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Malawi as a country is the best place to begin your African safari especially if it is your first time to visit the African continent. It was initially part of the Maravi Empire during the 15th century but it later became Malawi after the Chewa people who live in the current Malawi settled there and with the coming of the explorers and missionaries, Malawi became a good destination for everyone. The Central part of Malawi has a lot of tourist destinations where you can go and have fun on your trip and with the welcoming locals, you will not regret your visit to the country.

Exploring the Dedza district

The Dedza district also a home to the Dedza Mountain is considered to be the most elevated town in Malawi due to its 1600 meters above sea level. There are several activities that can be carried out when you visit the Dedza district that is visiting and hiking up the Dedza Mountain, taking walks around the village so that you can get to meet the locals and learning more about their traditions, hiking up the Chongoni rock where you will see beautiful art that has been painted on the rocks and the paintings are believed to have been painted by the bush men during the stone age period, you will also get to buy some souvenirs from the craft shops that are located all across the Dedza district and when you get time, take a drive down to the Mua mission which was constructed by the catholic church to give an opportunity to all those that want to volunteer as they have different projects that you can help out with.

The Salima city

The Salima is located in the central part of Malawi just a few kilometers away from the capital city and it is considered to be one of the largest cities in Malawi. And within the Salima city, you will find the Sango bay which is one of the top tourist attractions in the city. It is a good place for one to go and relax at one of the best beaches in the country and some of the best activities that you can carry out when you visit the Salima city and Sango Bay include fishing, taking a walk to the many villages around the city and getting to know more about their culture and exploring the many fish farms that are located on the Bay.

Go and relax at the Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi is located in the central part of Malawi with some of the top tourist attractions to offer to tourists that is it being the largest Lake in the country and a UNESCO heritage site is enough for it to attract many tourists. Locally known as the Nyasa Lake, it was discovered by the British explorer David Livingstone many years ago. The lake is surrounded by many islands where you can go and visit and relax, the numerous beaches surrounding the Lake, tourists can also go for birding along the lake due to the presence of the many bird species like the herons, ducks, the African fish eagle and many more others that habitate around the Lake especially during the wet season, fishing at the Lake since it has about 1000 fish species and not forgetting all the activities that you can carry out when exploring the Lake Malawi national park like trekking and wild life viewing. You can also go scuba diving, snorkeling, camping and any other activity that you can think of.

 Kasungu National park

The Kasungu national Park is also located in the western central part of the country a few kilometers away from the capital city of Malawi Lilongwe. The Kasungu National park is one of the biggest National park in the country but due to the poaching that used to take place in the Park, it became a former glory of its self because it lost most of the animals that used to habitate within it. But of recent, there has been an increase in the number of animals due to the government putting up tough sanctions on poaching and some of the animals that have returned to the park include leopards, jackals, zebras, a large number of elephants, hippos, the civet cat and many more others. It is also a home to many bird species that can be viewed mostly at the Lifupa Lake and these can best be viewed during the wet season.

The best time for one to visit the Kasungu National Park for a game drive is during the dry season because then the animals can easily be seen moving around the Park in search of water and food and the roads that run through the park are always passable during the dry season.

The Ntchisi forest reserve

The Ntchisi forest reserve is located near the Ntchisi Mountain and is one of the few remaining untouched beauties of Malawi and although it is located in a remote place, it is easily accessible and with the many activities that are carried out here include trekking, birding because there are some montane bird species that habitate within the reserve, the various vegetation in form of orchids and the coffee plantations are some of the things that will make your visit to the Ntchisi worth your time.

Visit the Lilongwe wildlife trust   

The Lilongwe wild life trust was put up in order to help treat the different wild animals that are located in the country and it also offers protection to all the animals that are becoming extinct in the country. Due to the many animals that had gone through extinction and trees reducing due to increased deforestation from the locals, the trust was set up to preserve the wild nature of Malawi as a country. There are drive tours that are offered to tourists throughout the area and the money that is paid at the entrance is used to help in renovating the place and also in taking care of the animals and vegetation that is found in the wild life trust. Some of the animals that can be seen when you visit the Lilongwe wild life trust include elephants, lions, leopards, hippos and many more other species and the good thing about the trust is that it is open to both locals and tourists so that everyone can get to earn more about the wild life in Malawi.

Explore the Lilongwe city

Lilongwe is the capital city of Malawi and it is the economic Centre in the country due to the increased growth in the country that is in terms of infrastructure. The international airport that is the Kamuzu international airport is located in Lilongwe and most of the major ministries are also located in Lilongwe. There are major hotels that are located in the Lilongwe city and the town is divided into two that is the old Lilongwe town that is located in the south and the New Lilongwe town that is located in the south. Getting around both towns is not easy because they are located distances apart from each other and you will need a car to get to the next town. There are a lot of places that you can visit when you get to Lilongwe and some of these include the Lilongwe national park, the different markets where you can go and do all the shopping that you need, museums that will tell you more about the history of Malawi as a country and also join the locals in the many festivals that are held within the city Centre.

Visit the Nkhotakota wild life reserve

Nkhotakota wild life reserve is what you can call the paradise of Malawi due to the untouched beauty that is located within the reserve. The reserve is filled with a lot of dense vegetation which makes it a very good place or botanists to visit but it might cause a little disturbance especially when viewing animals. Some of the activities that can be carried out when one visits the Nkhotakota wild life reserve include wild life game drives which are normally done during the dry season as animals like elephants, hyenas, buffalos, lions, zebras, warthogs, bush pigs and many more others can be seen moving around the park in search of water, birding which is normally done during the rainy season and some of the bird species that can be seen in the reserve include  the Bohm’s flycatcher, the Arnot’s chat, the Souza’s shrike, the olive headed weaver, the African harrier hawk, the black stork, the Miombo double collared sunbird and many more other species.

Trekking is also carried out within the reserve and for all those that love hiking, you have the chance to do so by visiting the Chipata Mountain, you can also go fly fishing at the Bua River although after catching the fish you are supposed to put it back because it has to be preserved.

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