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Mauritius tourism is mostly all about leisure and relaxing for tourists who visit the island because of the numerous ways that one can do this that is relaxing on the beaches, taking walks around and horseback riding. The country has many places that are gazetted for horse breeding and riding and these provide tourists with an unforgettable experience.

There is a lot to discover when it comes to horseback riding in Mauritius for example riding along the beaches, discovering the lagoons, the forests off the beaten roads and so much more. You can either go as a couple celebrating a honeymoon, friends trying to relax or as a family because either way you will want to go back to Mauritius just to go horse riding again after your experience.

It does not matter whether you are really good at horse riding or not because there are levels when it comes to riding and each person will be given an experienced tour guide according to his or her level so that you all get to enjoy your time on the Island. A few of the places where you can enjoy a horseback ride experience on the island of Mauritius include the following.

Horseback riding at the Riambel beach

The Riambel beach is located in the southern part of the Island and one of the many public beaches in Mauritius. It is filled with palm trees and the expanse of the white sand makes it a perfect place for tourists to visit while in Mauritius. It is also considered to be one of the best paces for tourists to explore nature and the best way for one to experience nature while at the Riambel beach is by going for a horseback ride.

The Riambel beach is next to a sugarcane plantation and this is where the stable for the horses is located. It has one pony and about ten horses and these can be ridden by anyone for as long as your age permits you and not to forget, the horses are well taken care of and well bred. Some of the things you should know before participating in a horse ride at the Riambel are:

  • Participants are expected to have a maximum of 95 kilograms.
  • Participants of the horse ride should at least be six years and above.
  • Everyone can go horse riding that is both the experienced and non-experienced riders but the experienced ones will be the only ones allowed to take the horses on a gallop while the rest will move at a normal pace.
  • Dress up appropriately that is something long preferably pants and sports shoes.
  • There will be a tour guide with you all throughout your ride especially for those that are just learning how to drive.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed on the horse rides.

You can enjoy riding your horse along the beach especially in the evening and you do need to worry about the riding equipment because these will be provided at the stable before you leave. Grab a camera and head down to the Riambel beach to enjoy an evening filled with horse riding. However you should note that the stable is always closed on public holidays and Sundays and therefore you should plan accordingly.

Horseback riding in Northern Mauritius

Horse riding can also be done in Northern Mauritia at the different designated places with the help of an experienced tour guide. The horses are bred at the Les caleches du Paradis, a ranch that is located in the Northern part of the country and the trail that is used for horse riding goes through the Daruty forest. The stable has about three ponies and eight horses all belonging to different species which makes the ride more fun. Both experienced riders and beginners are accommodated here and the beginners are given someone who will guide them through the ride so as to minimize accidents.

For nature lovers, a horse ride through the Daruty forest which is a private reserve is the best as you will get to see the rare tree species in the forest and at your own pace with your children following around on ponies. A camera is a necessity so that you remain with all the memories from this horse ride in the Northern part of Mauritius.  A few things that you will need to note before heading out for a horse ride here include:

  • The fee for horse riding per person is 58 Euros.
  • The maximum weight for riding here is 120 kilograms.
  • All the horse riding equipment will be provided before you set out.
  • The age that is allowed to ride a horse is from 5 years and above whereas 3 year olds can ride ponies.
  • Some of the horse breeds here include the Percherons breed and the Irish cobs.
  • You will go with an experienced tour guide on this horse ride excursion and each level that is beginners and experienced will have their own.

They have two sessions here that is the morning and afternoon session and each session must have a maximum of only ten people. Make sure that you keep time so that you enjoy your session and carry some water with you especially those who want to ride the horses at gallop speed.

Horse ride at the Domaine de L’Etoile

This is the perfect place for tourists who have children to go out and enjoy exploration of the Island on horses or ponies for the children. The Domain was previously a hunting ground which was turned into a ponies breeding area so as to cater for children who want to learn how to ride horses and at the same time enjoy the peaceful nature on the Island of Mauritius. Pointers you should have in mind before heading out for riding here include:

  • There are three sessions that is at 10:00am, 1:00pm and 3:30pm and you should try to keep time for any of these sessions.
  • Age limit for children is between three to twelve years.
  • The children will go with an experienced tour guide who knows all about horse riding so as to avoid accidents and keep an eye on the children.
  • They also provide equipment for riding and since these are children, they are given helmets while riding.
  • The price for each child per ride is 22 euros.
  • They provide lunch at a specific amount although this is a little bit optional.
  • The pony ride takes about 30 minutes for each session.

The domaine de L’Etoile is all about letting the children create their own childhood memories by engaging in some activities like horseback riding and that is why you should not miss out on the chance of taking your children horse riding or in this case, pony riding.


Horseback riding on the Belle Mare beach

The Belle Mare beach is located in the eastern part of the island and is one of the few places where you can enjoy a horse ride while you are in the country. There is a stable near the beach and this has a pony and about 15 horses for tourists who want to learn how to ride and those that want to explore the beach and the surrounding areas. The horses are well taken care of so you do not need to worry about them being infected and some of the things that you need to note before you head out for horse riding include:

  • Horsed riding is done every day apart from Sunday.
  • The horse ride takes an hour for all the sessions provided.
  • Every session has a maximum of only four people per group as it is considered to be a private excursion.
  • The riders should be at least 85 kilograms and not more.
  • You will have professionals accompanying you and since the horses are also used to riding along the beach, you will have less to worry about.
  • The children who want to ride should be at least 5 years.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to engage in horseback riding here.

The horseback riding along the Belle Mare beach is carried out both in the morning and afternoon and the sessions are organized according to the level of the riders. Children will pay 59 euros per ride whereas the adults have to pay at least 69 euros per ride.

Horse riding around the Le Morne Mountain

The le Morne Mountain is a UNESCO heritage site that has a tragic history to it about the slaves who killed themselves by jumping off the mountain after soldiers came to tell them that they were free. A horse ride around the Le Morne is private and goes for about 135 euros for adults and 110 euros for the children. You get to ride around the Le Morne Island, the Mountain using the marked routes and also along the beach. Pointers to note as you head out for horse riding are:

  • The horse ride takes two hours before it is complete.
  • The rides are done been 7:00am to 12:00pm.
  • The ride is done by only those who are 8 years and above
  • You will have a tour guide with you and it does not matter whether you know how to ride or not because there will be someone to teach you how to do this.

There are 20 horses on the le Morne and two ponies for the children and you will be glad to know that they are all well taken care of and vaccinated. The horse ride along the Le Morne will give you a clear insight on how the nature surrounding the Mountain looks like for example the beaches, the forest, the lagoons, the whole Island among others and since it is Mountain horse riding, it is better not to take children on this horse ride excursion.

There are also many other places where you can enjoy a horse ride within Mauritius and all these will give you a chance to explore the Island from a different point of view.



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