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The Blantyre city was established in the 18th century by the Scottish missionaries who came to country to spread the good news and this makes Blantyre to be one of the oldest towns in Malawi. It has always been known for its commercial stature and this started from the time the missionaries traded Ivory and other merchandise and it became a top trading Centre for both Malawians and some African countries including Asians.  The history surrounding Blantyre was always seen with the many colonial buildings that were found in the area but most of them have been replaced by modern construction but this does not mean that Blantyre is not worth visiting once you decide to visit Malawi.

Visit the society of Malawi Library

The society of Malawi Library was constructed as a way of preserving the culture of Malawians. The Library has journals, books, pictures, that show how the African culture has evolved but they mostly focus on Malawi and this is the perfect place for tourists to get to know more about the culture of the people of Malawi and after that, you can visit the gallery that is located just right below the Library and get to admire the paintings that are showcased in the gallery as these also show how the locals have in Malawi have evolved over time since the colonial times to date.

Enjoy yourself at the La Caverna Art Gallery

The La Caverna Art gallery also known as the Mandala house is one of the beautiful places that art lovers can visit while on a visit to Blantyre. There are a lot of art paintings that are displayed in the museum and most of these were painted by a local artist. Tourists get a chance to buy some of the paintings that are on sale in the museum and after that, there are performances that are held every evening at the gallery and you get to taste some of the best local foods in Malawi while you enjoy the live performances.

Visit the St Michael and all Angels’ church

The St Michael and all Angels’ church was constructed by missionaries in the 19th century and its unique architecture makes it a top tourist destination in Blantyre. The missionaries used local men who knew nothing about construction and the shape of the church came about as they continued with the construction of the church. When you visit the church, you will be amazed with both the inside and outside of the church and not forgetting the plaque that is found outside the church, therefore make your way to Blantyre and experience all that the church has to offer.

Explore the Malawi museum

The museum of Malawi was established in 1957 as one of the features to be used to preserve the culture of the Malawian people. It is also known as the Chichiri museum and it has a big historical and cultural significance to Malawi as a country and the people and it is one of the many ways that tourists can learn about the unique culture of the Malawi people. There are a lot of artic raft dating back to the stone age period that can be found in the museum,  all that was used by the military during the war, jewelry, traditional medicine that was used to treat the locals before the hospitals were introduced and many more other ancient things.

The museum of Malawi is also where all the precious gems that belong to the country are kept and you will also get to relax when you go to the exhibition side where you get treated to traditional songs and dances by the locals and while here, you will also get to know more about Malawi’s contribution and play when it came to slave trade and fighting it. The happy locals and all that you will see in the museum will be worth the trip to the city of Blantyre.

Take a trip to the Kamuzu stadium

The Kamuzu stadium is one of the Blantyre tourist attractions and it holds about 6000 people. It holds some of the major events in the city like football matches and concerts and it was named after one of the patriots of Malawi who fought for their freedom form the colonial rule Kamuzu Banda. It has a great view of the Blantyre city and it is also where most of the inaugurations and independence ceremonies take place.

A visit to the Reserve Bank Building

The Reserve Bank building is one of the many land marks that you should visit when you get to Blantyre. It is located on the main street in Blantyre and one of the easiest ways to meet with someone in case you get separated from each other. So even if you are not going in for banking you should visit the Reserve Bank building if not just to admire the way it was constructed.

Participate in the way of the cross in Blantyre

You can join in the way of the cross at Njira ya Mtanda even when you are not Christians because this is a life time experience that you will not forget. There are guided tours to the way of the cross and many pilgrims make journeys to the place all throughout the year and you can join them for as long as you are ready to do some exercises while on a tour to Blantyre. It is both a physical and spiritual experience and it also gives you a better chance to communicate with the locals and other tourists who are taking part in the Way of the cross. It is an easy journey as there signs that are put on the roads leading to the end of the way of the cross in form of yellow signs and these save you from getting lost while on this beautiful journey.

Visit the Abdul Qadir Enterprises

The Abdul Qadir enterprise is located in Limbe, which is located in Blantyre and it is fully dominated with Asians and their shops. The building is extremely old and has not been renovated for many years making it to be in an extremely bad shape but you will find many shops where you can commodities at a fairly cheap price. The buildings have been marked for renovation but you can still visit and see how the old buildings were constructed during that time.

Take a trip to the Shree Hindu Temple

The Shree Hindu Temple is a worship Centre for the Indians that is located in Blantyre. It was uniquely constructed and its architecture is one of the many things that make it a tourist attraction to many. It is open to public for viewing but not during the hours of prayer and the best way to know when to visit the temple is by asking your tour guide or the tour company that you used for your trip. It is another opportunity for tourists to learn more about the Hindu culture and their prayers.

Visit the locals

There is only one better way to learn more about the culture in Malawi and that is by visiting the locals. Blantyre being an old colonial stop over for traders, it has both Asians and Africans both living in the same area. These live harmoniously in one place which makes it easy for tourists to freely interact with them since most of the locals are known to be welcoming and friendly.  Visit the Malawian locals who live in Blantyre and get to learn the Malawian history.

Taste the food that is prepared by the locals

There are several local food species that are prepared in Blantyre and these can be found in the numerous restaurants in the area and sometimes alongside the road. They are worth the try due to their uniqueness and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

And while in Blantyre, you can also visit the neighboring tourist attractions that include the Liwonde National park, Mulanje Massif, Lengwe national Park and many more others in the surrounding cities near Blantyre.

There are many accommodation facilities that one can use when they visit Blantyre and these rand=ge from basic accommodation facilities, mid-range accommodation facilities and luxury accommodation facilities. It will be your budget that will determine where to stay and you can also ask for recommendations from the tour guides on where to sleep or if not you can tour the city in one day.

The Blantyre city is a full package when it comes to tourism and the only way you can get to see and experience all the above is by visiting the city. Getting there is not as difficult as many may think and you can either hire a car or use the vans that are provided by the tour companies. It is just a few hours away from the capital city of Malawi making it a great escape for all those travelling to Malawi.