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Lengwe National Park

The Lengwe National Park is located near Majete at the border of Malawi and Mozambique and it was established in the year 1928. The park was first a reserve and the main reason as to why it was constructed was to preserve the life of the wild animals that were almost becoming extinct especially the Nyala antelope. The Lengwe National Park is best visited during the dry season and since the National Park is well known to be dry in nature and the only source of water is rain, it is quite easy to spot the different animal species in the park since the animals be moving around the Park in search of water and food in the few man-made pools that can be found in the Lengwe National Park during the dry season. Most of the manmade water pools can be found near the entrance of the Park in the southern part making it easy for tourists to spot the animals as they come to the wells.

As you go for a visit to Lengwe, you should know that you will not be allowed to walk into the park due to the presence of large animals like buffalos but you can drive through the park as long as you have a tour guide with you. Getting to the Park is quite easy that is you can either drive to the Park or get on a plane as there is an airstrip near the sugarcane farm that can be seen just a few meters before you get to the entrance of the Lengwe National Park.

Birding in Lengwe National Park

Birding can be done almost throughout the year but the best time to see a combination of both the local and migratory birds is during the wet season which happens between the months of November and April. The park has over 330 bird species that habitate in the park and although most of them are indigenous, you will be able to see some of the migratory birds and some of the bird species include the banded snake eagle, the African paradise flycatcher, the Bohm bee-eater, the woolly necked stork, the Rudd’s Apalis, the green backed wood pecker, the crested guinea fowl, the mouse colored sunbird and many more others. Before you go for birding in Lengwe National Park, there are a few requirements that you will need in order to enjoy the birding exercise and some of these include:

  • A camera, this will help you capture all the still life moments of the birds that are found in the Park.
  • Binoculars, these help especially if you are watching birds that are in hiding or a long distance from you.
  • Insect repellent, Malawi is known for being infested with insects especially tsetse flies and mosquitoes and therefore it is advisable that you go with the repellent.
  • Hides, birds are shy species and hides help keep your presence from the birds so that you get to watch the birds without scaring them off.

Game viewing in the Lengwe National park

Game viewing in the Lengwe National Park is best done during the dry season as this is the time when the animals move around the park and towards the man-made water walls for water and also in search of food. The Park is a home to numerous animal species especially the almost extinct Nyala antelope which has a recorded number of about 2000 in total and some of the other animals found in the park include the hyenas, bushbucks, buffalos, leopards, warthogs, the aardvark, the bush pig, yellow baboon, blue monkey and  many more others.



Visit the heritage Centre

The heritage Centre which is located at the entrance of the Lengwe National park is known as the Tisunge and this was set up to encourage more preservation of the wild life that can be found in the different parts of the National Park. You will find many artifacts that are stored in the museum and not to forget Tisunge means to preserve, therefore visit the heritage Centre to know more about the Park and the animals that are found in it. There is also a library where you can learn more about the animals and the history of Malawi and an arts craft shop at the heritage Centre where you can shop for all the souvenirs that you need from here.

Visit the villages

The close proximity of the Lengwe National park in the shire valet and other National Parks makes it a good place for all those that want to visit in order to enjoy an evening out with the locals and also get to taste some of the local food that is prepared by them. The locals sometimes go out dancing and singing especially in the evening and the only way that you are going to enjoy this is by joining them in the evening and their wonderful custom.

Go for volunteer projects near the Lengwe National Park

There are volunteer projects that are carried out near the Park and these are majorly used to enhance the local communities and increase on their development. Many tourists who visit the park get in touch with the project managers and help out where necessary and this has greatly improved the economy of all those that live around the Lengwe National park.

Walking safaris through Lengwe National park

There is no better way for one to enjoy the National park other than taking a walk through. There are guided walks through the park and these are not allowed unless when you have a tour guide with you that is because there are parts of the park where you are not allowed to walk from due to the presence of buffalos and that is why you will need a tour guise who will show you where to pass so that you get to enjoy the nature that is provided by the Lengwe National park.

Explore the shire Valley

The Shire Valley is where the Lengwe Park is located and it also has a lot to offer to tourists who visit the park. Within the shire valley there is a hill of sandstone where tourists can enjoy quid biking and after that they can walk to the Shire River where they can relax after the quid biking and also get to carry out some spot fishing at the river. The vegetation that is also found in the valley is worth exploring especially for botanists therefore when you get a chance to visit Malawi, make sure that the Lengwe National Aprk is on top of your bucket list.

Accommodation in the Lengwe National Park

The one and best accommodation around the Lengwe National Park is the Nyala lodge. It has several large rooms which are self-contained and these offer all guests the privacy that they need. They have a restaurant that provides with all the meals that you want including packing picnics for you as you go out for strolls in the National Park.

The Nyala lodge is divided into two that is the campsite and the lodge and for all those that cannot get rooms at the lodge, the campsite is the better option as it is the closest to the National Park. They have also have self-contained rooms that have twin beds and the beauty about the campsite is that you get to make your own food whenever you like it and also set up your own tent especially if you love the wild.

There are also other accommodation facilities that can be found in the nearby city of Blantyre. These are the closest since it is just a few kilometers from the Lengwe National park and some of the m include the following:

The fisherman’s rest accommodation

The fisherman’s rest accommodation is located in Blantyre which is just a few kilometers away from the Lengwe national Park making it a bit easy for tourists to access it. They have beautiful cottages that are constructed in form of nuts and these are surrounded by trees making it extremely conducive for all those that want to enjoy the wild and their freedom. The fisherman’s lodge is also a great place for one to actually meet the locals and get to know them. The villages are nearby which makes it a bit more easily for all those that would love to volunteer to go meet with the locals and volunteer on the different projects that they have running.

There are many ways that one can enjoy their safaris to Malawi but one of them is by taking a trip to the Lengwe national park which is located in the shire valley. There are several tour operators who will help you with organizing your trip to the Lengwe and these will help you sort out your travel arrangements to the country, help you with the accommodation arrangements and also make sure that you enjoy your stay and trip to the Lengwe national park.