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Found floating along the Indian Ocean off the east African coast, the Mauritius Island is a beauty on its own that needs to be explored by everyone all over the world. Besides the many beaches, National parks and other exciting tourist attractions that can be seen while on a trip to the Island, hikers are also well catered for especially due to the presence of the different Mountains that are located within Mauritius.

There are several mountains in the country but there are those that are majorly visited and due to the small nature of the Island, most of these tourist attractions can easily be visited on foot which makes it an exciting country to visit. Some of the mountains that can be found in the country include the Savanne range, the Grande port range, the Bambous range, the Black River Range, the Rempart Mountain and many more others.

The way Mauritius Mountains are named is exciting as most of them were named due to the way they were formed and the areas in which they are located whereas others were named after a tragic history that happened within close vicinity of the said Mountains. The different mountains that are found in Mauritius include the following:

The Corps de Garde range

The corps de Garde Mountain is found in the western part of Mauritius between the Black river and the Plaine Wilhems and it is best known for the hiking and trekking trails that lead up to the peak of the Mountain. Rising to a height of 720 meters above sea level, it is a dream for hikers as there are different routes that you can use so as to get to the peak.

The Mountain however has a tragic story associated to it which was caused by the maroons who ran away from their villages and sought refuge in the hills and forests that are located on the slopes of the Mountain. The Maroons caused havoc to the farmers and colonialists by looting the farms and also killing them which later forced the government to put more security around the Mountain in order to stop the Maroons and this s how the name Corps de Garde came about after the setting up of the military post next to the Mountain. Some of the activities that you will carry out around the corps de Garde range include:

Trekking, the easiest route that you can use while trekking up the Mountain starts from the Stanley and housing estate and the good thing is that it is well marked which makes it easy for tourists to make it to the top of the Mountain.

Trou aux Cerfs

The Trou aux Cerfs is a volcano mountain that is located within Mauritius and the only remaining active volcano in the country although it has not erupted for the past 1000 years but it is presumed that it might erupt again although no one knows when. The word Trou aux Cerf is French for hole of deer and it is located in the city of Curepipe. One of the reasons as to why you should not miss out on visiting the Trou aux Cerfs is the crater that is found at the top. A trek up the Mountain is mostly done with the help of a tour guide due to the fact that it is still an active volcano and when you get up the mountain, you can walk around the crater and it also provides you with a clear view of Curepipe and the surrounding areas.

Some of the best activities that can be carried on the Trou aux Cerfs include hiking, trekking, jogging and a photo expedition once you get to the top of the crater. It will take you approximately two hours to complete your hike up the Mountain.

The Tourelle du Tamarin Mountain

The Tourelle du Tamarin rises to a height of 560 meters and is famous for its Dodo trail race. It is an extremely good place for one to go for a hike but since this is found on a private property, it is better if you get to know that you will need to first get a permit in order to be able to access the trail.

The Black River peak

The Black river peak is part of the Black River ranges and rises to a height of about 828 meters above sea level. There are two routes that you can use as you hike up the peak and these are the the plaine champagne route and the chamarel plateau route and all these have rewarding views even before you get to the top. Some of the major activities that you can carry out while here include gazing at the different views surrounding the peak, hiking and trekking and many more others.

While trekking, it is better if you use two different routes that one for the ascent and the other one for descending. The Chamarel plateua route rises to a height of 250 meters and it is five kilometers long whereas the plaine Champagne route is about 3.5 kilometers. They are both easy routes to use although you will need an xperienced tour guide so that you do not get lost while hiking. It is much better if you book in advance and the best time for one to go for a hike is in the morning hours before the sun comes out.

The trois Mamelles Range

The trois Mamelles Mountain has three ranges and that is where Trois Mamelles name came from. The Mountain is sometimes referred to as the Devil Mountain and this is due to the fact that one of the three peaks that is the middle peak rises to a height of the devil’s number which is 666 meters high. It is also a good place for a hike although just like on the other Mountains in the country, you will need an experienced tour guide to take you on your hike.

The Rempart Mountain

The Rempart Mountain is located on the western part of the Mauritius Island and one of the few mountains in the country. The Rempart Mountain rises to a height of 777 meters above sea level and the activity that is carried out along the Mountain is majorly hiking and the hike route is about nine kilometers long. The hike is an eventful one as you get to see some animals along the way like deer, monkeys and many more others.

The Le Morne Braban Mountain

The Le Morne Braban Mountain was declared a UNESCO heritage site in Mauritius and it is one of the most visited Mountains in the country. The Mountain is 556 meters high above sea level and it is located near the Le Morne beach and has a tragic history attached to it. The mountain was used as a place that refugees used when the colonialists used to carry out slavery. Then one day when the colonialists came to inform them that they were no longer slaves and that they were free, they thought they were being attacked and instead of following the colonialists to become slaves as they thought, they all decided to jump off the Mountain and died. It is a good place for hikers and rock climbers and this is best done in the morning before the heat becomes unbearable.

The Le Pouce

The Le Pouce is located within the Moka range and it is the third largest Mountain in Mauritius. The le Pouce is French for thumb and the Mountain was named Le Pouce because its formation makes it look like a thumb. The Mountain became famous to most tourists after Charles Darwin hiked up and although it is a rumor, many tourists have taken it to themselves to hike up the Mountain although at the moment it is a bit difficult to climb due to the constant erosion that takes place on the Mountain.

The signal Mountain

The signal mountain is located in the capital city of Mauritius Port Louis and it is one of the famous Mountains that is mostly visited by tourists who come to the country. It rises to a height of about #23 meters above sea level and the best activity that attracts the tourists is hiking up the Mountain. There are several routes that can be used but you will need a tour guide to take you on the routes that you can manage as most of the routes that are located on the Mountain are hard to use and are for only those that have had enough experience when it comes to hiking.

The mountains mentioned above and many more others can be toured by all tourists of all ages but you will need to book in advance and also inform the tour operators about when you want to go hiking on the Mountains so that they can arrange all that you need before you get there in order to avoid disappointment.

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