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Located in the Southern part of Malawi, the Lake Malawi national Park is a UNESCO heritage site and considering that it has the world’s first fresh water body makes it a top destination for many tourists and Lake Malawi has the largest number of fish species in the whole world but the most common fish species is the cichlid which can be seen in other aquariums all over the world. The best time for one to visit the Lake Malawi national Park always depends on the activities that you want to do when you visit but it experiences two seasons that is the dry and wet season and the park can be visited at any time of the year.

The national Park is known to have a lot of tourist attractions within it that is the animals, bird species and not forgetting the aqua life that is found in the Lake Malawi. Some of the activities that are carried out in the National Park include snorkeling, boat riding on the Lake Malawi, fishing, kayaking and visiting the many Islands that are located on the Lake Malawi and the nearby towns.

Wildlife viewing in the National park

The Lake Malawi park has a lot of animals that habitate within it and these can be seen in the different parts of the park. The best time for one to visit the National park for wild life viewing is during the dry season because during this time, the roads are easily accessible and the animals can easily be spotted as they head out to the Lake and the different water holes where they go to get water and sometimes hunt down for food. Some of the animals that can be seen include antelopes, lions, elephants, baboons, monkeys, zebras, buffalos, crocodiles and many more other animals.

Explore the vegetation in the Park

The National park is well known for having some of the most rare tree species in the country and the only way you can get to see all these is by taking a guided walk with a tour guide through the National park. The National Park is a good destination for all those who love botany and you will also be glad to know that some of the trees that are located within the par and medicinal and you will be able to learn the many uses of the trees and what they are used to treat.

Birding in the Lake Malawi National Park

The Lake Malawi National park is a haven for many bird species and these can be seen in the different parts of the Park especially at the Lake Malawi. The best tie to go for birding in the Park is during the dry season and this is because of the presence of migratory birds in the park which increase on the various birds and some of the bird species which can be viewed in the National Park include the African hornbill, the African fish eagle, the swallow, the nightjar, the Kestrel, the Bohme bee-eater and many more other bird species.


Explore the Likoma Island

The Likoma Island just like the Nkhata Bay is filled with unspoiled beauty and it is located at the shores of the Lake Malawi. The island is a top tourist destination for all those that visit the Lake Malawi national park and some of the activities that can be carried out while you are on the Likoma Island include exploring the Manda wilderness, snorkeling and diving, visit the St peters cathedral and enjoy the walks around the untouched forests on the Island. It is also a good destination for all those that want to get away from the busy city Centre and have some alone time and the beauty about the Island is that you can visit the island all throughout the year.

Enjoy snorkeling and diving

Some of the fun activities that are carried out in the Lake Malawi National Park are snorkeling and diving on the Lake. there are equipment that are provided to all tourists so that they can enjoy their activities in the Park and one of the best ways you can enjoy this is by booking early for all these activities.

Exploring the Mumbo Island

Also known as the jewel of the Lake Malawi national park, the Mumbo Island is one of the top attractions in the Lake Malawi National Park. Some of the best activities that can be enjoyed at the Mumbo Island are Kayaking, snorkeling, walking around the island and enjoying the untouched beautiful scenery, fishing, diving, and enjoying the beach and the few animals that can be spotted at the banks of the Lake Malawi. The Mumbo Island is not habited which makes it the perfect place to visit especially those who love nature. There are several camps on the island which act as accommodation facilities and the easiest way for one to get to the Island is by boat although you can also drive to the Island especially if you are coming from Lilongwe or you could fly to the Island.

Visit the Lake Malawi museum

The Lake Malawi museum was constructed in the year 1979 and it is located on the shores of Lake Malawi. The inside of the museum is decorated with a lot of paintings that showcase the beautiful history of the Malawi people and it is a good place for one to learn more about the animals that habitate within the park and it also has a clear view of the Lake Malawi and all the surroundings that are near the Lake Malawi National Park.

Hiking within the National Park

The Lake Malawi National park has hiking and trekking trails that you can use when it comes to exploring the park and all that it has to offer you in terms of wild animals, birds and the vegetation. There are several trek and hike routes that are found in the park and the only way to get to know which routes to use is by following a tour guide as these know everything about the best routes to use and everything that is found in the national park.


Fishing in the Lake Malawi

The Lake Malawi has about 400 fish species some of which include the yellow fish, the cat fish, the sungwa fish, the Lake Tiger and the Sanjika fish. The best time for everyone to go for fishing on the Lake Malawi is from the months of September to April although it can still be done throughout the year. There will be provision of the different fishing equipment and all you have to do is book you’re fishing appointment on time so that you enjoy it to the fullest.

Exploring the Nkhata Bay

The Nkhata Bay is located on the shores of the Lake Malawi and it is one of the many fishing villages that you can get to explore once you visit the Lake Malawi National Park. It is an extremely small fishing village with a small number of people but there are many activities that you can carry out when you visit the town and some of these include fishing, going for a cultural walk as you interact with all the locals on your walks, birding due to the presence of the many bird species that habitate around the Lake Malawi, exploring the coffee and tea farms and many more other activities. The best time for you to explore the Nkhata Bay is during the dry season although it can be visited all throughout the year.

Visit the Marelli Islands

The Malawi National Park also covers the Marelli Island which makes it easy for one to visit and explore the Island after trekking through the Marelli Island. The Marelli Islands are three in total and the many activities that you can carry out when you visit the Marelli Islands and these include snorkeling, fishing, bird viewing as it is a home to about 300 bird species some of which include the African king fisher, the hornbills, weavers and many more other species. It is also a home to very many tree species making it a field trip for the botanists and the tree species that can be seen include the fig tree, the bracksytegia bussei and the baobab trees.

The Lake Malawi National Park has a lot of accommodation facilities that are located both within and outside the Park and these can be booked through your agent so that you can get the best services when it comes to accommodation facilities.

Getting to the Park is not as hard as people expect it to be because you can any mode of transportation that you want for example you can either use water, road or water transportation and when you get to the park, you will need to pay a fee in order to gain entrance and entrance into the park is only allowed if you are with a licensed tour guide.


Accommodation in the park is available from Gecko Lounge, Pumulani and Chintheche inn. There is lodge on Mumbo and Domwe islands and camping sites as well. Cape Mac Lodge is another Malawi safari lodge located in Chembe Village near the lake.

The park stretches and estimated 94sq km on Cape Maclear Peninsula and includes 12 small islets  and 100m area of the shore. The park is made up of rocky shoreline, 7km2 of water, wooded hillside, swamp, sandy beaches and lagoons.

Large baobab tree on the shore is a significant sight in the park. It is believed that Dr. Livingstone and the early missionaries used the tree shade for sermons and missionary work. Five graves of the early missionaries are located near this large baobab. Other tree species in the park include ticus, Kahya and Albizzia among others.

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