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Photo safaris in Madagascar

A photo safari refers to a safari where one travels all over the world to take photographs of the different places that they visit. A photography safari to Madagascar is one that you do not want to miss as there are several beautiful places with wonderful scenery that you can visit so that you capture everything through the eyes of the lens.

Most photo safaris depend on the activities that you want to carry out when you visit the country like birding, wild life viewing, and primate trekking, exploring the beach and visiting the different villages in Madagascar. The Island is known as the Eden of Africa and that is why it is the best photo safari destination due to its uniqueness from the rest of the world.

photo safari madagascar

Equipment that is needed for photo safaris

There are those things that are necessary when it comes to photo safaris and these cannot be left out because it is what you need to enjoy your photo safari in any given country. The equipment needed include the following:

  • A camera, you will need a good camera especially a mirrorless one in order for you to take good photos of whichever place you will be visiting in Madagascar.
  • A telephoto zoom lens that will help you take the best photos even from a distance.
  • You will need a bean bag to help you with the cameras.

As you head out for the photo safaris in Madagascar remember that there are people in the background of whatever feature you want and before you take that photograph ask them for their permission or if not you can ask them politely to first move away before you take the said photograph because most locals find it rude if you just take their photographs without permission.

Photo safaris in Madagascar can be done through three ways and these include the following:

  • Road transport

You can go for your photo safari while riding a bicycle or using a photo safari van. All these allow you to take the best photographs about everything that you see on the road and you get to make stops just to observe before taking the shots.

  • Air transport

Air transport allows you to take the needed aerial photos. This gives you a different view of the different tourist attractions in Madagascar.  We can charter for you a plane that can take you over the different places so that you get the perfect points when taking the photos.

The different places that you can visit for a photo safari in Madagascar are listed below so that you are spoilt for choice on exactly where to go.

Photo safari to the Isalo national park

The Isalo national Park is one of the few places in Madagascar where one can go for a photo safari. The Park has a natural swimming pool that can be seen when one goes for a trek through the Park and it’s commonly known as the Piscine Naturelle. The Piscine Naturelle is surrounded by a lot of greenery that makes it look like Paradise and the natural waters that are found in the pool also give it an eccentric look making it the perfect place for one to go for a photo safari.

You will also be able to take photos of the various wild life that is found in the Park for example the lemurs, reptiles, chameleons and the different species of birds that are considered to be endemic to Madagascar. Therefore get your camera ready to take all the beautiful shots that you can get of the piscine naturelle.

Photo safari to the Tsingy Bemaraha

There are several Tsingy formations throughout Madagascar but the best is the Tsingy Bemaraha and unlike other Tsingys that are red in color, the Tsingy Bemaraha is grey. When you visit the Tsingy you will get a chance to see the Tsingy Bemaraha national Park where various species of wild life habitate from like birds and lemurs and you get photos of these rare species that cannot be seen anywhere else apart from Madagascar.

The Tsingy is filled with spiky stones and that is why it is advisable for one to walk carefully while on a trek so as to avoid being pierced by one of the tiny sharp edges. It also has a bridge that connects the two Tsingys and this is the best place for one to take photos of themselves on the hanging bridge and it is the perfect place to also view the larger part of the Tsingy Bemaraha.

The Nosey Be

Nosey be is the largest Island in Madagascar and it is one of the most visited in the country. It has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism especially activities and some of these include visiting the Nosey Komba where you get to enjoy the beach activities, scuba diving and snorkeling, fishing, getting to know the locals and their culture and visiting the cathedral that is found in Nosey Be. The food that is prepared by the locals is also to die for and should not be missed as most of it is got straight from the gardens to the kitchen. The vast space that the Nosey be covers gives you a chance to take photos of the different places that you will visit including animals that can be seen in the Parks especially the lemurs and birds.

Photo safari to the Tsingy Rouge

The Tsingy Rouge is one of the many Tsingys that are found in Madagascar and one of the top destinations for a photo safari. The Tsingy Rouge as formed due to the rapid deforestation by the locals because they wanted more land for farming and settlement. The deforestation led to soil erosion that was extremely severe and this led to the formation of the red Tsingy Rouge. The color of the rouge varies between red and pink and this makes it good for photos especially when the sun is setting.

The Baobab Avenue

The Baobab Avenue is filled with different species of baobab trees that can be found on either side of the road causing a great scenery. In the Avenue of baobabs you will also find the baobab of love and these are two trees that grew while entwined in each other and many couples take photos here to get luck in their relationship.

The Avenue of baobabs has been declared a preserved area by the government due to the increased deforestation by the locals in Madagascar. This has great has greatly led to their increase in number and the government is also planting more baobabs on the Avenue to boost their species. Entrance to the avenue of baobabs is free and all you need is to carry your camera and go enjoy the setting sun while nestled between the huge baobab trees.



Primate trekking

Primate trekking can be done in most of the National parks that are found in Madagascar. The Lemur is a type of primate that belongs to the monkey family although it has some characteristics that differ from the monkeys. These can easily be spotted during November because this is when most of them are in the giving birth process and in this time you get to see the various lemur birth young and old at the same time. The lemur come with different species although some of the lemur species have become endangered due to being hunted down by the fossa and the reduction of their home through deforestation.

The reserves where the lemur can be found have trained tour guides who will take you through the trekking and you might spot a fossa in one of them. When you are taking photos of the lemur make sure there is no light to your camera as this will scare them away into hiding.

The Ifaty villages

Madagascar has a lot of villages that are scattered across the country and Ifaty is one of them. It provide the perfect place for one to have a photo safari. When you visit the Ifaty villages you will get to see the way they live, their fishing activities, how they sustain themselves and other ways that keep them together even when they are of different ethnic groups.

The Ifaty is known for being dusty but when you get to the village, there are numerous things that you can photos of including the old colonial houses that were constructed by the French. But before you take photos you need to first approach the clan head and ask for permission to visit the village and also ask the groups of people for permission to take their photos.

Preparing you for a photo safari is easy for as long as the necessary equipment is available and it does not matter whether you are an amateur or not, there will be someone who will train you on how to hold your equipment and what is needed to get the perfect picture.



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