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Why take a holiday in Mauritania?

mauritania photoMauritania is among the biggest countries in Northern Africa, and it is a combination of desert plus ocean although mostly desert. The biggest area of Mauritania’s land mass is covered by internationally renowned Sahara Desert, whereas the western coast of the country touches the Atlantic Ocean. The big difference between these two environments implies that there is so much for visitors to see and also do. The beaches along the western coast are a worthy visiting away from the busy interior Nouakchott city while a number of medieval sites, such as Chinguetti, present breathtaking views of the very old buildings, number of which are regarded as national symbols. The numerous desert mosques in the country are among the best examples of true Islamic architecture across Northern Africa.

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What to see on a holiday in Mauritania?

Nouakchott: you will find so much to do in the capital city of Mauritania including visiting the several souks or markets, such as Marche Capital (Marche Sixieme). Also the beautiful sand dunes of the Saharan on the border of Nouakchott are well-worth visiting, particularly at sunrise or sunset.

Beaches: although these aren’t as popular as most other beaches lining the Atlantic, the coast of Mauritania is also worth visiting. The Plage de Nouakchott is the most well liked beach in the country. You can choose to enjoy a drive in a 4WD vehicle around the nearby sites, however in case you intend to take a swim be cautious of the strong currents. There aren’t very many hotels along the coast; however you can still opt to take a day time visit to the beach.

Banc d’Arguin National Park: is situated between Nouakchott and Nouadhibou city. This nature reserve is a wonderful site to view various migratory birds such as pelicans plus flamingos. The coastal end of the park is popular for its seaside plant life, and near this park are a number of fishing villages which are worth a exploring as well. This National park is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site.

mauritania photoChinguetti: this is a wonderful medieval town found inside Mauritania. This stunning city houses a large number of fascinating ancient sites, among which is the Friday Mosque – a sandstone colored building which is considered by several people to be Mauritania’s national symbol.

Moving on Inland, the huge dry are of Saharan dunes as well as the desert can on camel back, on foot or in a 4WD vehicle. But you may also choose take a balloon trip in the Adrar. It is as ruthless, rough terrain although the desert is dotted with a number of oases plus heat-scorched group communities, but still filled with harsh beauty as well as antiquity.

Which Holiday Company or Tour Operator?

mauritania photoMauritania is a passage point between Black Africa and the Northern Africa. This country has for several years been a place of exchanging and mixing.

Tour operators within Mauritania can arrange tours to the Amogjar Pass, the Tenewchert and Terjit oases, the Tidra Island and the sand dunes, plus several other interesting places across Mauritania, such as Nouakchott city and Chinguitty a UNESCO site. Generally, the tours can be tailored to your preferences plus budget.

A number of tour operators comply to responsible and unbiased tourism as regards the local population, economy and environment.

Where to Stay On a Mauritania Holiday?

Below are some of the nice accommodation facilities in Mauritania

Novotel Hotel Nouakchott
is a luxury hotel that aims to offer good quality food plus lodging to several people. The Novotel Hotel Nouakchott possesses a sum of 77 rooms and each of these is well equipped with the necessary modern facilities. Novotel luxury hotel is located a couple of kilometers away from the embassies and government ministries.

Mercure Hotel Marhaba
mauritania photois an outstandingly modern and exceptional luxury hotel in Mauritania. The Mercure Hotel Marhaba is situated at an exotic spot that is very appealing to the guests of all ages. its infrastructural makeup is as well worth mentioning. The Hotel comprises of 64 high deluxe rooms that can accommodate a large number of guests.

Sabah Hotel
this is situated in Nouakchott city which is the capital city of Mauritania. The city of Nouakchott is a destination filled with so much charm. The Nouakchott sandy beaches attract a large number of tourists here. You may choose to take a walk along the beach or sit lazily and enjoy the warmth of the sun as a pastime. An additional attraction here is the beautiful Local handicrafts.

Hotel Halima
this is a popular luxury hotel in Mauritania. It is beautifully situated in the center of Mauritania and for that reason it can be easily reached. Each and every room is fitted with an air-conditioner and they offer good quality accommodation to several people of different age brackets. The distinctive design of the infrastructure as well as the innovative interior decoration inside the rooms actually attracts a large number of guests.

When to Go on a Holiday in Mauritania?

