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Fruits in Madagascar

Madagascar is a country that is known for a lot of things that are unique and this is where the fruits come in. this Island that was separated from Africa during the plate tonics time has different ethnic groups that are living in the country and this brings about the different types of fruit that are found in the country.

There are many fruits that can be found in Madagascar that cannot be found anywhere else in Africa but there are also some other fruits that you can be familiar with. Before you plan your trip to this Island, you need to know the different food that you can eat including fruits and the unique fruits that are found in the area.

madagascar fruits


The different fruits that can be found in Madagascar include the following:


Madagascar has one of the best natural bananas in the world and you need to have a taste of the real thing. Most bananas that are sold elsewhere are not as nearly sweet as the ones found on the Island and you can get them for an affordable price.

The Baobab fruit

Not many people are aware of the fact that the baobab has a fruit but it does. The baobab fruit has an off white chalky flesh inside that is surrounded with a hard outer shell that is brownish in color. If you do not like the taste of the baobab fruit, then you can have a taste at the of the baobab juice that is made from the fruit because it is to die for.

The Mangosteen fruit

The Mangosteen is a bit rare and can only be harvested in the months of February and March. It has fruits that are surrounded by a thick purple flesh and it is the size of an orange. It is also extremely sweet and it has tiny green leaves that are found on top of the fruit.

The mountain apple

They look like apples but have a different taste to them. A bit red in color, they are extremely watery and mushy and not so nice like the normal apples but you can give them a try.



The Longan fruit

This looks like a lychee but a little bit smaller and they are a bit brown in color although the color differs greatly from the taste of the lychee and they are locally known as the Longano by the locals. You can find them in the various markets on the Island.

The jackfruit

Most jackfruit weighs around twenty pounds and they can be found in various markets in the on the island. They are spiky green on the outside and when they are ripe, they change their color to the either a red or yellow. You only eat the part that is surrounding the seed and throw away the seeds.

The grapefruits

Grapefruits can also be seen in the various markets across Madagascar and some families have grape trees in their backyards.

Coconut fruit

Coconuts are extremely common in Madagascar and there are various coco trees that are found on the island and these are always harvested when ready. They have a very hard outer shell and a creamy inside. You can either eat the inside of the fruit or take it as juice. Either way they are sweet to eat.

The Lychee

The lychee are known as litchi in French and letchi in Malagasy. They are rare when they are not ready but once they are ripe, they can be found almost everywhere and they are enjoyed by almost everyone who eats them. They are also extremely cheap since they are always many on the market.

There are two types of lychees and these include:

  • The red lychee

These are the most common in Madagascar and some people know them as litchi.




  • The Chinese lychee

The Chinese lychee is a pricklish ones and they are very succulent. Both the Chinese lychee and the red do not last long after being picked from the trees so they have to be eaten as soon as possible.

The Muskmelon

There is a specific type of muskmelon that is found in Madagascar called the Voatango and they can only be found in Madagascar. They are a type of melon and they have a really good taste when you eat them and they can be found at any restaurant in the country.

The breadfruit

These are starch like fruits that taste like cassava or potatoes when ready. they are green on top and almost look like jackfruits although way too smaller than them. They are harvested from the trees and then they are boiled the same way sweet potatoes are boiled and then served. They can be served as snacks or be boiled with a mixture of spices or vegetables and served with rice as a side dish. It has a lot of vitamins and potassium that provide a very good balanced diet to people.


Commonly known as poma in Malagasy, they normally grow in the central highlands. They are much smaller than the normal apples and not as sweet as the Vermont apples but it will not hurt to try them out and find out if you actually like their taste.

The custard apple

The custard apple locally known as the Voanjato is one of the best fruits that is found on the Madagascan Island. It is called Voanjato by the locals because of the many seed that are found inside the fruit. They can be found in any market that you can access.





Locally known as the Angavo by the Malagasy people, these are the size of a lime and when they are ripe, the color inside changes to either red or it stays with a creamy color. There are two types of guavas that are grown in Madagascar and these are the strawberry guavas that rosy in color and the normal yellow/ green guavas.


There are a variety of mangos in the country and they normally blossom between December and January. They are extremely cheap due to the large number of mangoes that are found in the country during that time. Most mangoes that are grown in Madagascar include the Indian and the Philippine mangoes.

The Papaya

The Papaya is common on the markets of Madagascar and they are not that expensive. They come in different shapes and sizes and they are green on the outside whereas when they are ripe the green gets a yellow on it and they are orange on the inside.

The persimmon          

Persimmons are small great fruits which are orange in color and they are also used to make jam. They are majorly known to be found along the Mediterranean but if you visit Madagascar, you will find a lot of them in every corner of the country.

Passion fruits

There are two types of passion fruits that are grown in the Madagascar that is the purple passion fruits and the yellow passion fruits. Both can give you excellent juice and you can actually get to see how the passion fruits are grown when you visit the gardens.




The plum fruits

The plum fruits are like apples and they also grow in highlands. They are red in color and can be bought in any fruit shops in the country although sometimes they are a rare sight especially throughout the year as they can normally be found during December and in Antsirabe. It is a tropical fruit that is rarely found in other African countries.

The Ambarella

The Ambarella locally known as the Sakoa, it is a rare fruit that is found on the Madagascan Island. It is quite ugly when you first look at it from the outside but it has a really good taste that is between a mango and orange flavor. If you just get a taste of the fruit and you will not be disappointed.

The star fruit

The star fruit is shaped like a star and it is a yellowish in color although you should note that before you try to eat it you should note that it is extremely sour but the good thing is that it is pretty to look at.

The raspberry                    

Raspberries are mostly found in Madagascar and they are known to be extremely sweet. The raspberry has a lot of flavor and it can be mixed in a lot of things and it is one of the few fruits that you should try them out when you visit the country.


When you visit Madagascar, you will be able to see various pineapple farms in the country and you will also be able to get a taste of the pineapples fresh out of the gardens. The taste of these pineapples is so refreshing you will want to taste them over and over them again.

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