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Banc d’Arguin National Park

The Banc d’Arguin National Park is found on the west coast of Mauritania near the towns of Naouadhibou and Nouakchott.  The park is a world heritage site and a breeding ground for the Mediterranean monk seal and a nesting ground for many birds in west Africa.


The Mediterranean Monk Seal, which is one of the most critically endangered mammals in the world that habits the park among other mammals, birds and insects. This Mauritania National park boasts one of the most important populations of the monk seal in the Peninsula. Some of the birds in the park include broad-billed sandpipers, pelicans, flamingos, waders and many other water birds.

The coast is an important fishing ground in West Africa with many species of fishes.

Conservation of the Monk Seak

This project will support the Action Plan for the Recovery of the Mediterranean Monk Seal in the Eastern Atlantic through establishing and maintaining Special Areas of Conservation for the Monk Seal. There are several projects and efforts that work with the local fishing communities to protect the monk seals and their habitat.