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The Ile aux Cerfs which is located in the Flacq district can loosely be translated as the Island of deer and this was because of the many deer that used to habitate on it. And although you will not find any deer on the Island at the moment, the name has stuck till this day. you must be wondering why the Ille aux Cerfs is a good place for tourists to visit while in Mauritius and this is because although Mauritius is filled with many small Islands, the Ile aux Cerfs is the most visited Island within Mauritius and this is due to the fact that there is a lot to see and do for tourists.

There is no better way for one to know exactly what the Ile aux Cerfs offers apart from grabbing a bag and setting out to the Island to discover all that there is both seen and un discovered treasures that can be found on the Ile aux Cerfs Island.

When to visit Ile aux Cerfs

The Ile aux Cerfs experiences two types of seasons that is the winter season and the summer season. The two seasons all have different activities that can be carried out as most of them depend on the weather. These are just to help you properly and your trip to the Ile aux Cerfs properly.

Summer is experienced within the months of December to April and they are hot and humid. December mostly receives the highest rainfall and it is advisable that you try as much as possible not to explore the Island during this month.

The months of May to November receive relatively low rainfall and the temperatures are much cooler making this the best time for tourists to visit the Island.

Getting to Ile aux Cerfs Island

There are two ways that you can get to the Ile aux Cerfs that is either by flying to the Island or using a boat and although flying to the Ile aux Cerfs will get you there much faster, it is always better to take a boat out and enjoy a cruise to the Island. There are several boats that are always on hire but it is much better if you go with an organized boat ride so as to minimize costs and also have fun with other tourists.

Things to do while on the Ile aux Cerfs

The Ile aux Cerfs has a lot of activities that one can engage in while on a tour to Mauritius and some of them have been listed below so that you can choose which activity to begin with and which places to explore first.

Go Parasailing

The Ile aux Cerfs Island is a perfect place for tourists who love parasailing. Although the island is best known for her good beaches, flying over the same beaches and enjoying the waters from the sky is also a good way of getting to spend time at the Ile aux Cerfs Island. There will be guides to help you during the parasailing and it is also an opportunity for all tourists who love flying.

Enjoy riding a speedboat

One of the best ways to explore the Island is by enjoying a speed boat ride across the Ocean. The ride takes roughly about six hours and you have a chance to either to take a public speed boat or a private speed boat ride but either way you will get to enjoy the cool weather that comes with being in a boat,  a few water sports like water surfing, snorkeling and many more others.

Water sports on the Ile aux Cerfs

The strategic location of the Ile aux Cerfs makes it a perfect place for the different water sports. Some of the water sports that you will be able to carry out while here include the following:

  • Water skiing

The Ile aux Cerfs is a perfect place for all tourists who love skiing. It has some of the best skiing spots that you should not miss out while on a trip to the Island. Note that before you go for a water ski adventure, you should check the equipment that you are going to use and you should also be able to swim.

  • Enjoy an adventure walking under the sea

The excursion of walking under water is recommended for all tourists who visit the Ile aux Cerf Island. Before you go under the sea, an experienced tour guide will be there to show you the steps of what you need to do and also provide you with the necessary equipment that is needed for the underwater walking. On this adventure you will get see the different marine species and do not forget to take your camera so that you can capture all these memories and note that the price starts at around 800 Mauritian currency and sometimes it goes higher depending on the season.

  • Snorkeling

The Ile aux Cerfs is a perfect place for snorkeling and unlike other water activities that you can carry out here, this is an easy one for as long as you keep to the instructions that are given to you by the instructor.

Enjoy zip lining while at the Island

If you ever want to experience some Tarzan like life on the Zip line then the perfect pace for you to be is the Ile aux Cerf Island in Mauritius. The zip lines are separated according to levels that is all ages can actually participate in the Zip line process and it is good for adrenaline junkies. You do not need to be experienced in order for to engage in the zip lining exercise as there will be a tour guide to take you through the instructions and provide you with the necessary equipment needed.

Enjoy a catamaran cruise to the Island

The catamaran cruise is all about having fun and relaxation. The cruise to the Ile aux Cerfs Island takes about seven hours and within these hours you will get to enjoy some of the most beautiful sceneries in Mauritius as you head down to the Island, get to listen to Mauritius music as you sip on a few drinks and enjoy Mauritian dishes and not forgetting all the water sports that you will be able to enjoy while on the Island.

Go golfing on the Ile aux Cerfs

The Ile aux Cerfs has one of the best golf courses in Mauritius making it a perfect get away for all golfers. It has an 18-hole golf course that you get to enjoy with your family and friends and after a golf session, you can also enjoy some of the other quality facilities that are located at the golf course and not forgetting the good local cuisines served at there.

Enjoy the sega dance with the locals

The sega dance is the native dance of the Mauritius people participated in by most of the locals on the Island. The sega music is played all over the Ile aux Cerf especially in the evening and it is one of the best ways to unwind as you dance to the music after a long day exploring the Island. You can either watch the professionals participate in the Sega dance or join them to learn some new dance moves.

Explore the Gran River South East waterfalls

The Ile aux Cerfs is filled with a lot of tourist attractions that will keep you on your toes and one of the top tourist attractions here are the Grand River south east waterfalls. Trek to the falls and get to see the numerous indigenous flora surrounding it and also get to enjoy a picnic after taking as many photos as you would love of the waterfalls.

Visit the Filibusters Beach

The Filibusters beach is all about relaxing, picnics and having some quiet time with your loved ones. It is a private beach and you get to enjoy the Ocean views without any disturbance. Grab a picnic basket and head out to the Filibusters beach while you are on a tour to the Ile aux Cerfs.

There are several accommodation facilities that you can try out for those who want to spend nights at the Island and all you need to do is to inform your tour operator so that they can get you something that suits your tastes and something that fits into your budget.

A trip to the Ile aux Cerfs Island is all about having fun and exploring a part of Mauritius that is filled with all wonders that you will not get to see anywhere else in the whole world. It is however better if you plan your trip early enough so that you get the prices out of everything.



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