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South Malawi

The southern 3rd of Malawi is the most occupied and with most development – Economically conquered by Blantyre and yet physically by the grand Shire Valley in addition to Mulanje Mountain, certainly there is really variety in South Malawi.


Twisting through this part, the Shire River gets its waters from Lake Malawi, and trails the Rift Valley heading south. The Lower Shire Valley is extensive and flattens as the river flows from Malawi to Mozambique in the far south of this country. This actually is the lowest point of Malawi, yet just about 100 km away is the highest peak, the grand Mount Mulanje that stands at more than 3000 meters or 9850 feet – it actually is the highest mountain in the whole of central Africa. It is certainly a massif of summits plus basins, a large forested ‘island within the sky’ reached only by foot. The between Mulanje as well as Blantyre the area is dominated with tea estates. Bursting with gorgeous scenery and enormous colonial nature, the estates found at Thyolo can easily be visited. West of Mulanje is an area with additional massif; Zomba Plateau. It actually is a table-appearing mountain towering to more than 2080 miters or 6800 feet with sharp scarp-like rims. It’s probable to drive all the way to the peak of the plateau to discover the forested center and enjoy the spectacular views from the borders.


South Malawi supports more National Parks plus Wildlife Reserves than all other parts of the country.  3 of them are in the lowland Shire Valley, habitat to huge sugar estates and reachedd by descending the impressive Thyolo Escarpment found southwest of Blantyre. The Majete Wildlife Reserve extends west from River Shire and is today being re-filled to become haven for the ‘Big 5’. Lengwe National Park offers a diversity of antelope, like the stunning nyala, and is simple to explore on drive-able tracks plus using hides at the water-holes. Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve is certainly the most distant however is at this time being urbanized under a community-managed conservation project. The region furthest south within the Lower Shire Valley is the Elephant Marsh – prominent now for its bird-life. Further north to the upper reaches of River Shire, is Liwonde National Park, the leading game park in Malawi, that provides boat safaris plus the usual 4WD in addition to walking safaris.


The remaining of National Parks in South Malawi is the Lake Malawi National Park found at Cape Maclear. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, the waters plus fish are sheltered, turning this lake into a real aquarium with tropical fish. Between the port Monkey Bay and the momentous port Mangochi is the biggest collection of lodges plus hotels around Lake Malawi with an extended stretch of magnificent sandy beaches dotted with a assortment of accommodation alternatives. This place is known as Mangochi Lakeshore. The Southern part of Malawi has 2 additional lakes of see, Malombe, which is a enlargement of River Shire soon after it departs Lake Malawi, plus Lake Chilwa, which is a wetland area of global significance.


Blantyre is the area capital and Malawi’s most commercial center. located in the Shire Highlands, bordered by peaks, it has up to date shops plus a number of appealing historical buildings. the Zomba was actually the capital during  the colonial times and still that legacy holds at present with a gymkhana club, colonial buildings plus the war memorials to be toured. situated in the foothill of the Zomba Plateau, it is in addition a wonderful place to observe a current African market.