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In the western part of this Central Region, as well as neighboring Zambia, is the Kasungu National Park, on 800 square miles or 2100 square kilometer area with natural woodland plus bush and infrequent patches of open grasslands. Poaching has diminished the population of a number of animal species although there is still wildlife to be viewed. Elephants plus antelopes are widespread, as are little herds of zebras and buffaloes. Predators comprise jackals, leopards, servals and hyenas. There is a large population of hippos within this lake at Lifupa and just like in other places in Malawi, bird watching is available.
This park is fairly undemanding to drive through. at Lifupa There is a good lodge plus fine camping close by. Due to changes wthin management, the present accommodation condition must be checked ahead of a visit. entrance to the park has greatly improved over the recent years and it is relatively easy to reach from Lilongwe (approx. 100 miles/160km).

It is located in the central region on Malawi with its borders extending on to Zambia. Kasungu was established in 1970 and is ranked the second largest National Park in Malawi covering an estimated 2,316sq kilometres. The park is mainly covered in Miombo woodland while the banks of river Dwanga, Lingadzi and Lifuba are grasslands


Although the park’s population of wildlife has been threatened by poaching and human activity, there are sights of African elephants, hyena, lions, wild dog, buffalo, zebra,n genets, serval, jackal and antelope species such as sable, kudu, roan, impala and the hartebeest. Kasungu Park is a popular sight with several schools of yawning hippos which are found in Lake Lufuba

Getting there

The park is located north west of Lilongwe-175km before the Zambian border. Game viewing is good during the months of September to May which is the dry season while June to August is good for bird watching. Heavy rains are received in March and thus the park is closed due to slippery roads.

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