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Casablanca Morocco

Casablanca is a famed Moroccan town from North West Africa off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the capital of the Grand Casablanca region on the greater western part of Morocco. Casablanca also doubles as Morocco’s largest city from the Maghreb region and chief sea port. Casablanca considered well-known by the Humphrey Bogart film of the same name Casablanca– a movie you must watch before getting your flight to Morocco


History has it that the city was built by the Berbers in the 7th century as an independent kingdom. Later, Casablanca was taken over by the Arab, Almoravids, Merenids, Portuguese and Spanish in sequence with the onset of colonialism in Africa. In the mid 1700s, a giant earthquake ruined the town into rumbles and was later reconstructed by Moulay Ismael’s grand son then ruler under the Morocco Alaouite Dynasty. Casablanca was named by the early Portuguese settlers Casabranca which meant a “white house,” The Spanish who also colonized Morocco equally consolidated this named using the word Casablanca to refer to this great city.

The architecture on this beautiful city is a manifestation of the different colonial rulers and past reign with several building under modern European styles alongside traditional Morocco designs. Morocco Casablanca has evolved with unique architectural designs such as Mauresque, “Neo Moorish” or Mauresque and Art Deco with trademarks such as wrought-iron windows and balconies and floral and geometric designs on stuccoed pediments.  An evening walk say to Boulevard Mohammed V and Place Mohammed V will equip you with these architecture and more!

Casablanca is considered the economic and business center of Morocco hosting international business firms and many government administrative offices. The Port of Casablanca is one of the largest artificial ports in the world and also the largest port of North Africa. It is also an important naval base for the Royal Moroccan Navy.

Tourist Attractions

Casablanca is drained by the

Oued Bouskoura,

a small creek that once stretched as far as the Atlantic Ocean. Other important water source in the city is Oum Er Rbia river found south east of Casablanca.

Casablanca is home to the

Hassan II Mosque

, designed by the French architect Michel Pinseau. Opened in 1993 the Hassan II mosque is ranked as the second largest mosque and a major tourist attraction in Morocco. Some of its significant features besides the Islamic architecture in Marble and granite include the Old Medina overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, its incredible glass floor and has the tallest minaret 210m high. The

Old Medina

attracts fewer tourists than the medinas of other Moroccan towns, such as Fes and Marrakech.

Not far from the Hassan II Mosque is

La Corniche

, a popular beach resort t with local tourist form Ain Diab.  This site is renowned for its restaurants preparing delectable foods and friendly people!


Parc de la Ligue Arabe

the largest public park in Casablanca formally called Lyautey is one of the best places to tour for Casablanca Morocco Holidays. The park tours are paired with trips to the nearby

Casablanca Cathedral

or Cathédrale Sacré-Coeur an old Maresque Morocco architecture design.


Marabout de Sidi Abderrahmane

is a small island off the coast of Casablanca popular with many tourists especially in the low tide times. The attractions on the island include the tomb of Sidi Abderrhamane Thaalibi, original founder of Algiers.

Place Mohammad V

is one of the best sights in the centre of Morocco. The large fountain is a favorite gathering spot for locals magnificent between a set of  building like the historical Main Post Office, Palace of Justice, French Consulate, Prefecture and Banque of Morocco.

The Bazaar in downtown called is a vibrant  souk (market) where you’ll find everything from international money exchange, souvenirs and handmade crafts of leather, wood and ceramic and women selling Traditional Moroccan clothing, jewelry, antiques and handmade carpets

Quartier des Habbous

and the Palais Royal are poplar shopping point for many Moroccan tourists in the Souks (markets of Habbous District.) Other shopping adventures take you to

Quartier Maarif – Boutique Shopping and the Twin Center . Here you’ll find anything from fresh vegetables, fruits, olives and pastries to house wares, clothing, fine gold jewelry and souvenirs.

Travelers in Morocco might like to plan road trips to the nearby cities of Al Jadida and Rabat or get a tour itinerary with the cities of Marrakech and Fes where you’ll explore the Roman ruins at Volubilis on your Day tips

Travel Guide

Casablanca is home to Morocco’s main airport called

Mohammed V International Airport

, one of the busiest airports in the region. There are flights to Casablanca with Royal Air Maroc (RAM) the national carrier to all African countries inn the neighborhood ad also domestic flights to Marrakech, Fes, Rabat, Tangier and Agadir among other major Morocco Towns.

Casablanca also has two rail stations run by the national rail service. Casa-Voyageurs is the lojnger haul train with routes from Marrakech in the south to El Jadida and north to Mohammedia and Rabat among other connected town.

Tour each and every part of Casablanca with a private car or Hired car. Car hire and rentals are popular in Casablanca with a number of travel agents in Morocco with daily rental rates of around 500h for salon cars and 1,400dh for Four wheel drives!


Morocco is classified with warm Mediterean weather that extends into the Atlantic coast towns like Casablanca. Moderate temperature creates a great ambiance for Morocco Casablanca holidays. The rains come n November to March wile the other months are filled with mild sunshine and warm weather!

Hotels and Accommodation

Hotels in Casablanca Morocco are just one of the delights form Morocco Holidays. There is very thing from Luxury five star international hotels to the bulk of cheap budget accommodation from Guest houses, Lodges and apartments. Some of the popular options include Sheraton Hotels Casablanca, Royal Meridien Casablanca Hotels and Hyatt Regency Casablanca Hotels fro those looking for deluxe and comfortable accommodation. Earlier bookings for arrivals are highly recommended and a must for all international tourists