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Mzuzu is located in the Northern part of Malawi and it is considered to be the capital city of Northern Malawi. The Great Rift Valley runs through the Mzuzu city making it a top destination for tourist who visit the country and it is also surrounded by different top destinations in the country that is the UNESCO heritage site of Lake Malawi, the Nkhata Bay and the Nyika plateau National Park. Some of the many things that will keep you keep you busy while in Mzuzu include the following:

Visit the coffee farms in Mzuzu

If you ever want to relax at while in Mzuzu, the coffee farms located in this Northern city will provide you with the perfect place to do just that. There is a cool breeze when you get to the farm and the best way to tour and get to know more about the coffee is by taking a walk through the farms.

There are tour guides available and these offer guided tour around the coffee farms explaining how the coffee is grown, you get to see how it is harvested if you visit at the right time, get to participate in the picking and drying of the coffee beans and if you are lucky, you also get a chance to taste a freshly brewed cup of coffee. A walk through the coffee farms will give you a chance to also meet with the locals who work on the farms and interact with them.

A visit the Nkhata bay

The Nkhata Bay is located along the shores of Lake Malawi and most people refer to it as the gateway to the many Islands that can be seen floating on the Malawi Lake. some of the activities that you can carry out when you visit Nkhata bay include fishing, boat riding to the different islands on the Lake and also enjoying snorkeling and visiting of the locals to get to know more about their culture. And for all those who want to relax, there are several beaches from where you can relax while enjoying birding due to the presence of various bird species that habitate on the Lake Malawi.

Visit the Nyika plateau National Park

The Nyika National park is located near Mzuzu and it has a lot of tourist activities that you can carry out while here making Mzuzu a perfect destination for all tourists. The activities that you can carry out while in the Nyika National Park include:

  • Wild life watching in the park

The Nyika National park is filled with many animals and birds that habitate within. The park had been depleted of the many animals through poaching by the locals but the government has been working hard at bringing back the animals into the Park and some of these include elands, hyenas, elephants, leopards, bushbucks, jackals, antelopes, warthogs, klipspringers, buffalos, zebras, cats, jackals, porcupines and reedbucks. The park is also a home to about 400 bird species and these include the Mountain Marsh widowbird, the Mountain yellow warbler, the wing snapping Cisticola and the Chirping Cisticola which are endemic to Nyika, Denham’s bustard, the African pied wagtail, the secretary bird, the long crested eagle , starred robin and the cinnamon dove.


  • Trekking through the Nyika Park

There are various trek routes that one can use while in the Nyika plateau National Park and this is one of the best ways in which you can explore the National park while enjoying the view in form of birds and wild animals. Some tourists take a walk through the Park whereas others ride bikes through the park, either way you still can enjoy the beautiful nature that it has to offer.

When you head out for a trek through the Nyika Park, you must know that you will not be allowed to gain entrance into the park unless when you have a tour guide with you.


  • Hike up the Nyika plateau

There is no way you can visit Mzuzu without heading out to Nyika plateau. The hike through the Nyika plateau as you head to the summit will give you a glimpse of heaven that is the animals, the beautiful scenery that is created by the unique vegetation that is found all over the plateau, the numerous bird species that are habitate within the plateau and meeting with the locals. There are hike routes that lead to the summit of the plateau but the most common one that is used comes all the way from the city Centre to the peak and once you get to the peak, you will get a clear view of the whole plateau, Lake Malawi and the National park.

Explore the Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi is located in Mzuzu one of the biggest cities in Northern Malawi and one place that you do not want to miss while on a tour to Malawi. The Lake Malawi and Lake Malawi National Park were made UNESCO heritage sites and when it comes to activities that are carried out by tourists, these two provide plenty which means your journey to Mzuzu will be worth it.

  • wild life viewing in lake Malawi national park

Lake Malawi National park has a lot of wild life that you can view and these can either be seen in their different habitats or when they are roaming around the park. The best time for one to go for animal viewing in the park is during the dry season and birding is mostly done in the rainy seasons because then there are a lot of migratory birds in the Park.

  • Trekking through the park

There are several trek routes that are clearly marked within the Lake Malawi Park and these ease your trek through it while getting some of the best views that the park has to offer from the animals, birds to the different tree species that are found within. The best time for one to go for a trek through the park is during the dry season because then the trek trails will not be as flooded as they get during the wet season.

  • Visit the islands

Lake Malawi is filled with quite a number of islands that you can easily explore while on a visit to Mzuzu and even though some of them are not habitate, they provide a peaceful place for one to rest especially all those that want a quiet time away from the busy city Centres. When you visit the Islands that are habited by people, you will be amazed with the beautiful traditions and cultural practices that the locals carryout and not forgetting the good local food that is always served with a smile to tourists.

Accommodation facilities in Mzuzu city

There are several accommodation facilities that are found in Mzuzu and these range from budget friendly accommodation facilities, mid-range accommodation facilities and finally luxury accommodation facilities. Some of the well-known accommodation facilities include:

The Grand palace Hotel

The Grand palace hotel is strategically located at the center of Mzuzu which provides guests with the best views of the city and all the tourist attractions within. It provides its guests with the best meals both local and international and has well maintained self-contained rooms in the area.

The sunbird Mzuzu

The Sunbird is also a famously known hotel in Mzuzu and it falls under the luxury accommodation facilities. It has self-contained rooms, a dining area where you can get all the meals that you want both local and international, they also have a bar and a pool where you can relax from after a long day of touring the Mzuzu city.

The Hill of Grace

The Hill of Grace also located in Mzuzu is a fine place for one to stay especially with their self-contained rooms and it gives you easy access to all the tourist attractions in the city and the vineyard that is located near it. They provide good meals from local cuisines to international dishes and a taste of the best red wine produced in the area.

The Rayoni B&B

The Rayoni bed and breakfast is one of the accommodation facilities that you can use while on a trip to Mzuzu. It can easily be accessed by car and a few kilometers away from the airport and they have some of the best local food that is served especially in the morning and not forgetting their well-equipped self-contained rooms.


When to visit Mzuzu

Mzuzu experiences varied weather conditions and therefore before you head out to the city, you need to find out which weather suits you best and what to pack during that time. If you do not mind the hot and dry weather and the activities that you want to carry out are favored by the hot weather, then the best time to visit Mzuzu is from June to September but if you also do not mind the rainy or winter season, then the best time to visit Mzuzu is during the months of December to April.


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