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If you are looking for a country to enjoy on a special

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, Malawi is the right destination with several unique features inscribed in the land by the Great Rift Valley escarpment, large lake scenery and wildlife beauty even in its borders like Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. You can experience

Malawi tours

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on nature walk, wildlife game drives, bird watching safaris and treks through the forests and lake side.

Malawi Safari Attractions

Liwonde National park

is actually the pride of Malawi’s wildlife with diversity game habitats like lake Malombe and shire river in the south and open grassland plains, home to several herds of elephants, antelopes, rhinos, crocodiles and several species of birds with regular sights of  brown breasted barbets, Lillian lovebird, osprey, palmnut vultures, flycatcher and pel’s fishing owl among others.

Nyika National Park

is another abundant game park on raised Nyika plateau covered in vast mopane grasslands, lush dense rainforests and with several unique plants. Game sights here include zebra, reedbuck, warthog, monkeys, antelopes and several forest birds. Find some time and also visit the small

Mwabvi Game Reserve

on your way to the town of Nsanje.

Rising from the undulating hills and highlands of central Malawi is Mt. Mulanje a good spot for hiking and trekking to its peak Sapitwa standing a 3000m above sea level.

Lake Malawi

is the largest lake in the country and a center for many water sports and adventures found on the eastern border with Tanzania and is 100km wide. As one of the largest fresh water lakes in Africa, the lake is good for swimming and is bilharzia free. Besides the scenic beaches, other lake water sporting activities include snorkelling, scuba diving Lake Malawiwith special Padi courses, kayaking and short walks to the neighboring fish villages scattered around the shores. , guests can visit the neighbouring traditional villages and learn about and enjoy rural African culture, local traditions and village life.

Nkata Bay

on the lake shore is a bustling town with many fish markets and a harbour for the Malawi steamer. You can board the steamer for a cruise on the scenic lake or take up residence on the private Danforth Yacht with accommodation for 8 persons and excellent dining.

Visit the beautiful islands of



Likoma Islands

and its beautiful beach resorts that are often paradise to swimmers, divers and tourists that want a retreat from the hectic inland wildlife safaris. Likoma is scattered with the gigantic baobab trees and also find the majestic Anglican cathedral of St. Peter.

Tourist destinations in Malawi

Malawi’s geographical features are what makes it a unique country to visit for all those who visit Africa. A safari in Malawi will take you to the different parts of the country where the marvels you see will be worth the trip. There are several tour destinations in the country like national parks, lakes and Rivers, Mountains, the different villages where you get to meet locals and learn more about their culture, the unique vegetation, historical sites and the Rift Valley.

Malawi is a small country that is bordered by Tanzania and Mozambique and these two coastal countries make it easy for tourists to easily access it and explore whatever it has to offer. With all that the county has to offer, culture is their best aspect and therefore you wouldn’t want to miss it even for just for a few days. A safari through Malawi will take you to the many tourist destinations that are a real gem to both the country and tourists.

National Parks in Malawi

Malawi has a wide range of wildlife that can be found in the many national parks and reserves in the country and these include both wild animals and bird species. There are several activities that can be done when you visit the National parks in the country and these include trekking, birding and wild life watching which can be done with the help of experienced tour guides. Malawi is now a top destination for all those that want to see the big five and it also has a recorded bird population of about 650 species.

There was a time when Malawi’s wildlife reduced due to increased poaching and there was hardly anything to see for tourists but the government of Malawi started up a program where animals were reserved and those that come to extinction in the country were brought in from other countries so as to increase on the wildlife in the country.

Some of the wild animals that can be seen in the different national Parks and reserves in Malawi include antelopes, lions, cheetahs, elephants, Kudu, bushbucks, leopards, jackals, African wild cats and many more others. All these can easily be viewed as you drive through the different national parks in the country.

Some of the top national parks that can be visited to get a lifetime experience include the Kasungu National Park, Lengwe National park, the Nyika National park, the Liwonde National park,  the Lake Malawi National Park which was made a UNESCO heritage site and many more others.

The best time for one to visit the National Parks in the country depends on the activities that one wants to carry out for example if you love trekking and animal viewing, the best time to visit is during the dry season because then the animals are always up and about in search of food and water and for those that love birding, the best time to visit is during the rainy season as many birds can be seen in their habitats and you get to also view some of the migratory birds during this period.

The Landscape in Malawi

When we talk about Landscape we mean a lot of things that range from Mountains, escarpments due to the presence of the Great Rift Valley, the valleys and more exciting things to see including the beautiful vegetation especially when you visit the forest reserves that are found in the country. Some of the things that beautify the landscape in Malawi includes:

  • The Mountains in Malawi

Malawi is best known for her beautiful and unique landscape which shows you what it means to be on the African continent. When we talk about landscape we mostly mean the Mountains and hills that are found in the country. The different Mountains that you can visit and carry out some Mountain climbing include the Dedza mountain, the Michiru Mountain, the Mulanje Massif, the Chipata mountain, the kipengere Range, the Sapitwa Mountain and many more other exciting Mountains.

