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Malawi Mountains

Malawi as a country is well known for her beautiful landscape that covers the whole country. Many of the Mountains that are located in Malawi were formed as a result of the formation of the Great Rift Valley that was formed many years ago. Most of the Mountains that are located in Malawi are surrounded by forest reserves that were wet up to conserve the dwindling wild life in the country due to the poaching that was carried out by the locals.

Many activities can be carried out when you visit the mountains in Malawi and these include hiking, bird watching, trekking in the forest reserves, hiking and exploring the villages around and getting to know more about the locals that live around the Mountains.

The Mountains in Malawi are located in different parts of the country but you need to know exactly when to visit these Mountains and what to take on your visit to the Mountains. Some of the essentials that you need include:

  • Good hiking shoes or boots to help you so that you do not slide when hiking.
  • A walking stick to steady you on your hike.
  • A map and tour guide so that you get to take the right trek routes as you explore the mountains.
  • Warm clothes because the weather normally changes and you do not want to become cold as you head up to the peak.

The Mulanje Mountains

The Mulanje Mountain located in the southern part of Malawi in the town of Blantyre and it rises up to about 9849 feet above sea level making it the highest Mountain in the country. The highest peak on the Mulanje Mountain is the Sapitwa peak although it has several other peaks that can be seen when you go hiking up the Mulanje Mountain that is the Chambe peak. The Mountain Mulanje is surrounded by some of the unique vegetation in the whole country although locals living around it had started cutting down the trees so that they could set up their timber factory that is found in the area. It is also surrounded by a tea estate and due to the montane climate that is experienced around Mulanje Mountain makes it easy for one to hike and also favors the growth of tea.

  • The Chambe peak

The Chambe peak which is located at the western side of the Mulanje Mountain unlike the Sapitwa plateau is commonly used by tourists who love rock climbing. The Chambe peak is surrounded by a farm that you can explore after rock climbing and the equipment used for rock climbing is provided at the hut that is located at the base of the mountain for a small price. You will need an experienced tour guide and a map in order to enjoy your hike up the Chambe peak and the most commonly used route when rock climbing on the Chambe is the Likubula path and although it is herd when ascending, it is quite easy to use when descending.

  • The Sapitwa peak

The Sapitwa peak is the highest peak on the Mulanje Massif and it is mostly visited side of the Mountain especially for those that love hiking. The hiking up the Sapitwa peak cannot be done in only one day and that is why there are huts that are built along the mountain so that you can get to rest before continuing with the hike. The passes that allow you to go for hiking are sold at the base of the Mountain and you are supposed to go with a tour guide otherwise you will not be allowed to hike up Sapitwa.

The Zomba plateau

Also known as the Zomba Massif, it is part of the Shire highlands and rises up to a height of about 2087 meters above sea level. The Zomba plateau is divided into two parts that is the southern part which is known as the Malosa and the Northern part is the Zomba plateau. When you are at the Zomba plateau you can easily view the Mulanje Massif that is a few kilometers and as a Mountain there are many activities that can be carried out but most specifically hiking up to the peak and exploring the whole plateau.

The Chawe Mountain is also located in the Zomba plateau and many tourists can be seen hiking up the Mountain. The Mountain is a very good place for one to see the whole plateau from an elevated point of view once you get to the peak of the Chawe plateau. The Chawe Mountain is also surrounded with both manmade and natural dams which you can see as you hike up the Mountain and not forgetting the forest reserve that surrounds the mountain. Here you will find many wildlife species that is birds, reptiles and animals making your trip to the Mountain worthwhile.

The Viphya Mountain/ plateau

The Viphya mountain/plateau is one of the top Mountain destinations in Malawi. It is located in the Rift valley and has a lot of features that are worth visiting that is Rivers, forests, valleys, hills making it a perfect destination for tourists. It has some of the best hike routes up the Mountain but this can only be done when you have a tour guide with you and you will also need a map before starting your hike. Rock climbing is also carried out on the Viphya Mountain and the equipment that is used when Mountain climbing are provided although you need to check and see if they are fit for the rock climbing exercise. Besides trekking and hiking you can also take a guided walk through the forest where you get to see many wild life species that habitate within the forests, go for a boat ride on the rivers that are found at the base of the Viphya Mountain and go for horseback riding.

The Chiradzulu Mountain

The Chiradzulu Mountain is located in the shire valley in the eastern part of the Chiradzulu city which was named after the Mountain. The Mountain rises up to a height of 1773 feet above the sea level and it is the third highest Mountain in Malawi after the Zomba and Mulanje Massif and it’s good for hiking.

The Dedza Mountain

The Dedza Mountain is located in Central Malawi in the Dedza district. It rises up to a height of 2198 meters above sea level and is surrounded by the Dedza forest reserve. The elevation of the town and the Mountain make it the highest town in the whole country and the most participated in activity at the Dedza Mountain is mountain climbing although you will also be able to see a few animals and birds that habitate around the Mountain.

The Ntchisi Mountain

The Ntchisi Mountain rises up to a height of 1702 meters above sea level at the edge of the Great Rift Valley and is also bordered by the Lake Malawi in the east. The Ntchisi Mountain is covered by montane vegetation which covers about 97 kilometers and this acts as a home to many bird species and some wild animals. It is a good place for one to go for trekking and hiking and for all those who love nature, this is the right place for you to visit. When you get to the peak of the Mountain, you will have a good view of the surrounding areas especially the Miombo woodland in the area and the Chipata Mountain.

The Chipata Mountain

The Chipata Mountain is also located in the central part of Malawi next to the Nkhotakota district. It rises to an elevation of 1614 meters above sea level and is surrounded by the Nkhotakota wild life reserve. Activities carried out at the Chipata Mountain include trekking, hiking, watching the animals in Nkhotakota reserve from the peak and many more other activities.

The Michiru Mountain

This is located in the Blantyre city and rises up to 3925 feet above sea level. The Michiru Mountain is known for her large number of bird species that can be seen when one goes for hiking at the Mountain. It is also surrounded by the Michiru forest reserve which was set up in the year 1970 to conserve the tree and the wild life and trees in the country.

Some of the animals that can be seen in the Michiru forest reserve include antelopes, wild dogs, reptiles like the African python, monkeys, zebras and many more other animals. The local people associate the Michiru Mountain with a legend of bad spirits that reside in the Mountain and when the spirits got angry many people disappeared and everyone believed that the spirits had taken them.

The Mountain also has streams that flow downwards its slopes and during the dry season, the local people fetch water from the streams that flow down the Mountain and the peak of the Mountain also acts as a prayer place for Catholics due to the presence of the church that was constructed there.