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Luxury Holidays In Mauritius

Mauritius is located on the Indian Ocean just a few kilometers away from the east African coast. It has of recent become a top destination for tourists who want to relax as it is known to be filled with some of the best beaches in the whole world.

A luxurious holiday is all about having fun and pampering yourself as you get the best services around the Island topping it with the best tourist destinations. When tourists get a chance to visit Mauritius on a luxurious holiday, they always choose to stay at just one luxurious resort or hotel and yet the real fun is to at least try and explore all the luxurious resorts so that you can get to feel experience a difference among all the luxurious resorts in Mauritius.

Luxurious holidays in Mauritius are extremely easy to prepare that is you can visit all the tourist destinations in the country and just choose accommodation facilities belonging to the luxury range so as to get a feel of a luxurious tour while on a trip to the Island of Mauritius. There are several luxurious hotels and resorts that you can try out and most of these are located near the tourist attractions whereas others are a bit far but all in all, the luxurious trip will be worth it.

A luxurious holiday at the Shangri-Le Resort

The Shangri Le-Resort can be found nestled along the coast of Mauritius and a perfect get away for tourists who want to have a luxurious holiday in Mauritius. This five star hotel has two small Islands where you can get the chance to rest from that is the Ilot Mangenie and the Ile aux Cerfs and all these offer the comfort that everyone needs when it comes to relaxation. The resort has some of the best services that you can enjoy and these include:

  • Spacious self-contained rooms that have their own patios and a great view of the ocean.
  • They offer water sports to their guests that is water rafting, snorkeling, wind surfing, swimming and many more others.
  • Luxurious meals from the morning to evening and the dishes include both the local cuisines of Mauritius and internal cuisines.

A luxurious holiday at the One and only Le Saint Geran

The one and only Le saint Geran is located in its own peninsular offering all the guests the privacy that they all need. The resort was built way back but it has been renovated of recent and it offers some of the best services to its guest.

  • From the way it was constructed and its location, the resort is the perfect place for a family get away as it has services that can keep children busy without causing trouble to the parents who want their privacy.
  • The rooms are well spaced and have a good view of the lagoon found on the peninsular and the ocean that surrounds the resort.
  • There are so many water sports that you can engage in at the resort that is snorkeling, swimming and others like yoga, biking around the resort, spinning among others.



A luxurious holiday to the Lux Le Morne

The lux Le Morne is located near the Le Morne Mountain in the south western part of the Mauritius Island. The resort has over 149 suites, swimming pools where you can relax from, enjoy a spa moment while at the resort, relax at the lush gardens that are located around the Le Morne, take a hike up the Le Morne Mountain which was declared as a UNESCO heritage site and after that get to relax at the white sand beach along the Le Morne resort. You will not regret your stay at the Lux Le Morne as it is considered to be one of the most luxurious resorts in Mauritius.

A luxurious holiday to the Shanti Maurice resort

The Shanti Maurice resort is known to be the best luxurious hotels where you can get to spend your luxurious holiday while in Mauritius. The resort has about 60 self-contained rooms and a beach that is filled with white sand creating a relaxing environment for all tourists who visit the Island. Getting to the resort is also be a paradise on its own as the road that leads to the resort is covered with sugarcane plantations on both sides. Do not forget to carry your camera so that you capture the beauty of the road and the resort itself.

A luxurious holiday at the Residence Mauritius

The Residence Mauritius is one of the many luxurious resorts that all tourists can go and enjoy a luxurious holiday. It is located in the eastern part of the Island of Mauritius along the Belle Mare beach. The hotel is filled with all the luxurious things that you will need that is

  • A spa where you get to enjoy massages, treatment programs and steaming among others.
  • Water sports like water skiing, snorkeling, peddling boats and wind surfing among others.
  • They have a swimming pool from where you can relax, free internet access, a beauty salon for the ladies, a Jacuzzi, a children’s pool, a gym where you can do fitness from and many more others.
  • Other sports that are carried out at the hotel include tennis, jogging and volleyball.
  • They also offer some of the best dishes that is both local and international cuisines from morning to evening.

Getting to the Residence Mauritius is always easy as it is just a 50 minutes’ drive from the airport and when you get there, it will feel like you are already in paradise.

A luxurious holiday at the Royal palm beachcomber

Considered to be one of the best luxurious hotels in the world, the Royal palm beach has 69 suites that have a clear view of the beach and the sea that is spread out on the North western coast of the Island where the resort is located. They have a heated swimming pool, a restaurant that mostly provides Italian food but it also has both Mauritius dishes and other international cuisines, a spa beachcomber and a sandy beach filled with palm trees where you get to relax from.

The services offered at the Royal Palm

There are several service that are offered at the resort and below is a summary of some of the services that you will enjoy on your luxurious holiday in Mauritius.

  • Your walk to the beach at the Royal Palm, there are different activities that you can engage in and these include boat tours, skiing, kayaking, boat sailing, snorkeling and many more others.
  • They also cater for the disabled people that is they have rooms that cater for all the disabled that is the rooms have enough space for a wheel chair to fit so you do not have to worry about getting around.
  • The spa, you cannot stay at the Royal palm beachcomb without trying out their spa services. The spa is a luxurious one that has massage rooms, a sauna, treatment rooms and a hammam.

There are flights that are offered to the beach but this is done after request and at an extra coast. A normal suite at the Royal palm goes for 2113 euros and this is for a week. Although the prices can change depending on the season that is either peak or low season and there are also offers given throughout the year. Before you go to the Royal palm beach, make sure that you book in advance, find out the mode of payment and the price to be paid before you confirm your stay at the resort.

When to go for a luxurious holiday to Mauritius

Mauritius experiences a tropical weather throughout the whole year but even though it is a good weather generally, there are a few months that you should at least avoid if you want to enjoy your luxurious holiday on the Island.

The winter months in Mauritius are from May to October and during this time you can get to enjoy your holiday to the Island. The months between November to April bring in the summer are always hot but it is always a good time for one to enjoy a holiday in Mauritius. It is also better to avoid January to March as the months normally have cyclones in them.