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Mauritius’s location along the Indian Ocean has made it a perfect place for everyone who loves diving. You will find that it is much easier to get around the island since it is a small one and get to explore all the different diving destinations. Diving is mostly carried out by only those that have prior experience but even if you do not and want to learn how to dive, there are instructors in Mauritius who will take you through the basics of diving.

mauritius diving

Diving in Mauritius is one of the best activities that tourists can carry out while on the Island but all this can also come with accidents and that is why it is advisable that you first visit an insurance company before travelling. A diving insurance will make sure that you at least receive medical attention in case of an accident. This however does not mean that you will get accidents all the time it is a matter of keeping safe.

Best time to go for diving in Mauritius

The best time to go for a diving excursion on the Island of Mauritia is between the months November to May. And although you can still go diving all year round, it is better in the mentioned months as the winds are not that strong in November to May.

When it comes to diving, the different diving points are never crowded in Mauritia and this is because the country has not yet started getting a lot of tourists and this will give you a chance to actually exercise your diving skills without a large crowd watching about.

The Island has of recent become a good spot for divers due to the many diving spots and the rare aqua species that you get to view while diving and some of the best diving spots have been listed below so that you make your pick before getting to Mauritius or better yet get to experience all of them while in the country.

Diving at the Trou aux Biches

The Trou aux Biches is found in the North western part of Mauritius and it is a good place for tourists who want to get into diving and the Trou aux biches offers lessons to first time divers through their various dive spots. Some of the most commonly used diving spots in Trou aux Biches include the following:

Dive Dream Diving Center

his diving spot has about three dive routes that they use and on each of these they take out the different tourists for diving. Most of the diving excursions here are carried out during the day but if you want to go for night diving, it is safer if you inform the instructors earlier so that they prepare for you in time.

Pro Dive Mauritius

This is also located within the Trou aux Biches and it is where most of the trainings for first time divers takes place. There are different lessons that are given out to all those that want to learn how to dive and they also offer night diving excursions if informed in time.

Diving in the Tube

The tube also located within the Trou aux Biches is a go to place for all first time divers. You will need a boat to get to the tube but once there, the beauty of the tube with its five meters will keep you on your toes but all you need to know is that if you want a good experience then all you need to do is follow all that the instructors tell you to do.

Diving in Flacq

The District of Flacq is located in the western part of the Mauritius Island and it is a one stop Centre for all divers. The district is well known for its numerous beaches and aqua life that keeps on increasing as the summer season starts and there are also several coral reefs which enable diving, lagoons and wrecks which add to the beauty of diving in the area. The diving sites that are found in the district of Flacq include castle, sea fan valley, the cathedral, the La Passé Belle Mare, St Jacques and many more other sites.

Although diving in Flacq can be done almost throughout the year, the best time for it is between the months of March to April and the months of October to December as these are the few months that rarely have cyclones in them. Some of the rewards that you get as you dive in Flacq include shark, all types of fish and other interesting sea animals.


This is the most commonly visited dive spot in Flacq due to its depth and what it has to offer to the divers. The dive from the cathedral starts at 8 meters and goes deep for about 30 meters and all this with the offer of some of the best aqua life. The cathedral which is in form of a cave system should not miss out on your diving spots while in the country and for all those that love taking photographs, this is your paradise.

The Snake reef,

this is another good diving spot that is common among divers who visit Flacq. It offers you an experience worth visiting Mauritius over and over again. The snake reef also known as the Rampart serpent is a good diving spot for all types of people that is both beginners and experienced and not forgetting that you will have a view of some of the best aqua species that you can see when you go diving.

Diving in Le Morne

Le Morne is a top spot for divers in Mauritia. Located in the south western part of the country, the Le Morne with its large coral reefs has some of the best diving spots that need to be checked out by every diver while in Mauritia.

The Hoi Siong wreck, this is an artificial coral reef that is located within the Le Morne and it is considered to be the best artificial reef in the area. It was created in 2003 and ever since then it has become a good diving spot that should not be missed.

St Jacques diving spot,

this is also found within the Le Morne and it is the best dive spot on the whole Island o Mauritia. Every diver should experience diving at St Jacques not with the 30 meters fall that will take you around the different coral reefs, lagoons, past some aqua life in form of sharks and sea turtles. The currents will determine your passage but since they cannot easily be predicted, in order to avoid accidents, diving here is mostly recommended for divers who have a lot of experience.

Diving in the Rodrigues Island

One of the many Islands that are found in Mauritius, the Rodrigues Island offers some of the best dive spots in the country.

Diving in Stella Maru

This is an artificial reef that was made and ships were deliberately sank and at the moment it is one of the best diving spot in Mauritia. There was a Japanese ship that was sunk here in the year 1987 and when you go out diving here, you will be able to see the shipwreck and some interesting fish species and other aqua animals.

Diving in the Grand Bay

The Grand Bay is filled with a lot of coral reefs that have allowed for diving to take place. It is a top tourist attraction site in Mauritius and has about over twelve dive spots where tourists can get to enjoy diving.

Diving in the Blue Bay Marine Park

Located in the south eastern part of the Island, the Blue Bay Marine Park is a diving spot that all divers should try out while on a trip to the Island of Mauritius.

The above mentioned diving spots are considered to be some of the best when it comes to diving but they are not the only ones. There are also other diving spots found in the country that are worth visiting and all you need to do in order to find out more about them is to get in touch with your desired tour operator and find out more information on each.

Now that you have gotten to know more about diving and the different diving spots that are found within Mauritius, it is only right that you start planning your trip to the Island so that you get to enjoy these excursions with your loved ones and remember that every diving experience that you will get while here will be unique depending on which diving spot you visit in Mauritius.

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