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An Island nestled in the comforts of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is at the moment one of the best countries from where you can spend your honeymoon. Every couple that plans a wedding always saves up money for a honeymoon but who says you have to spend a lot on honeymoons? This is where Mauritius as a honeymoon destination comes in with the various activities that you can carry out as a couple on your honeymoon and different places to create your memories from. There are different honeymoon packages that are offered in Mauritius and all you need to do is to get the best package that fits in your budget and you are good to go to enjoy your honeymoon without worry.

There is no better time to go for your honey moon to the Mauritius Island as you can visit the country all throughout the year but if possible, make sure that you do not go during the heavy rainy season. A honeymoon is all about the both of you and all the activities that are carried out during a honeymoon are meant to be enjoyed by both of you. Mauritius being a favorite to many couples, there are many activities that you can carry out together so that you keep the wonderful memories that mark the start of your marriage.

The romantic beaches

Mauritius is best known for her beaches which are scattered all over the country and all these provide a serene place for honeymooners to enjoy their stay in the country. Most of the beaches are always crowded, however there are those that have less people and untouched beauty for all couples who love their privacy but either way, all the beaches have a view that you will not be able to resist and what better way than to enjoy a romantic walk along any beach of your choice. And to get to know which beaches you should got to, check out our article about romantic beaches in Mauritia.

Explore the tiny Islands in Mauritius

The Amber Island

Getting to the Amber Island can be done in many different ways that is either by riding a car or taking a boat ride and it is one of the destinations you should try out while on your honeymoon. It is snuggled away from the public eye and there are many activities that couples can carry out while on the Island and these include kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, hiking around the Island where you will discover some of the untouched beauty and many more other adventures.

The Deer Island

The Deer Island also known as the IIe aux Cerfs is one place that all coupes should visit while on their honeymoon in Mauritia. The beaches with their white sand that are found on the Island are a must visit and not forgetting all the games that can be carried out on water like skiing and snorkeling. Getting to the Island is quite easy and you can use a helicopter or use a car to get there but note that it is open from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

The Island of two Cocos

Also known as the II des Deux Cocos, it is an Island that will take you back in time with all its colonial buildings that are dated back to the British colonial era and unlike the other Islands in Mauritius, you can have your wedding here and also enjoy your honeymoon. The villas found on the Island provide couples with all the needed privacy for a newly wedded couple.

Explore the temples in Mauritius

Mauritius is a country that is filled with different religions and all these easily express themselves with the many festivals that are carried out in the country, the different religious temples where they pray from and the religious statues that are found in the different corners of the country and these can give you an insight on the religious values of the Mauritian people while on your honeymoon.

The Hindus hold the largest population in Mauritius, followed by Christians, Muslims follow and then other religious sects follow. Some of the temples that you can visit on your honeymoon include the Jummah Masjid, the Maheswarnarth temple which was dedicated to the different gods of Hindus that is lord Krishna, Ganesha, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma and others, the cap Malheureux chapel, the Ganga Talao and many more others.

While exploring the different temples in Mauritius you can also get involved in the numerous festivals that are carried out in the country almost throughout the year. Joining others to celebrate will add to your fun while on a honeymoon.

Hike up the Le Morne Brabant

Located in the south western part of the country, the le Morne Brabant is a Mountain in Mauritius that needs to be visited and explored by all couples that want to experience a hike together and get some alone time as a couple. The Le Morne was declared as a UNESCO heritage after its tragic history about slavery and freedom. After the hike up the Mountain you can get a chance to relax at the resort that is located at the foot of the Mountain.

Go diving in Mauritius

A favorite activity that is carried out by everyone who visits the Island, diving is something that newly wedded couple should try out while on a honeymoon in Mauritia. There are many diving destinations in Mauritia that you can try out like the Grand bay and so many others and don’t fret even if you are not so well versed with the diving activity, there are lessons that are given throughout the whole day. As you head out for diving, you will be rewarded with a view of some of the best aqua animals and the rare fish species.

Explore the waterfalls in Mauritius

Mauritius Island has some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the whole world and these should be on the list of honeymoon places that you can visit and get to enjoy with your partner. The different waterfalls in Mauritius where you can go and have fun on your honeymoon include:

  • The Underground waterfall,

    this is best explored during a helicopter ride as it is not like the rest of the waterfalls in the country. It is an illusion waterfall and offers some of the best spots for taking photographs.

  • The Chamarel waterfall,

    this should also be part of your honeymoon destination as you will get to enjoy a cold swim session as a couple. These are located within the Black river gorges National Park and the best way to enjoy them is by trekking through the Park before being rewarded with a relaxing moment at the falls.

