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Landscape / Scenic

Malawi holds a great variety of good-looking landscapes. With The uppermost peaks in the country being at 10,000 feet or 3,000 meters whereas the lowest position is only just above sea- level,  This range in altitudes all within a small country actually makes the landscape of this country one of the most wide-ranging in the whole of Africa. In generally, Malawi is a green, fertile country, with escarpments, plateaux, spectacular river valleys, highlands, forests, plains, as well as mountains. The range of scenery is actually a chief attraction for visitors and as well several of the forest reserves plus highland areas have great accommodation facilities, in addition to a profusion of outdoor activities to offer the guests.

Rift Valley

The Rift Valley is the leading feature here, offering the vast gorge which is filled by Lake Malawi, and extends to the southern part of the country trailing the Shire River which drains this Lake. The less steep regions of the great Rift Valley within South Malawi are habitat to some significant wetlands, as well as Elephant Marsh, below in the Lower part of the Shire Valley.

Central African Plateau

On the western side of this Lake as well as on both sides of the Shire Valley found in the south, you will find the Central African Plateau. The changeover from the great Rift Valley floor to the Central African Plateau is characterized by a number of impressive escarpments, like at Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, a sheltered region of rocky, unspoiled wilderness. This Central African Plateau is tenderly a rising and falling land between 1,600 feet or 490 meters and 5,000 feet or 1,500 meters, with an occassional Lake like Lake Chilwa and is interspersed with more remarkable forests as well as hills.
the extensive highlands as well as forests offer the most remarkable varied scenery in the whole of Malawi. Up beyond where there is fresh air plus the cool breeze are the clear mountain-streams, evergreen forests, heaths as well as undulating montane grassland.
The southern region of Malawi has the finest recognized highlands – the Mulanje Massif plus the Zomba Plateau. The former is actually a huge wilderness plateau comprising of syenite granite soaring from the Phalombe Plains. this has a variety of peaks, among which is the highest in the entire country and central Africa at large: the Sapitwa, at a height of 3,000 meters or 10,000 ft. The tea estates which extend west of Mulanje as much as Thyolo, are in addition magnificently attractive. The Zomba Plateau is actually not as towering as the Mulanje, although equally very striking. It is actually a slab-like feature with a tenderly rising and falling plateau summit that is easily reached by road.
The Dedza-Kirk Highlands broaden their rise from the stunning Rift Valley on the western border of Lilongwe plus Blantyre. The northern region of these beautiful highlands is distinct by the Dedza-Salima Forest Reserve as well as the Thuma Forest Reserve. South west of capital Lilongwe is the Dzalanyama Forest Reserve that blankets a number of hills at the boundary with Mozambique. On the other hand, The Dowa Highlands just north of the capital Lilongwe hold their most prominent peaks at Ntchisi Forest Reserve as well as at Dowa.
The Viphya Highlands – rising and falling hills enveloped in evergreen forests – extend north to south in northern Malawi and make it to the border of the stunning Rift Valley. lastly, in northern Malawi is the dramatic Nyika Plateau, a rising and falling whaleback grass-land plateau only one of its kind in Africa. The majority of this highest and as well most wide-ranging high plateau face in the whole of central Africa is actually gazetted as the renowned Nyika National Park.

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