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is well known for its unique as well as diverse wildlife, it’s the major attraction that has drawn many tourists to the country. The lemurs are exotic animals that are inhabitant to the Island of Madagascar and the rest can be discovered in the bordering Comoros Islands.


are different species that are somehow hard to differentiate .

Some are found in the wet rainforests of the eastern side of Madagascar. The dry spiny desert harbors some and this is situated in the Southwestern part of Madagascar.

Madagascar Lemur Primates Tour

You may be wondering why these lemur monkeys  are called primates ,This is because the current species that exist in Madagascar are small in size  and these include the tiny pygmy mouse lemur followed by the Indri along with the diademed sifaka which is slightly bigger compared to the rest. The lemur are just like the primates because they as well have grabbing hands with clear sight although with clear observation, you will notice that the two are quite different. The lemur’s rhinarium is often wet and the nose is so sensitive. Apart from the indri that has a long as well as furry tails that is used for stability, the rest of the animals are same.

Stability is used when walking through the forest canopy. However the Indri’s tail can’t grasp compared to other monkeys that are discovered across the world.

madagascar lemur primates

A brief history about how these animals come into existence. Something to take note of is the fact that how and when these primates separated from their heredity that brought the birth of monkeys is still unpredictable. Although many think that by the time Madagascar split from the rest Africa, these animals were left behind.Scienetists say that these native animals come into existence right after Madagascar had split thousands of Kilometers from Africa. It’s said that the first group of the lemurs migrated from Africa by the help of the hanging vegetation during the time of the primate development and thereafter become rare in Africa.

Information About The Primates Of Madagascar

Currently there are about 89 species of lemurs in Madagascar. There are five main families and these include Daubentoniidae, Indriidae, Megalapidae, Lemuridae along with Cheirogaleidae.They are easily spotted when in groups. The Cheirogaleidae family consists of mouse as well as dwarf lemurs; these are smallest primates with gray or even lesser mouse lemur. These can only be seen in the nighttime. They are always isolated and rest in small numbers. The Lemuridae family comprise of lemurs like the red-ruffed, ring tailed along with the red-fronted species. They are acknowledged for their busy and long tails which they use for stability when they leap from the forest canopy. The Megaladapidae family consists of strong lemurs that are both seen during day and night. They feed on leaves. The Indriidae family is composed of species that are woolly and are the biggest among all families. The Daubentoniidae family consists of the unique lemurs that are called aye-aye.

Places To See The Primates

They are energetic and must see animals when in Madagascar, it’s a small animal that has gained its fame and this is because it has taken the position of the woodpeckers in the whole world. Its only seen during the night which may be difficult for some of the tourists on holiday to spot. Although with the help of tour guide, you may get an opportunity to search for it in the neighboring villages or in the reserves of Masoala located in the northern part of the Island.Accommodation in Madagascar ranges from luxury hotels,lodges,guest houses as well as apartments,these offer excellent services and facilities .

monkeys of madagascar

The lemurs can be discovered in several regions in Madagascar. All you have to do is to contact a reliable tour operator who is so familiar with best places for seeing these beautiful animals. Surprisingly these animals have spread around the island; they are seen in all sizes. Lemur tours usually take place along the island’s best reserves such as Spiny Forests, Andasibe along with Ranomafana.Arrange a tour to Madagascar and experience its natural beauty; it’s a fascinating country that ought to be visited in Africa.

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