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Mauritius Cruise

Mauritius Cruise

Mauritius is found on the Indian Ocean along with other Islands like Madagascar and the Seychelles but among all these, when it comes to cruises Mauritius is considered to be the best cruise destination from all over the world. It does not matter whether you want a cruise to or from Mauritia or better yet within the Island itself because there are a lot cruise lines that will take you around wherever you want to go for as long as in all the destination that you want to go to involve Madagascar.

When using a cruise, you need to know that not all of them go straight to or from Mauritius but always have different stop overs before they get to their final destination and we shall be looking at the both ship cruises that are international and head in and out of Mauritius and the cruises that move within the Island.

The international Mauritius cruise

A cruise from Mauritius to the Seychelles, Madagascar and then back

This cruise takes about a fortnight and it will take you around all these Islands with the journey starting from the Port Louis the capital city of Mauritius to the Seychelles around Victoria, then heading to Madagascar to anyone of the Islands that is found there and then back to Mauritius to port Louis. This doesn’t have to be the same routine as it keeps on changing but at least you will have a time of your life on the Mauritian cruise.

The local Mauritian cruise

There are several cruise lines that can take you around the Island however the most commonly used cruise in Mauritius is the Catamaran that has different destinations within the Island and a few of them have been listed below so that you get to make your bucket list about the cruise before heading out to Mauritius.

The Catamaran cruise to the Ile aux Cerfs

The Catamaran cruise that normally is seen on the eastern coast of the Mauritius Island is a cruise that is taken up by tourists who visit the Island seeking a fun filled trip and relaxation. The cruise takes tourists to the Ile aux Cerfs and while on the cruise you will get to enjoy plenty of food, drinks of all types both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones, the beautiful scenery of the surrounding area and not forgetting the aqua life in the water and not forgetting the some of the games that you will get to enjoy while here include under sea walking, tube riding, parasailing, skiing, snorkeling among others. During the Catamaran cruise you will also get to see the magnificent waterfall that is located along the Grand River that is located in along the Eastern coast of the Island.

The catamaran cruise starts at around 9:30 am and it is all about having fun and relaxing so for all those that want to reduce on your stress, this is the right cruise for you. The cruise takes about seven hours before it comes to an end and below are some of the things that you should expect when you get to the Catamaran cruise.

  • The cruise always leaves the Trou D’Eau Douce at 9:30 am and must be back by 4:00 pm for the days that it is in operation.
  • They provide food and drinks for all those that are on the cruise and all these try to match the tastes of everyone.
  • You will have tour guides with you and these will help you arrange all the games that you engage in and also point out at whatever you will be seeing whereas the crew members will just make sure that you enjoy your cruise before it comes to an end.

You will need to book first if you want to join the Catamaran cruise, children are accepted but the booking is limited to only to two people per ticket.

The Catamaran cruise to Ile aux Benitiers

The Ile aux Benitiers is found on the western coast of the Mauritius Island. The catamaran will leave for the Benitiers at 7:00am and below are some of the few things that you should expect while on a cruise to thee Ile aux Benitiers.

  • The cruise will take seven hours and it is better if you book in advance so that you do not miss a slot.
  • Most of the cruises heading to the Ile aux Benitiers always make a stopover at the Tamarin Bay where you will get to participate in activities like snorkeling, visit the crystal rock and watching dolphins.
  • The catamaran is expected back at the docks by at least 6:00pm.
  • There is provision of food, drinks and when you get to the Island, you will have time to watch other aqua mammals, get clear view of the le Morne Mountain while you relax at the Island.




A catamaran cruise to the Northern coast of the Mauritius Island

The Northern part of the Island is one place that everyone should visit if not for the tourist attractions in the area, then at least to get a close view of the Northern area and relax while on a cruise. The cruise up north also takes seven hours and it departs at around 9:00am at Gran Bae and returns at around 4:00pm or 5:00pm at the same spot. The Catamaran cruise will take you around the Northern coast and some of the highlights that you should expect include:

  • You will get to see most of the diving spots that are located within the Northern part of the Island especially the coin de Mire.
  • Enjoy the beaches in Northern Mauritius.
  • Expect lunch, a few games like diving, snorkeling, drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic and a wonderful view of the lagoons that are found on the Northern coast of Mauritius.

A catamaran cruise to Ilot Gabriel

The cruise to Ilot Gabriel takes seven hours and it is a fun filled adventure that all tourists who visit the Mauritius Island should try out. Just like other cruises in the country, it is much safer if you book in advance so that you do not miss out on the cruise to the Gabriel Island. The cruise makes a few stopovers before getting to the Island where you can enjoy swimming in the Ocean and also snorkeling among other spots. All the equipment that you will need to participate in the games are provided, snacks and lunch are available and not forgetting the drinks that are served all throughout your stay on the cruise.

The Cruise leaves at 8:00am in the morning and returns to the same spot either at 5:00pm or 6:00pm depending on the time that was spent on the stop spots. Lunch is served when you get to the Gabriel beach where you get to relax from before making a return journey filed with music and more drinks.

A catamaran cruise to the Ile aux Aigrettes

Unlike other cruises in Mauritius, the catamaran cruise to the Ile aux Aigrettes takes approximately two hours before it is completed and on this cruise everyone has to come with their own drinks and snacks. The cruise normally leaves at 4:00pm so that you can get to enjoy the best sunset Mauritius has to offer while enjoying a cruise.

The cruise sets anchor near the Ile aux Aigrettes nature reserve where you get to see all the flora and fauna that the reserve has and then enjoy the sunset with some of the best Mauritian music in the background. It is still an enjoyable cruise even if you have to carry your own food.

All the cruises within and outside Mauritius can be quite expensive but all the money that it will be worth it once you get there since it is all about having fun and relaxing so that you put all your stress away.