The rainy season in Mauritania starts in July up to September; with the annual average rainfall ranging from 20 to 23 inches / 51 to 58.5 cm. in addition, this country receives the harmattan – a trade wind which blows from the desert of the Sahara carrying with it sand that limits visibility. The most ideal time to visit Mauritania from March to June, as the overall the weather is calmer.

Also another good time to travel is during the winter, starting in November to February as the temperatures are moderate ranging between 20°C and °C in the day, however the nights may be also cool, especially in the desert areas. in April through to September, it is very hot and usually uncomfortable for tourists.

Are Mauritania people Friendly?

mauritania photoThe men and women of Mauritania are really warm and friendly and also welcoming. Arabic plus French are the most commonly spoken languages in the country. So I recommend that you learn a couple of French phrases in case you intend to spend most of your holiday in the cities or on the populated beaches. You can always greet the people with the common Arabic-phrase “salaam aleikum” as it will put you in a good position to communicate with others.

The official name Mauritania, reflecting the predominant religion here as it is an Islamic country. I advise that you uphold the local customs: with the women particularly being cautious to dress decently or conservatively. In addition in case women are moving alone or in a group, enough that individual women must never follow any man all by themselves, regardless of it’s a police officer or a likely travel guide. Always remain in public places if with a stranger.

What is the Weather like in Mauritania?

Nearly two thirds of Mauritania has a Saharan climate. The temperatures during the day time go beyond 38°C (100° F) in majority of the areas for more than six months in a year, however the night time is cool. The most ideal time to visit the country is from November to February as the temperatures are hot throughout the day and then cooler in the night (with a maximum of approximately 30°C / 85° F and minimum approximately 13°C / 55°F).

Even the overall conditions are desert like; the country has 3 climatic regions. Southern Mauritania experiences a Sahelian climate with one rainy season starting in July up to October. The yearly average rainfall is 66 cm / 26 inches in the distant south; the yearly average at Nouakchott is 14 cm / 5.5 inches.

The trade-winds moderate the overall temperature along the coastal area. The average highest temperature in Nouadhibou in January is 26°C / 79°F, and in October 32°C / 90°F; average minimum in January is 13° C / 55° F and in July 19° C / 66° F.

Mauritania is officially referred to as the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. Despite Mauritania having various tourist attractions, the country today remains undiscovered to many tourists. Surprisingly, this desert country is among the most modernized countries on the African continent. Taking a tour through this beautiful country will take you the various wonderful attractions in the country. The list below highlights some of the best attractions in


mauritania photoChinguetti is a small town found in the oasis of the plane Adrar. It is previously known as one of the main 7 sacred Muslim places. It was a very significant junction for caravans that were traveling and the beginning point for the annual traditional pilgrim to Mecca. Today this town is among the UNESCO world heritage Sites and is frequent visited by numerous visitors who come to marvel at the various attractions it holds among which are the old mosque which was built using stones and is supposed to be established back in the earl sixteenth century. Sadly, this place is only limited to Muslims.


Nouakchott is the capital city of Mauritania and is situated adjacent to coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. The modern city has a landscape majorly characterized by high sand dunes. Nouakchott has various attractions worth visiting among which are Plage du Wharf, the vibrant and colored markets, Ksar, the camel market and the carpet factory. The capital has a very entertaining and lively nightlife worth trying out.

Banc d’Arguin

Banc d’Arguin is a world heritage site in Mauritania found in the northern part of Nouakchott city, covering an expanse of 11,730 sq Kilometers. This site id a sanctuary for various species of birds and a favorite area for migrating birds which fly within the southern area. Banc d’Arguin is a perfect destination for bird watching and is one place that you should include on your ‘must see’ locations in Mauritania.

Ben Amera

Ben Amera is the second biggest monolith in the whole world. Most of the local resident in the country believe that it is most well kept secret in the whole of Mauritania because it is rarely ever heard of. Neighboring the Ben Amera is a smaller monolith known as the Aicha. Ben Amera is accessed by the Nouadibou to Zouerate train which is also known as the longest train in the world.


although Mauritania is a moslem country, ther are counted bars within the capital city, and for that reason drinking is quite expensive. In the French Embassy is a night club while the Casablanca, trashy, and the Salamander are alternatives for the non French.