The Chamarel waterfalls are also located next to the seven colored earth in Chamarel which are a rare sight and need to be explored. There are different mineral contents that are found in the soils here and due to the different colors that they give off, it has become a place where honeymooners can take romantic photos with a good photo backdrop.

  • The Rochester waterfalls,

    these are located in the Savanne region that is in the southern part of the Island and should be top on your list of honeymoon destinations. . Due to erosion, the ricks here now look like square blocks making the falls look unique and since they are not too deep, a swimming exercise is possible. The best way for you to get close to the falls is by hiking.

Go shopping for souvenirs

Since you are on a honeymoon and creating memories, you need to go around the cities shopping for the different types of souvenirs that you will go back with after your honeymoon.  The central market that is located in the capital city of Mauritius Port Louis is the best place to start your shopping from although you will also be able to get souvenirs from locals who sell at the entrance points of the different tourist attractions. You will however need to have good bargaining skills so that you are not cheated for something that is fake.

Enjoy a romantic dinner in Mauritius

This can easily be achieved either by having it on the beach or in any of the recommended restaurants around the Island. This is one of your best chances as a couple to get the best taste out of the local Mauritian food that is prepared in the restaurants. The best way to get the best restaurants that offer candle lit dinners is by recommendation but if you have the time, you can also go around sampling food from each restaurant that you come across.

Sleep in romantic accommodations

There are a variety of accommodation facilities where you can stay while in Mauritius but if you are on your honeymoon, there are some romantic accommodation facilities that you can enjoy so as to keep your honeymoon alive and the best way to get to know them is by inquiring from your tour operator to get you the best accommodation facilities that match with your comfort and theme.

Enjoy water sports with your partner

Mauritius being an Island has a lot of water sports that can be carried out. However you will need to first find out if your visit to the country coincides with the best time to carry out those particular sports. Kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, diving, boat cruises, regattas are some of the water sports that you can enjoy while on your honeymoon in Mauritius.

Enjoy a sega dance

The sega dance is the traditional dance for Mauritians and it is usually done with the sega music that was introduced to the Island many year ago. The women put on long loose dresses whereas the men put on both loose shirts and pants and the shoes are always comfortable for each person. It is a traditional dance that you should at least try out and if you are not well versed with the dance, there are instructors available that help so that by the time you are leaving the Island, you have some new dance moves to take with you and your partner.


When you are looking at Mauritius Honeymoons, you have enormous possibilities. You can decide to arrange it say at the beach hotel, within a luxury resort or on a remote cottage villa off the ocean coast.You must however look at how much your honeymoon package cost from the different resorts or Mauritius hotels with honeymooners’ offers and deals. Often, the honeymoon package is estimated between




depending on the hotel resort, duration of honeymoon and its guest facilities.

Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort-

Offers luxury holiday packages for weddings and honeymoons in Mauritius and is notably a renowned honeymooner’s paradise on the island. It has excellent restaurants, well stocked bar Health spa treatments, lush golf club and well furnished suites. The hotel has outdoor facilities like free day tour, water sport facilities and airport transfers among others.

Belle Mare Plage

is a five star Mauritius Hotel and is one of our most popular resorts for honeymooners. There is ultimate luxury in the private villas, golf club and warm Jacuzzi. There are inclusive holiday and honeymoon packages at Belle Mare during May to June that you can not miss.

Heritage Le Telfair Golf and Spa Resort

is a classic Mauritius Hotel built in old colonial style typical of Parisian Architecture. For a quiet relaxing honeymoon, Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort offers a variety of luxury Mauritius accommodation in a discrete village design with 20 different villas of 6 or 8 rooms. 158 rooms and suites have beautiful sea views or river views with floor to ceiling French windows, private balconies or verandas.

Le Prince Maurice

is an elegant Mauritius beach resort perfect for honeymoon and beach holidays. Renting a bungalow at Le Prince is one private way to enjoy the resort, its delectable meals at the restaurants, swimming pool and the view of the beach in the backyard. A two week honeymoon package here costs £1,789 if you are travelling may to June (inclusive of Mauritius flights and accommodation).

Paradis Hotel and Golf Club

is a five star resort perfectly situated on the slopes of Le Morne Mountain and also overlooking the spectacular beach coast. With such scenery, you are definitely set for a perfect relaxing honeymoon or family holiday in tropical paradise. Paradis offers superb family and Honeymoon accommodation in well furnished rooms or Villas fringed by a pure white sand beach and the island’s largest lagoon. The 18-hole golf course at the hotel crowns your luxury Mauritius Honeymoon or family vacation.


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