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Likoma Island Malawi

The unspoiled beautiful nature of the Likoma Island is what makes it one of the best destinations in Malawi. The Island is located on the Lake Malawi and due to all the natural features that have been untouched by locals adds to the beauty of the Island making it a safe haven for tourists who just want to relax from a busy life.

Go for fishing at the Lake Malawi

The Lake Malawi has more than 100 species of fish that habitate within its waters making it a top destination for all those that want to go for fishing tours in Malawi. There are several boats that are owned by locals and these can take you around the Lake as you enjoy your fishing expeditions. While there, you will be able to learn about the many local methods that are used when it comes to fishing and the methods that they use when it comes to preserving the fish and you will also get a chance to taste the fish after it is prepared by the locals along the shores.

Relax at the numerous beaches at Likoma Island

The Likoma Island is surrounded by many beaches which offer you the best views of the Island and all the surrounding areas like the Lake Malawi. Go out with your family and friends and relax at the beach with your picnics but make sure that you go there during the dry season although the wet season is also not a bad one as you get to see the numerous bird species that habitate at the Lake Malawi including those that migrate from other parts of the country.

Visit the Manda wilderness


The Manda wilderness can also be seen from the neighboring country of Mozambique but the best view if from Malawi. The Manda wilderness is a home to a number of bird species that habitate in the area and these can mostly be seen during the wet season and it also has a wide range of animals which include about 1000 different fish species,  the African dog, zebras, leopards, the buffalos, lions, leopards and many more others. The best time for one to visit the Manda wilderness for animal viewing is the dry season because during the dry season there is limited water for the animas which forces them to leave their habitats in search of water making it easy for tourists to spot them.

Explore the untouched forests on Likoma

Likoma Island is one of the many places in Malawi due to the presence of the forest area that is located on the Island. There are guided walks to the forests that are conducted and these give you ample time to actually admire the wild life in terms of both birds and animals that habitate within the trees.

Explore with the locals

The Island is filled with locals who will give you the best welcome at the Island with their smiles and all the traditional dances that they perform especially in the evening as they tell stories about their ancestors. A walk through the villages is the perfect chance to meet and understand what their unique culture is all about and also participate in some of the singing and dancing.

A walk to the villages is also the perfect chance for tourists to go shopping for souvenirs and other local merchandise that is sold at the different markets on the Island. Some of the things that you can buy in the markets include locally designed clothes, bags, beads, home appliances and good fresh garden products but before you go to the market, make sure you go with your tour guide and up your game when it comes to bargaining because tourists are usually overpriced.

Enjoy the snorkeling and diving on Lake Malawi

The Island is made up of several beaches where snorkeling and diving can be by tourists that visit the Island. The equipment that is used for both activities is provided by the tour company that you contact to help you with your journey to the

Island of Likoma

and all you need to do is to enjoy your stay at the Island.

Explore the St Peters cathedral

The St Peters cathedral was constructed by colonial missionaries in the year 1903 and it is known to be the third largest cathedral on the African continent. The stones that were used during the construction of the cathedral are what add to the beauty of the church and not forgetting the beautiful decoration that can be seen when you enter into the cathedral. The cathedral can be visited by anyone as long as you visit when it is not time for prayers and you will find a guide who will help you when you get inside the cathedral and also explain the history that surrounds the cathedral and its construction.

Transportation to the Island

The Likoma island is located in the Northern part of the country and it is easily accessible that is you can either use a boat or fly to the Island as there is a small airstrip where you can land at the island. The most commonly used mode of transport is water transport and most people board the Ilala ferry that always leaves for Likoma every day and while at the Island, you will get to see many tourist attractions that are found on the Island like the many serene beaches, St peters church , fishing and many more other activities.

A flight from Lilongwe to Likoma Island is just an hour away at an extremely low price of about 320 dollars and caution goes to all those that will want to use the Ilala ferry, make sure that you book first class seats so as to avoid congestion from other people in the common space with the locals and other tourists.

Accommodation at the Likoma Island

There are several accommodation facilities that are found on the island and these are categorized into three that is the basic accommodation facilities, the mid-range accommodation facilities and luxury accommodation facilities. Although if you love spending the night outside doors, then there are tents that are rented out to all those who love camping.

  • The Nkwichi lodge

The Nkwichi lodge is located near the border of Mozambique along the shores of Lake Malawi and it is the best accommodation facility on the Likoma Island. They offer good food both local and international, have private self-contained chalets that offer tourists a clear view of the wilderness on the island. They offer guests a chance to participate in the different activities like boat cruises, snorkeling and safari walks around the Island but with an experienced tour guide.

  • The Kaya Mawa accommodation facility

The Kaya Mawa lodge with its twelve beautifully constructed rooms is also located on Likoma Island. The rooms are self-contained and filled with all the necessities that one needs with well prepared meals that run from morning to evening. It is an extremely simple place to live in and with the good hospitality given by the lodge workers, you will want to live there forever,

  • The Ulisa Bay lodge

The Ulisa bay lodge is located at the western part of the Island offering well maintained duplex and affordable self-contained rooms with well prepared meals and all the privacy that you need and a good view of the Malawian sunset. You get to enjoy some of the best dishes both local and international, go for a boat ride on the Lake Malawi and the guided walks that are provided by the lodge.

  • The Ndomo point House

The Ndomo point House is a privately owned house that is located on the Island on the shores of Lake Malawi. The Ndomo House was opened up in 2011 and it has about four self-contained rooms although it is mostly recommended for those that are traveling in groups as this will help you plan your trip more easily. The house has good security, a house help and a cook and therefore you will not worry about the food part.

When to visit the Likoma Island

The Island can be visited at any time of the year although it is highly recommended that you first inquire about the weather that is being experienced before traveling to the Island. The Island experiences two seasons and that is the wet and dry season and for those that want to enjoy a little bit of birding, the best time to visit is during the wet season and if you are not a fan of the rain, then the best time to go to the Island is during the dry season.

The peak season at the Island is experienced during the months of May to July and August and during this time, the prices of everything goes up and that is why it is advisable to book early during this season so that you end up with the best services and if you hate crowds avoid these months.