swimming and canoeing.

The lle aux Nattes/ Nosey Nato

The lle aux Nattes is located in Sainte Marie and is one place you do not want to miss when you visit the island. It is located in an exclusively secluded area which provides a lot of privacy to all those who need it. There are various activities that you can carry out on the Nosey Nato beach and these include sun bathing, whale watching, snorkeling, fishing and many more others. The one hotel that is found in the area known as the hotel la Petite provides you with the best dishes which varies from local Malagasy dishes, seas food and some French cuisines.

Nosey Iranja

The Nosey Iranja is located in the southern Part of Nosey Be and is a top destination for all beach goers. The Nosey Iranja is made up of two islands that are separated by a thin strip of sand. The southern part of the beach is filled with turtles and that is why it is sometimes called the island of turtles due to the presence of turtle eggs that can be lying around the beach. The Northern part of the beach has a lighthouse which you can visit after resting on the beach. You get to swim in the water, watch the sea turtles, play with the sand and lie down a bit, pick some sea shells and tour the light house. The light house is quite a tall and when you climb to the highest point, you get to see the best view of the whole Island.

The Manafiafy beach

Manafiafy beach is one of the smallest beaches in Madagascar and it is located in the south Eastern part of the country at the coast. The one hotel that is located at the beach provides you with a lot of activities that you can carry out at the beach which includes snorkeling, bird watching, canoe riding, Whale watching especially the humpback which migrates to the country around September. The beach is the perfect get away for all beach lovers who want to avoid the chaotic scenes from the city Centres and want their privacy.

The Anjajavy beach

This is located near the Anjajavy National park and covers over 400 meters. It is filled with white sand where you can rest as you enjoy soaking in the sun and other beach activities. You can also get a chance to swim in the ocean and for those that are extremely scared of swimming form the ocean, there is an indoor swimming pool where you can swim from. There are meals that are provided and these include all kinds of sea food and local Malagasy cuisines. You also get to enjoy snorkeling and diving at the Anjajavy beach and also watch the Lemur in the neighboring National Park.


The Andovoke Bay beach

The Andovoke Beach is located in the south western part of Madagascar in a fishing town known as the Anakao. It is a perfect place for all those who love their peace and quiet mostly honeymoon couples. The beach is in a shape of a half moon and there are several activities that you can carry out while here and these include fishing, jet skiing, surfing, nature walks while enjoying the good meals that are provided by the hotel.

The Nosey Be

Nosey Be is one of the top most destinations in Madagascar and also the most expensive as it gets more visitors throughout the year as compared to the rest of the beaches. It has one of the largest beaches in the country. There are various activities that you can carry out when you visit the nosey Be and these include bird watching, resting on the beach, animal spotting, snorkeling and diving and many more others and you also get to swim in the water at the coast and enjoy a boat ride as well. For all those that do not like carrying out hard activities, you can enjoy an evening walk with your loved ones in the white sand across the beach in the evenings and while you are still there you can still at the Nosey be, you can also visit the farms that are inland and these are the vanilla and cocoa farms.

The Tsarabanjina beach

The Tsarabanjina can be seen at the Indian Ocean and it is approximately 40 kilometers away from nosey Be and the scenic beauty around it is the best when it comes to beaches. You can have nature walks on the beach barefooted, enjoy a boat cruise as this is the only way you will be able to access the beach and get to enjoy the good food that is prepared by the lone lodge that is found in the area.

The Mitsio Islands

The Mitsio Islands have the whitest beaches in the country and that is why they are sometimes referred to as the Maldives of Madagascar. The beautiful scenery that can be seen on the Island with the unique animals that are found in the area add to the beautiful scenery of the beach. There are also several hotels and accommodation facilities that you can use when you visit the Mitsio Islands.

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