Most tourists think that the only activity you can carry out while visiting Mountains is hiking but you will be able to see a few wild life that live in the Mountains and also meet the locals that live around the Mountains as you admire the beautiful vegetation that surrounds the Mountains.

  • Lakes and Rivers in Malawi

There are many activities that you can carry out when you visit the various water bodies that are found in Malawi and these include relaxing on the lake banks as you enjoy the sunset with a picnic, birding especially during the wet season, sport fishing and boat riding.

Although the country is landlocked, it does not mean that you do not get to have fun with all the water bodies that are found in the country. The most visited Lake in Malawi is Lake Malawi and it is the largest Lake in the country. It is highly visited due to the fact that it was the first Lake to be discovered by the explorer David Livingstone many years ago. Other lakes that can be found in Malawi include Lake Malombe, Lake Chilwa, Lake Chuita, Lake Amaramba, Lake Kaulime and Lake Kazuni and you can carry out all the tourist activities that can be carried out around the lakes.

There are many Rivers that are located in Malawi and the three main ones include the Shire River which gets its water from the Lake Malawi, the Dwangua River which flows through the Kasungu National Park and the South Rukuru River. Some of the Rivers that are found in the country include the Lilongwe River, Ruo River and the Songwe River.

  • The forest reserves in Malawi

Malawi as a country has set up several forest reserves so as to preserve the country’s vegetation and some wild life that habitates in the forests. These can be found in the different parts of the country and there are several experienced tour guides who can help you get to these forest reserves so that you get the chance to explore them at full length.

The culture in Malawi

You must be wondering how culture becomes a tourist destination but just know that your safari to Malawi is incomplete if you do not get the chance to experience their wonderful culture and the traditional practices that they carry out. Although there are specific places that you can visit in order to enjoy your cultural experience, it is best to explore the whole country so that you get to know more about Malawian culture. The people of Malawi are extremely welcoming and this makes it easy to traverse throughout the country with ease and it is normal to find tourists chatting away with tourists.

Landmarks and historical sites in Malawi

Malawi as a country has a rich history that everyone has to experience on their own. The history of the country can be told in the buildings that are found in the different parts of the country and these include the following:

  • The St Michael and All angels’ church

This is one of the best landmarks in Malawi and it was constructed during the 19th century by missionaries who came and settled in the country. The architecture of the church makes it more interesting because the locals who helped in the real construction of the church had no prior knowledge about construction and the shape of the church was also decided as the construction went on. The church has a beautiful history that you will find interesting and the good thing is that it is open to all tourists every day and entrance is free for everyone.

  • The chongoni rock

The Chongoni rock is known to be the highest rock point on the African continent and it is a top destination for tourists due to the art that is found on the rocks. No one knows exactly when the paintings were made but some believe that they were painted over 3000 years ago by the Batwa people who are pygmies. The rock art is so unique and you will be mesmerized with the hand paintings and the history that surrounds the rocks especially when it is told by the locals and the tour guides. There are three entrances that lead to the Chongoni rock art and these are the Chentchere entrance, the Mphunzi entrance and the Nameze entrance all which are open to the public.

  • The Bembeke Cathedral

The Bembeke cathedral is located in Dedza a small town in Malawi and it is one of the few places that can be termed as vintage when it comes to buildings in Malawi. It was constructed by the catholic missionaries and a visit to the beautifully designed church will be the highlight of your day once you get there.

When planning your visit to Malawi, you will need to prepare yourself for the many destinations that will be awaiting you and not forgetting that it is an extremely safe country for all to visit.


Malawi City Tours

The old town of


is modern city with wonderful ancient architecture, sprouting restaurants here and there, vibrant market and stalls selling several utensils, tourist souvenirs, plastics, motor vehicle spare parts, food supplies and everything you can imagine.

Take a city tours to


the commercial centre clad in offices of many international agencies and local business.  The history of this town dates back to the early missionaries like Dr. David Livingstone who set up an administrative fort here. You can check out Blantyre’s museum, the Carlsberg brewery and Limbe’s tobacco trade centres. Arrivals by flights in Blantyre are handled at Chileka International Airport.

There are several safari and tour operators in Malawi that can arrange your safari trip and book your

Malawi accommodation

. Find overnight options like safari lodges, beach hotels and safari camps. Some of the options include Mvuu camp and lodge, Livingstonia beach hotel, Pumulani lake lodge, Chelinda lodge and camp, Makuzi Beach lodge nad many other rustic thatched chalets and lodges on the islands.

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